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Full Version: Volume on computer not working
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Jamie Noelle x3
For about a week now I havent been able to get the volume to work on my laptop, which Ive only had for a few months. Ive checked master volume and such and dont know if theres any type of override I could do to get it back? I miss my music.. sad.gif
Well let's start with information that we can use to help you.

Laptop: Make and Model.
Operating System, type and is it 64 bit or 32bit.
Drivers: Did you install any new ones recently?
Jamie Noelle x3
This is my computer: (64 bit)

No I have not installed anything.
Ok then. Not much on the drivers front for that, so perhaps a reinstall of them may work.

Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel (or maybe just start, control panel). In the control panel look for Device Manager. Go into that, it will then show a list of all your hardware, go down to Sound Video and game controllers. Click on the little arrow or + to drop down a few more options. Look for something that says "Audio device" or "High definition Audio". Right click on that and select uninstall. It will ask you are you sure, yes you are. Once that's done, restart the machine. It will restart and reinstall the drivers, and that should fix it.
Jamie Noelle x3
When I started up my computer and it made it did its little startup noise, i didnt even notice it was back! Thanks Robb!
Erm, your welcome.

Wait, so it was just fixed, or did what I say fix it?
Jamie Noelle x3
No you fixed it, but before I deleted the program it was telling me the speakers were working fine.. which they obviously wernt.
Ah, good old driver re-install it was then. smile.gif
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