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Full Version: Update 11/18: A computer with a mind of its own.
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Yesterday, I was on facebook and in my email when my monitor turned itself off. So, I turned it back on and it said "No signal --- Sleep". That's what it says if the CPU is off, but the monitor is on. But my CPU wasn't off. It wouldn't come back, and the only thing I could do was unplug both cords from the surge protector. Five seconds later, I plugged both back in, and the computer functioned normally.

Then it did the same thing today. While using Google, it shut itself down by itself.

Any idea what's causing this? (I backed up my files today just in case my computer is about to die.)

Other relevant (I guess) information:
I use AVG. It's on all the time and updated.
I do a daily Spybot scan.
My firewall is Zone Alarm, and that's always on too.
I had a problem like that where my monitor would just randomly shut off. At first it was like every 3 hours, then like every hour, then ultimately it would stay on for like 5 minutes then shut off. We just bought a new monitor because nothing seemed to work. Now everything is fine.
Your monitor is possibly dying, or perhaps your powersave settings are turning the monitor off. Go to control Panel, Power Options, powersave, and disable powersave for your monitor.

Remember computers don't have minds of their own, usually it's the owner setting something wrong.
Of course, I mean mind of itself figuratively.

I looked at the Power Options thing and it says "Turn monitor off: Never" so I don't think that's the issue.

But anyway, if it's my monitor puttering out of life thennnn... yeah that should be replaced.

edit 11/18:
So now when I plug the computer and monitor in, it stays on for like 5 minutes and then both turn off. So .... I think it's royally fucked.
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