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Full Version: Firefox not adding bookmarks?
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Kare to the Bear
Firefox won't add any new bookmarks I want it too. This is getting very frustrating and I don't know how to fix it. I tried googling it, but nothing came up. I have the latest version of firefox installed on my computer
hmm, that's strange, I have firefox and I have tons of bookmarks. Have you ever been able to add bookmarks before? What happens when you try to add bookmarks?

Oh I just thought of something. I have a bunch of bookmarks, one time when I added another, I thought that it wasn't adding, but then I noticed that at the bottom of the list that drops down with all your bookmarks, theres a little arrow, and when you put your mouse over it, it scrolls down to the bookmarks that you couldn't see. Maybe that's what's happening?
Kare to the Bear
I have added bookmarks before. Usually when I add them, a window pops up asking where I want to add the bookmark (in the general bookmarks place or a specific folder). Nothing is appearing. I've double checked that they aren't just automatically being added to the bottom of the list, and they aren't.
hmm, I have no idea then :\ sorry!

*looks around for Robb*
Ok, backup your bookmarks ( you can do this via organising your bookmarks in Firefox). Then download the latest version of firefox as an installer.
Next, uninstall firefox that you currently have, then reboot your machine.
Now install the new firefox you've downloaded, and import your bookmarks that you backed up.
Then try adding new ones.
Kare to the Bear
thank youuu!!!! It never occurred to me to totally uninstall Firefox smile.gif
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