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Full Version: Merging PDF Files.
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I'm taking an online course where I need to send all my assignments through PDF files. I scan in the assignments, save them as PDF's, and then they are all separate PDF files. I need to turn in my assignments in one single PDF files, therefore, merge them.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple way of doing this besides paying $30 for a program that merges them for you. I downloaded a free trial of A-PDF Merger, but that only lasts a few days and I'll be needing this for the next few months.

If anyone can help that'd be awesome, I seem to be very dumb when it comes to Adobe Reader.

Has one called PDF Redirect that mentions merging in it.
Do you know of anything that's free?
Top of the page I linked to, it says it is free for PDF Redirect.
Whoa, totally spaced that.. All the colors distracted me. Thanks!
For anybody need this for future reference, my mom's IT person sent me an email.

Open Acrobat, then open whatever pdf you want to be first in the order (actually you donít need to do these in order ó you can always move the pages around later ó but why make extra work). Once thatís opened, go to Documents --> Insert Pages and select the next pdf you want to include and follow the prompts. Continue until youíve got everything you want in the file.

This can also be done from the pages sidebar (left hand side) in the ďOptionsĒ menu. With the pages sidebar itís also very easy to rearrange the page order (drag and drop).

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