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Full Version: Run apps off a USB drive?
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Hey, guys, do you have the experience of running your daily used apps off a USB drive?
Which is I am now trying to do. But I find that only portable apps can be run like that.
while some apps like MS office are not portably available. How can I do that?
wow i have no idea. this is a question for robb.
im only commenting now so that you know that people are actually here and that you arent being ignore, i just have no idea how to help you. sorry! good luck.
Portableapps ftw.

You can run quite a lot of applications off a usb drive. MS Office is not one of them, open office ( a legally free alternative ) can be however.
Flux, you are much fun and warm-hearted . Thanks.

Robb, you are helpful. and I will have a try . Thanks a lot.

I just stumbled upon Prayaya. I installed prayaya on my USB drive and then installed MS Office 2003 suite on prayaya. It seems working very well off my USB drive.
Ah, a nice find there Wonko.

Just found Prayaya on giveawayoftheday. Got it free. lol..
Wonko linking to it twice in one topic is sending off little flags...mainly "spam bot". You may want to be a bit more circumspect.
Sorry, but the second link is a free giveaway of it. not charge !
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