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Full Version: Something like Limewire?
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So I'm getting sick and tired of Limewire. It never works, and if it does it shows like four crappy results. Does anyone have any suggestions for a free song downloading program?
Legally? There isn't really any.

Illegally, there are many. I suggest if you really want to do that you look at torrents. I wont say more then that as I don't think the owner would like people discussing how to download music without paying for it on his forums. As he is in the US that sort of chat would get him arrested.
Bit Torrent is good.
Definately FrostWire
Bit Torrent really DOES filter the results so you don't get viruses.
But, it's quite complicated to use at first..
Nah, it's not too weird.

I suggest giving that a read to get started.
Thank you everyone! smile.gif
I download music off of this website
coldplay x3
yeah, torrents ftw smile.gif
Torrents are good. But if you're just at home wanting to listen to music, try Spotify. It's basically like iTunes but you can just type a song or artist name in and listen to music for free. You can't download the music, but you can make playlists. Nice legal alternative smile.gif
coldplay x3
Idk what Spotify is, but it sounds like imeem.
So there's another site where you can listen & make playlists.
As well as
Kare to the Bear
there's also it's an online radio and you put artists or songs you like and it will create a playlist for you
I used to have Rhapsody, and Rhapsody on my phone. It was nice, but pricey.
pirate bay and bittorrent

all you will ever need
Piratebay? Not anymore.
What? since when?
Read slashdot from a few weeks ago. Piratebay has sold out and lost about 80% of it's user base.
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