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love fuhrer
Facebook help centre is the worst thing to navigate ever, and of course you get no reply from bug reporting. Has anyone ever had any problems accepting facebook requests -- you know, application requests, friend requests, etc -- on Facebook? Right now if I click confirm it just loads the request page all over again -- WITHOUT the request I confirmed, and without actually accepting it.

HALP as I have friend requests (and some lost before I realised what was happening) and obviously my precious Farmville is difficult to play when I can't say YES to thing!

Fucking die FB die
Log out of facebook first then depending on your browser will depend where the next stuff is:

Find the options section, privacy, clear out all the cookies to do with Facebook, all of them.

Close the browser, re-open it, log back in.

Let me know if that works.
love fuhrer
It's still being a fucker. It's not happening on Sam's account, just mine. I've been having a few problems with facebook recently, and it's not fixed by switching browsers/clearing cookies/cache and none of it is affecting his account on the same computer.
Try logging in from his computer and see if it works there? If so it's a computer issue of some sort.
love fuhrer
We just have the one, and I don't have access to another one in this town. Bah, humbug! Why does this happen to me?
Ok then it's definately your account settings. Too many people trying to friend you at once have broken it perhaps (Facebook does that sometimes).

Sorry I can't think of anything off the top of my head, been a long day, it's gone 2200 here, and I've spent all day in work doing tech support to people who do not deserve to have computers, let alone net access.
love fuhrer
Nah it's cool, thanks for trying to help. It's happened in the past before, usually all I have to do is log out and back in again and it's working fine. It's just so annoying, FB really needs to improve its support functions.
Ain't that the truth...

Hey try downloading and using Chrome see if that works, or Opera (I'm assuming you use Firefox or IE here).
FB is being a bit shit at the moment. FB chat is just completely hopeless!
Kare to the Bear
QUOTE (Refused @ Mar 29 2010, 06:07 PM) *
FB is being a bit *beep* at the moment. FB chat is just completely hopeless!

the new AIM allows you to use FB chat without actually being on FB just fyi
Miss K♥
Lovely. Now my Facebook is doing the exact same thing. I lost a whole bunch of Farmville stuff. Thank you, Facebook.
I'm starting to think it's got to do with the Farmville Easter stuff. Because that's how it started on mine. Gah.
Oh noez Farmville crashin?!
love fuhrer
Mine's working now (touch wood). But it's going on and off.
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