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I'm getting a Mac for christmas. Any advice on which one to get?

And Robb I know you dislike them and think they're overpriced but i'm still having one regardless.
Which one to get? Well what's your budget and what do you need it to do? I'm going to assume high end graphical design and audio editing are not your reason for wanting one.
My budget is around 1500. I don't need it for anything graphics wise. I just want something that is reliable. I've been through so many crap laptops.
Erm. Recent study, Apple laptops NOT reliable (deleting all users files for example). Dell and HP seem to be classed higher.

Still if you want to stick with apple, I just say go to their uk site and go to the macbook section, and see whichever one you can afford. They can all do the same amount in all honesty.

On The Uk Apple site you can see a few, one is even 1499. Though it's specs are pretty weak to other similarly priced laptops.
Jamie Noelle x3
Ive owned multiple Macs (4 or 5) and I only had a problem with one of them. My mom has a Macbook and its great, really lightweight (its not the air, either) and overall decent.
Remember one thing about Macs, and remember it well. If you want to game on them you are rather limited unless you use bootcamp and purchase windows also. In which case you might as well have just bought a standard laptop and saved a lot of money.
I take it the Macbook Air is just lighter?

The Air is less powerful, shorter battery life, smaller hard drive. And lighter.
Jamie Noelle x3
I dont believe the Airs allow you to play discs without an external drive either, but maybe im wrong...
You'd be right Jamie.
I wouldn't recommend the Air, its got pretty weak specs just so it can be super thin. Like Robb said, just go for whichever you can afford. Both the 13-inch: 2.53GHz Macbook Pro and the 15-inch: 2.53GHz Macbook Pro, depending on which screen size you prefer, are good. Try and go to your local Apple store if you can, might be a bit of a trek depending on where your closest one is but it's worth it if you can get an idea of what they're like to use and which exact model you want.
PC World sell Apple Macs too, so one of them may be closer.
i have a macbook and i have had it for 2 years with no problems i love it smile.gif
I would suggest writing down what you want to use it for, I know you don't want a crappy computer, but if you are looking at it for mainly gaming, which I think you sid you wanted one to play Sims with? and Robb said it's not the best, I'd take that advice.
You can buy the Sims (1-3) for the Mac, however the Mac lacks decent graphical processing power to make playing the game remotely enjoyable.
I don't know a thing about computers so writing down what I need it for would be a no go. I don't want to using it for full on gaming. If Sims work on it then it's a bonus, but if it doesn't, I don't mind. My parents have bought a computer for the dining room which the Sims work on it perfectly.

Earlier this month, the Apple shop came to the mall near me so I always have a look in there when I go shopping. Before that, it would be a 3hour drive away!
Ok, you don't know what you need the machine for?

Let me break it down into simple terms. Why you want? What you want do on machine?
I want a Mac because this is my 3rd laptop in 2years. Piece of shit.

All I will do on it is e-mail, surf the internet, basic things that the majority of people would do on a laptop.
Then you are better off with a net-top rather then a laptop or Mac. They only cost on average 300 and do everything you want. Check out the following:

Different people do very different things on their laptops depending on their profession and technical skills.
I still want my Mac.

Thanks for helping guys and gals. Think i'm going to have a look at a Macbook Pro.
Well if you must have a mac, then you must. Simple as that really.

Just remember, you are paying for style over substance here.

Also if you are in a house with smokers it voids your warrenty with AppleCare, just so you are aware of that in case it breaks.
What is it that drew you to them Vickie? Dont take this as an attack or anything im just interested. Its getting around the time i need a new laptop and my uni department computers are all macs and it would be easier to have a mac as all there instructions on how to use different things such as spss are mac based and they even only offer support on website building programmes on macs and one of my assignments is to build a website.
They are running a discount programme, if i brought the laptop through the uni it would be way cheaper, but even so, i still dont see the appeal.
Janine, why is it that on every post you direct to me you say "i'm not trying to attack you" How the hell is asking about a Mac an attempt to attack me in the slightest way.

I don't really know why it's Mac's that I like. Ever since I went in the Apple shop last year, I knew I wanted one. I just fell in love with the way they look, the keyboard, the style, I love the whole idea of one. I love my iPod. I just love Apple. The price isn't a put off for me. You get what you pay for.

And Robb, there are no smokers in my house but that's really interesting to know. I had no idea about that.
Actually with Apple you don't get what you pay for. Same specs, but a PC rather then a Mac, costs sometimes many thousands less. They are nice looking machines alright, but value for money? Not by a long shot.

I specced up a machine near identical to my pc, but by Apple. Cost close to €8000. My pc, which is simply put a monster of a machine, cost me €3000 to build, and that is with liquid cooling. Oh and it runs the Mac OSX too, and Windows 7, and Linux.

The nicest way I can put it is that Apple rips of those who don't know better. Nothing wrong with that though....that's how a capitalist world works.
I'd love to see all the computers you build. How do you know so much about them? Did you work building computers?
I thought myself for the most part, but my last few jobs have invovled building both desktops, hackintoshes (ie a Mac I build and not cost anywhere near as much) server platforms, and the like.

Give me a few moments and I shall edit this post to include some images of a few computers I have built.

This is my desktop at home. One PC with three screens, my laptop, and my eeepc.

My pc internal a few months ago before I took it apart to redo the cooling loop. This one had two radiators, two seperate pumps and resevoirs.

The old front resevoir in my case

The old front resevoir taken out, on top of the old roof radiator.

The new fan controller above the hard drives (essentially another small pc to control my fans, keeps it all nice and cool and quiet).

The finished cooling loop before filling.

The loop during leak testing.

That's my desktop.

If you want to see one I build for someone in Denmark just a few weeks ago I can put up those images also. You can view the gallery Here
And I can also show images of a little shuttle pc I am building for my wife out of spare parts you can view that one here.
Holy crap, a computer with 3 screens?! I'm amazed. What do you need the 3 screens for?
3 screens isn't all that impressive. With a graphics card I will be getting after I get a new job and everythings back to normal it will support 6.
What do I use it for, one screen may have whatever game I am playing if I'm gaming, the other would have IRC or Pidgin, the other would have a web browser.

If I am coding however I'd use all screens at once as it gives a greater overview of what I am doing. Also since I have a server that uses remote logins I also tend to use one of the screens as showing what is going on on the server, such as when I am uploading music or videos to it, or other such things.
I understand you like the look of them, but my Sony somewhat looks like a MAC, and I payed 1250. Yes, I did pay a lot, but it also isn't a horrible computer. I say LOOK into other options before you put your foot down for a Mac, just a suggestion.

And I think Janine said that, in my opinion, because people attack you sometimes, so she wanted to let you know she was not trying to.
QUOTE (cuddelykins-xo @ Nov 23 2009, 04:35 PM) *
Janine, why is it that on every post you direct to me you say "i'm not trying to attack you" How the hell is asking about a Mac an attempt to attack me in the slightest way.

Because, Vickie, so many times i have asked a question and you have uber defensive. I was trying avoid the whole "i dont have to defend why i want a mac, i just want one" post.

Plus, i dont think they are that much more attractive, its only like the air and stuff that i like because of how thin they are, but my dad would kill me for buying that lol.
So....if PC's looked "prettier" like Macs, you think more people would want a PC? Because it's better on the inside and pretty on the out?
Quite possibly.
pc's come in a wide range of colors. and one color being pink. I'm just saying... lol.

Actually It is designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac notebook and desktop computers, the OS X operating system. Its also develops the operating system for the Mac, currently Mac OS X version, As such, Apple introduced Mac OS X, a fully overhauled Unix-based. Its also offers out-of-the-box support for over 40 braille displays, including Bluetooth displays, and many other accessibility features.
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