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I'm not all too familiar with bluetooth. I can set up a phone to a bluetooth headset, I've done that before. What I would like to do is get one of these bluetooth adapters and stick it in my computer and connect to my cellphone, and use my cellphone as my internet service. If that makes sense. I used to have a motorola razr and if I plugged into my computer, I could connect to the internet using my razr. I have unlimted data on my cellphone, and I don't really have my own internet. So I was wondering if I could connect my pantech matrix to my computer using that adapter and have internet that way? I'm just curious.
Yes you can, but it's not a very good way.
well it is my only option at the moment. But as long as it works. I don't care if it is slow, which when I used my razr it was rather slow. but my razr was slow too, and my matrix loads things fairly fast for a cellphone, not that it probably makes a difference on a computer. thanks
so after i figured out how to actually set up the thing, i'm up and running! i was trying to use the software that came with the bluetooth thing and it kept giving me an error. so I googled how to set it up (i used google on my phone lol) and it showed me how in win xp, so i basically followed it to whatever. the pages load slower than cable. BUT they aren't loading super slow either like I remember dial up being. So now I have constant internet. As long as my phone is working. Squee!
okay. So. I've been using the bluetooth. And while I do get internet, it seems to go in and out. It will kick me off and go back on right away without a problem, which I'm guessing is from interference with something. I looked into a data cable for my matrix, and I've found them. This would cut out the interference, which I'm guessing is when someone goes by in their car and they have bluetooth, my computer picks it up. The only problem with the data cable, is that it says "software not included but needed", on like every site I find. I need to find the software for the c740. I've googled, but came up with nothing. unsure.gif
We can say it is the proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. Its uses an ingenious method to create a localized, personal area network.
benefits and reasons to use Bluetooth technology:-
It has Wireless
Bluetooth is actually inexpensive
Bluetooth is automatic
Standardized protocol
Low interference
Low energy consumption
Sharing voice and data
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