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Full Version: Overheating laptop.
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So lately my laptop has been overheating and shuts down on me. Anything I should do to fix this?
You can get a cooling system. I don't think they're too expensive. 30 bucksish?
When you're using your laptop make sure it's on a hard surface, not like your bed or lap.
Have it on something hard so all the vents are clear. Or get a cooling station for it.
Clear out the vents, fans etc. dust can cause a lot of issues.
Robb is probably going to facepalm at me for this, but, sometimes I set my laptop on one of our air conditioning floor vents if the air conditioner is running when it gets hot, then I'll go grab something to eat or something for a few minutes and by the time I came back, its cooled down quite a bit lol
the same thing happens to me all the time. i use my laptop mostly when im in bed so when its on my lap or bed for a long period of time the bottom gets burning hot. what i do is normally when i leave the room i flip my laptop upside down so the vent is up and the air can escape. you might need to change the settings on your laptop so it doesnt shut down when the top closes. its an quicker solution than getting a cooling system although i think you'd benefit greater from that.
^ Ha my BF said that if it ever overheated at his house then to just put it on his floor air vents tongue.gif Is that a bad thing though? (Idk)

I have been putting my laptop on my bed lately. I'll have it back on my desk then but if it keeps happening then I'll ask my dad for a cooling station/system/thingy :] Thanks!

Tasha: I do the whole turning my laptop upside down when it's on my bed and I'm not using it. But I just have it sleep instead of shutting down. Is there a difference?
Putting it on the floor vents if they are running cold isn't the worst thing you could do.

Once again, having a laptop on your lap, or on the bed covers BAD IDEA. Why? You are blocking the vents it needs clear to keep it cool. So don't block them. Put the laptop on a tray or a hardback book of some sort to raise it up a bit and give it that crucial airflow. Otherwise eventually it'll burn itself out, and you'll be out of pocket for nothing more then sheer stupidity.
it doesnt really matter either way for your laptop to cool down. i mean obviously when it shuts down it will probably cool down faster since the fan isnt running. i hardly ever turn my laptop off (which isn't good... i really should) but sleep mode is definitely better than leaving it running.
I cant see it being too bad for the computer, as long as your not leaving it on the vent for a long time I guess lol. (in case you see my recent facebook status, all my laptop problems weren't caused by putting my laptop on the vents lol, I haven't done that in a while because my parents havent been running the air conditioning lol)
Depending on the laptop sleep mode may be better then leaving it on constantly. Too many variables to just make it a blanket statement.
I have it on sleep mode during the day if I know I'm going to get back on but if not then I turn it off especially after I sleep.

So I moved my laptop to my desk and hopefully it'll stay there :]
I always put mine on a hard backed big book when I have it on my bed. Mine used to always just shut down aswell.
Go Outside huh.gif
But I'm sure turning it off for a while could help, amirite?
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