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Full Version: Macbook Pro and PC games
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May seem like an obvious question, but not for me smile.gif

If I bought a regular PC game, would it work on my Macbook Pro? This isn't a new game i'm talking about. The game "Theme Hospital" (yes sad I know!)

Thanks in advance.
Jamie Noelle x3
Not unless it says it is Imac compatible on the outside packaging.. otherwise it shouldn't. I remember being younger and having to be choosy about games because of my Imac.. glad times have changed.
Macs are not made for gaming. They just are not.

Some games have been altered to run on the Mac however, and they clearly state it on the box if they are. You want to game, get a proper pc/laptop.
Thanks, I don't think they've got a Mac version, i've had a look but couldn't find anything. No worries.
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