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Full Version: RIP Amy Winehouse
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It's awful but i'm not really surprised to be honest.
I'm surprised she lived as long as she did to be honest. It's sad to lose one, but it's really sad to have to see someone choose to make choices willingly than end their lives, and not be able to do anything about it. sad.gif Eric's brother died from accidental OD...
Well Amy, maybe you should of went to rehab after all...
She was really a mess. It's a shame. But she should have changed her ways... and now its too late.
Forever 27 club, too.
Ah that is sad. I thought she really had talent there, the lure of drugs can be too much tho.
I don't think rehab would've helped her much if at all. Sometimes people don't want to be saved. And obviously she had Blake, she could've come off drugs but would have been straight back to using once he came out of prison.

I think it's really sad and she'll be greatly missed because, although the haters/jokers don't like to admit it, she was special and talented. Sick of the angry statuses/tweets comparing the press coverage to the coverage of what happened in Norway. It's even more of a tragedy what happened to those young innocent people, everyone knows that, but a celebrity dying is always going to get more press nowadays.
It is sad, but I was also surprised she lived as long as she did.
Hmm, so got rich, did drugs, kept doing drugs, kept doing drugs, died.

Meh. I have zero sympathy for her. Her family, yes I do sympathise with their loss, overall though, another druggie gone.
Do you have an addictive personality, Robb? It's a bit unfair to dismiss her like that, just for being a druggie. Yes, she got rich and did drugs. If you've taken them yourself, you know that their allure can get pretty strong. And then it becomes all you know. I'm watching this happen to a friend of mine at the moment, he can't function without meth, and I know Al's dad needs a lot of alcohol and weed to just be baseline, normal. It's so horrible to watch, and they either can't see what's happening or feel so desperate they don't know what to do about it, so they go back to what they know, to what makes them feel normal. Yes, she could have gotten help - but that doesn't always work once you're entrenched. I'm just saying that it's harsh to just dismiss her as "good riddance, another druggie gone". She had an amazing voice before she destroyed herself and it's a waste of talent.
Suck my dick, Robb,,20513558,00.html

So apparently Amy died from WITHDRAWAL of alcohol. She tried to go cold turkey instead of gradually coming off.

Good job to all the assholes who made her death out to be “less than worthy of your sadness” because she was an addict. Turns out it was her motivation to kick her habit that caused her death.
Leigh, I'd believe that. Watching Al's dad when he hasn't had a drink for a couple of hours, his hands shake so badly that he can barely hold a glass, let alone him going cold turkey. I think the shock would kill him, too. I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.
love fuhrer
This all reminds me of the Brittany Murphy palaver last year.
Suck my dick also because

Amy Winehouse was in the middle of adopting a poor St. Lucian girl before she died.

The troubled singer had started the process of becoming a mother to 10-year-old Dannika Augustine, who she met on the idyllic Caribbean island.

Amy had booked her ticket to visit the schoolgirl next week. The child’s grandmother revealed the singer had already hired lawyers for the adoption, but her plans were cut short by her sudden death last week aged just 27.

Dannika was living in ­poverty with her single mother, who was ­struggling to feed her, when Amy took her under her wing during one of her many stays on the island over the last two years.

Devastated Dannika said, “Amy was already my mother. I would call her mom and she would call me her ­daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me… She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Dannika’s mother, Nadia Germaine, 31, was willing to give her daughter up for adoption because she could not find a job and was ­struggling to bring up her family. She says, “Amy was never happier than when she was in St. Lucia. We miss her so much. I keep ­thinking she is going to walk in and give me a big hug like she always used to.”

Miss K♥
This whole story sort of didn't get all that much attention from me because of what was going on in Norway at the same time. One way or another this is a human being who died, who died under really shitty circumstances and it is tragic. If you can't say you feel bad because you just don't, say nothing at all, because we're talking about somebody else's daughter here.
To be honest. I agree with you. It wasn't a surprise at all. She had a horrible lifestyle. Its a waste of talent. She could have gotten bigger in the music industry.

QUOTE (Miss K♥ @ Aug 4 2011, 12:41 AM) *
If you can't say you feel bad because you just don't, say nothing at all, because we're talking about somebody else's daughter here.

i dont feel bad but i still have something to say...

the reason i dont feel bad is because she is a person that i dont know much about. of course losing a family member, friend, or your favorite singer must hurt but she was nothing to me, so in her death all i can say is i hope shes resting in peace but, everyone dies.

i think people should give her more credit for trying to go clean, even tho starting was her own fault in the first place*. it takes a lot to fight addictions.

*(im assuming she wasnt forced to take drugs, idk tho, i dont kno anything about her)
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