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Full Version: Sony PSP/PSP Go/PSP 3000
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I'm planning to buy Danny either a PSP or a PSP Go. I have never been on one of these. The PSP Go's are double the price of the standard PSP, was wondering if it's worth spending the extra 100 and getting the newer PSP. Is it that much better than the regular one?

What are the differences in the normal PSP 3000 and PSP Go?

Any other information you think would be helpful is most welcome.

PSP 2000/3000 better.

Why? PSPGo cannot use the game carts (UMDs) that the regular PSP uses, you have to purchase and download all the games.
So you can't buy regular games for the PSP Go?

Think i'll go for a PSP 3000 then.
Is there anything else that it would be better to buy with the PSP? Memory cards, leads, cases etc?
That is correct, regular PSP games do not go with a PSPGo.

I would advise a 4gig Memory stick, some form of case etc. Go into your local gamestop. They tend to do great deals on the PSP with cases and games, all for around 120 or so.
the first pspgos actually had the ability to play the psp games. But the drive had a lot of issues, so sony cut it out, releasing the psp go downloading games only. Had a fight with the electronics associate one night over this. And that was the final conclusion.
No Holli they didn't. You and your electronics associate are wrong. The PSP go was designed, from the ground up, to never have UMD and to only use games on the internal memory, or a memory stick.

Check out Sony's own information on it, including early leaked specs. It was never, ever, to have UMD support.
Thanks for your help Robb. I'll go with the PSP 3000. Would 4GB be enough?

And can you write down the exact name of the memory card I would need to buy? Theres so many, I have no idea which is for what.

Just ordered the red PSP 3000, came with Fifa 2010 and Football Manger 2010. The package was 164.99
Sony products tend to use a sony memory stick duo. Most computer game stores stock them. Just ask for a 4gb stick for a PSP. They'll know which one to give you.
Thanks Robb. Went into Gamestation and got one for 27.99 biggrin.gif
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