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Full Version: Firefox and Facebook
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Kare to the Bear
Last week, while in Maine, I occasionally went on the computer and Facebook was messed up. I just thought it was because I didn't have a good internet connection. However, when I came home, I was still having problems with my home wireless (it's locked and so only my family has access to it). I normally use Firefox, so I checked to see if it was my Facebook account or the web browser. I opened Opera and went onto Facebook and it was fine. Is there anything I can do to make Facebook work for me on Firefox again?

The problems I've been having:
- I cannot update my status
- I cannot write on anyone's walls
- I have to refresh my page frequently to get the page to load
- When playing an application (sorority life), if it asks if I want to publish something on my news feed, the page freezes and I have to refresh the page to be able to continue using it.

Other information that might be helpful:
When I was on Facebook, the whole Firefox would freeze for a couple of seconds (anywhere from about 15 to 30 seconds) then it would be fine.
Also, I just downloaded the newest version of Firefox (3.5.2) but when I was in Maine, I didn't have the newest version.
I'm using a Windows Vista Ultimate (don't think that's important, but just in case)

OH! and Facebook is the only site that's messed up for me when I use Firefox
It is likely your settings.

Log out of facebook, go then go to another page, Google for example. Then in Firefox go to tools, then Clear private data. Choose to clear everything.

Then go back to Facebook, log back in. Should be fine now.
Kare to the Bear
Thank you Robb!! that was an easy fix smile.gif
You're welcome.
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