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Full Version: About a camera. ASAP
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Right, I just broke my camera. It's an "Olympus FE-230." I know nothing about cameras, i'm going on holiday on the 20th and need a camera before then. I'm not looking for anything flash, nothing hi-tech, just a good camera, nothing expensive, something simple to use. I hardly ever use a camera.

Does this one look okay?

Or this one? Which would be better?

Or if not, is there any that you recommend? I don't really want to be spending over 50 if it can be helped.
They both look like pretty good cameras, not much difference between the two. Although the J28 one has a battery pack and the A160 runs on AA batteries, so whichever you'd prefer really? Having one that runs on AA batteries can be quite good cos you can carry a couple of spare batteries with you if you're out for the day, and you won't have to charge it whilst on holiday cos you can just switch out the batteries.
I would also prefer one with the AA batteries, just because that is what I have used before, and I think battery pack ones could be a pain on holiday. My mom has a very similar one to the A160, and she likes it and it works well (although I did pay more for it). I'd say go for that one!
Thanks very much for your help biggrin.gif I'm going to have a look at it today.

Oooo another quick thing - Memory cards. What size memory card would be sufficient? I'm not planning on taking 1000's of pictures. I have no idea what each one holds though.
Just did a quick search. For average sized pictures with a camera with the same megapixels as that one up there, a 2GB card would give you roughly 650 pictures, a 4GB would give you 1300. On the website with the camera they have a 4GB memory card for 15 when you buy that camera, which is half off.
I have a 4GB in my digi cam, it's plenty big enough! They do really cheap ones on Amazon with free delivery (8.37) here.
Thanks for all your help girls biggrin.gif Just got back from shopping and I got a camera!

It's a Samsung PL50. It cost me 119.99 all together, a tad more than what I wanted to buy but I got it in a package, the camera itself, a 4GB memory card, a camera case and a 3year deal, where if I break it, stand on it, drop it in water, the screen cracks, ANYTHING. I get to bring it back and they will give me a new camera straight away, which for me, is brilliant because i'm so clumsy when it comes to cameras. Hence how I managed to stand on my old one and broke it.

This is my camera. Pretty in pink.
cute, glad ya got what you needed!
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