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Full Version: Robb, I need you.
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Danny bought me Sims 3 yestarday, everything went well, it uploaded fine, when I go to click play, this error comes up...

"Sims 3 device 0 cannot run this title. Your video card does not appear to support atleast Shader Model 2. Please upgrade your card."

I went to the computer shop and they told me I need to buy a new video card, but first I need to find out if the video/graphics card I have now is built in to the motherboard or not. Basically I need to find out if I am able to put a bigger card in or not.

I have this computer... Videoseven L17PS

Any ideas?!

EDIT: And if I bought a video/graphics card, where would it go in?
are you sure that is your computer? because I googled that and it just came up with computer monitors. Go to Start>My Computer. Right click on My computer, and select properties. In the general tab it should tell you what your computer is, and the specs of your computer and the manufacturer. Post what it says it is. Next to figure out what video card you have, right click your desk top and go to properties. Go all the way over to settings. Go to advanced. Select the adapter tab. Adapter type is the name of your video card. Should be able to find out what it is with that information.

And if you bought a new card, it would depend on where your other one is.
EDIT: Totally scrap that, i'm on my bloody laptop, durrrrr, I need the computer, hang on.

Right, just changed onto my computer, how stupid am I.


The man in the shop said it will need to be atleast 128MB to run, theres the problem, it's only 96MB sad.gif

Now what? Lol
You need a new graphics card. And what sort you can get will depend on your motherboard. Get a program called cpu-z from the following site: run it, go to the mainboard tab on it, take a screen shot and post it.

If you do not know how to install a new graphics card (which you don't clearly) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF. I am serious here. Get someone who knows what they are doing.

Also remember pc games have system requirements on them, before buying games always check you have the required basics.
Thanks Robb.

This what you're after?

That is exactly what I needed, thank you.

After looking around, your motherboard is bloody old to be honest, and will not accept new graphics cards. It may be time to invest in a newer machine. Preferably get someone local to build you one who has a good reputation doing so. You can get a great machine that can play any games for not very much money. Hell I've built one recently for about 500 or so.

You can see part of the build log at
Oh damn, well thanks Robb.

There is no way that I can afford a new machine, I would only use the PC for Sims anyway, otherwise i'm on my laptop. I will speak to my parents when they're back from holiday about getting a new one, but I doubt they're going to want to buy a new machine just for me to play Sims lol. This sucks.

I don't think I have a chance in hell on it being able to work on my laptop sad.gif

Maybe i'll have to wait until christmas to get my Sims working, or until I come into a bit more money.

Thanks for your time and help Robb, much appreciated x
it depends on the specs of your laptop. I play mine on my laptop.
/me facepalms.

Holli try bloody reading what she said. Her laptop cannot do it either.
I know it wouldnt work on my laptop, I tried playing Theme Hospital on here, it couldnt even handle that.

I know what i'm going to do, save for a new laptop. Would you reccomend any that would definately work with Sims 3?

It has to have...
-Windows XP (Service pack 2)
-2.0GHz P4 processor or equivalent
-6.1GB of hard drive space with atleast 1GB of additional space
-128MB video card, with support for pixel shader 2.
In all honesty I would not go for a laptop for gaming. It's cheaper to get a nice desktop that can handle it. Most laptops especially the one you've mentioned there (which is a netbook rather then a full laptop) would not be good for gaming.
I'd just prefer a laptop, I never use the PC, i'd rather sit in my room with my laptop on my lap lol. This sucks sad.gif I'm so dissapointed. Can't even take it back to the shop either, non refundable sad.gif
Well how much were you looking at spending on a laptop? Depending on how much I might be able to put together a small pc for you that'll play the games you want, and it wouldn't take up much room at all.
I'd probably be willing to spend around 600. I spoke to my parents last night and they said they'd put some money towards it
600 will buy you a very nice little pc indeed. Give me a few minutes and I shall spec one up for you.

Ok I for 402.98 (not including delivery) you can build a pc that will play the sims 3 with no problems at all, and burn DVDs for you, and also has 500GB of storage space. It's based in a nice small shuttle case, so it's small and out of the way. All you'd need is a monitor for it, which you can get nice flat screen ones for about 100 or so.

So for 600 you can build a lovely small quiet pc that does pretty much everything.
Build as in put together myself? That would be a joke if that's the case.

I think i'd be better off going to a computer shop, asking them what PC would work it, then buy that there and then, no?
Hell no! They'd give you an overpriced piece of crap. The pc I specced up for you there you'd spend nearly 1100 if not more in the high street. Is there seriously no one around you who knows how to build computers?

If there is not I'll build it for you and ship it over. I've done this a few times for other people on other forums (as Mas Tnega on here can vouch for) and I offer full warrenty on all parts.
As you can probably tell, my knowledge of computers is absolutely crap. I don't know anyone who knows how to put a computer together, and I really think i'd prefer a laptop. Would there not be any laptops that could work Sims 3? It would be a lot more convenient. I don't really want to be the person buying the house hold computer, if I bought a PC, it wouldnt be able to be in my room as my rooms not big enough, it would have to be in the dining room, which would be for everyone, I could probably convince my parents to buy a new PC, but again, they know nothing about them either.

Damn I hate this!
A laptop that meets the minimum requirements for The Sims 3 (cheapest one I can find) is 1200. Also pcs do not need to be big, as I said you can build them in what is called a "shuttle" case. They are rather small overall. Give me a moment I'll take a photo of one I have here.

The computer with a cd box on it for size.

As for not knowing about computers, well most people don't. Almost everyone has a computer, but most people are clueless about them. I for one would support the idea that you shouldn't have a pc unless you pass a test of some sort to show basic knowledge.
Before this, I never even heard of a motherboard, not to mention, I wouldnt have a clue where to find one. I think i'll just have to speak to my parents, I don't think they'd be okay with someone else making me a pc and then sending the money. I think I might just give up on Sims. Damn thing.
At the end of the day it's your choice obviously. I just don't like seeing people getting ripped off by high streets stores when it comes to computers, which they do because the average joe has no clue about actual costs of computers.

Ok Dell can possibly do an ok desktop for about 650 including delivery, but that does not include a screen.
I think im best just paying a bit extra and getting a laptop from a shop.

Thanks for all your help Robb x
A bit extra wont get you a laptop that can play The Sims at any decent level.......that's what I've been saying. For a laptop to be able to play the sims decently you are going to be forking out around 900 absolute minimum.

Ok found a Dell Laptop for 849 that should be able to play it fairly well. Dell XPS 13. It's a 13inch screen but it'll play it alright. If you want a bigger screen it goes up dramatically pricewise.
XPS are nice.... Eric's desktop is one, actually.
XPS laptops, yes. XPS desktops? Hell no. Overpriced pieces of crap.
He got it as a graduation gift a few years ago.... not our money! laugh.gif

Ah, best way to get one. tongue.gif
I would only be paying half for it, my parents are paying the other half so it doesn't matter if I get a 1200 laptop
ahhh your joking!
i am having the exact same trouble with my computer it wont take it
so i was saving up for a laptop that would, the reason i was going to get a laptop was because im going back to college and when i work i do do some night shifts and they are boring as hell so it would be something i could bring along and just sod around on it so i would have something to do
but my best friend is very good with computers, he sorts mine out all the time and knows what to look for and so he was going to help me, but i was only hoping on spending 700 tops cuz he said that that would me a medium good laptop
Depends on what it's 700 of. If it's 700 Sterling, then you will get a medium laptop that may just be able to play it. If it's 700 US Dollars, then no, it wont.
Well I just went and built a basic laptop at dell, with a video card to play sims. About 600 dollars. It would be all a normal person would need actually. I would trust a dell because that is what I have, and for the most part haven't had too much trouble with it, other than the power cord.
Well being someone who has a clue about computers I don't trust for gaming. For office machines maybe, for full scale gaming, hell no.

Also Dell ramps up their prices over here in Europe and the UK, so what you pay 700 US dollars for, you'd pay quite a bit more for over this side of the pond. Which of course makes no sense as the dollar is weaker then the euro and sterling, but hey. That's dell for you.
yeah it would be the pound, instead of the euro. so 700 would be a medium kinda laptop? im awful with computers and whats what, wich is why im so very thankful ive got a best friend who knows what hes on about with computers ha ha
Would the Apple laptops be any good?
Yeah, they're definitely something to consider if you don't mind the Windows to Mac switch. I have the aluminium 13 inch Macbook and it's 2.0ghz, 2gb of DDR3 RAM (which was the lowest spec for this Macbook) and it runs Sims 3 really smoothly. But at nearly 900, that's what you expect.

They're now called Macbook Pro's, but the lower end 13 inch one now has a 2.26ghz processor, SD card slot and built-in 7 hour battery. They do 15 inch and 17 inch ones too (for a lot more money). I'd definitely recommend the 13 inch one though, I love mine and I can play Sims on it really well.
Yeah, i've been looking at them for a while now. What are the main difference between a normal laptop and one of them? I think it would be worth spending a bit more for something better.
The obvious difference is you don't use Windows Vista or XP, it's their own operating system. I wouldn't say it's vastly different, but it does take some getting used to.

There used to be a big difference between PCs and Macs because they had compatibility issues, but now you can get pretty much everything for Mac now too, like Microsoft Office and MSN.

I'd say just pop into an Apple store and have a go on one, maybe ask one of the sales assistants if they can show you what's what etc. They're definitely worth the extra money, in my opinion. In the majority of cases it will last you a lot longer than say a Dell laptop would. And they're beeeeeautiful tongue.gif
NO! Macs are a waste of money completely and utterly. They have little to no graphics capability, which is what you need for gaming.

Now that being said they are beautifully made, don't get me wrong, but for what you are paying they are simply not worth it. But Macs ARE NOT FOR GAMING. I cannot stress that enough. If you want to game get a standard laptop or PC, Macs do not game well.
I agree with Robb on that one.
My friend has a Mac.
He plays WoW on it, and every few weeks, he has to drag his Mac to the nearest Apple store to get it fixed, and they say, don't play computer games on it. They remove WoW.
As soon as he gets home, he downloads WoW again.

It's a routine of computer death.
I'm buying one anyway.... I think
/me shakes his head.

I wonder why I bother at times.
It works for Sarah? And they're really pretty smile.gif
Do what you want, I tried to give advice one something I actually know about (I work for the computer game industry after all). At the end of the day it's your money and time you are wasting, not mine.
I know you gave me advice but I don't want a PC, I want a laptop. I have no room for a PC
I really don't care at this point. Get a Mac if you want to waste money, or if you want something worthwhile get a good laptop. Macs are a waste of money when it comes to gaming. I work for the gaming industry, I have used them. They are simply a waste of money.
You said theres no point in getting a laptop because it wouldnt work on it
/me facepalms, again.

I said for the original price you were quoting me it would not. Let me try one last time to get this information across.

For gaming this is how it goes, in order of best for gaming, down to worst for gaming.

PC (Ie a desktop), Gaming laptop (expensive but can game), regular laptop (may have issues with some games), Mac laptop (looks great, but is terrible for gaming), netbook (it's just for the web to be honest).

In short you are better getting a good gaming laptop, as it will cost the same as a Mac and can do a hell of a lot more and has a better graphics card in it.
If you can find me a laptop that I can pay off monthly, costing 900 maximum, I would happily buy it.
I'd listen to Robb about the Mac's. My friend has one, but he also is a graphic designer. He loves his, but I'd never go to mac. I wouldn't have an ipod if it wasn't for the fact that I have a direct connector in my car for it, and nothing else to hook up a mp3 player to. I mostly use my ipod in my car.

My ideal dell xps is actually pink, and it is pretty good. Only problem is that the video card is the bare minimum for Sims. I only would get another Dell because I heard that Alienwares get really hot, compaired to a Dell. I refuse to buy HP products ever again, and Acer...well Acer just sucks period. So if Robb could suggest a good Laptop maker, I'd listen. But the last thing you should be looking at a computer for, is it looking pretty.
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