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Full Version: What the AYECH ( H )
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Okay, for some odd reason, I try and try to upload an avatar.
It doesn't work.
It follows the rules and everything.
Seriously Guys, what the Ayech?
If I don't see any changes.....I can't help what happens....

Get on it AG Staff.
Looking into it.... I know there have been issues with photo upload for a while. Are you trying to upload an avatar or link to one?
coldplay x3
It isn't just him. It has something to do with the AG server and not being able to upload things directly to the server (maybe it's the same for attachments too). It just hasn't really been mentioned because most images used end up being hosted on imageshack, tinypic, etc etc. I always end up uploading my avatars/images to an image-hosting website anyways.

But yeah. Uploading avatars from your own computer--doesn't work.
It hasn't worked for quite a while at this point. However I am sure Lindsey will be able to see what she can do.
Miss K♥
Thanks in advance Lindsay, I've got the same problem.
Everyone does, it's something with the forums themselves.
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