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Full Version: Freezing computer
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My computer keeps freezing when I'm on it. I've run several virus scans and nothing has been found.

When it freezes, I have to restart it, and I can't save the things I'm working on either.
It's very frustrating, especially when I'm doing schoolwork.

Sometimes, when it's frozen and I've restarted it, it won't even load up, but then I restart it again and it does.

I had a lot of memory of my computer taken up, but I went through my documents and deleted a lot, yet it's still doing it.

Except, when I'm playing music LOUD, without headphones, it doesn't freeze. But I don't really want to be playing music all the time.

Any suggestions? My stepdad is usually good at this sort of thing, but he has a million and one other things to do, so I don't want to keep bugging him if it's something I can do myself.
1) Defrag your hard drive. It can help.
2) Uninstall all those useless crap things you've downloaded off the internet. All those toolbars and different messenger clients. Just have one. It's called Pidgin and interfaces with ALL messenger systems.
3) Perhaps reinstall the OS. I do it once a year.
1) I'll give that a try.
2) I only have MSN. No toolbars. I use google chrome. It would have nothing to do with that, would it?
3) I'll probably sound like an idiot, but what's OS? smile.gif
OS = Operating System. For 99.999% of people on here that'll be Windows XP. Some may have Vista. May even be a Mac user or two.
I doubt google chrome would be the issue in all honesty.

What's your antivirus scanner? Depending on which one it is it can cause issues.
Have you run windows update to make sure your system is all safe and up to date?
How much RAM does your system have? What cpu and what clockspeed is it? (Right click on "My Computer" and go to properties to find that out).
I use Vista. I mentioned something about taking my computer back to it's original settings and start afresh, yet because my computer is the one that is connected to the wireless via a wire, I'd have to re-install the modem and everyone would be without internet for a while. < What I was told.

I use Avast. I only updated it the other day, so it's the newest version.
A windows update was the first thing I did. It was up to date.

Memory (RAM) = 447MB

I'll copy what it says, because I'm not sure what bit you're looking for.

Intel® Celeron ® CPU 430 @ 1.80GHz 1.80GHz
OOoh boy. Less then half a gig of ram...that could be part of the problem. Vista does not like anything under a gig, and performance usually takes quite a bit with any less then 2gigs. I'd seriously advise getting your ram upgraded to a decent amount and you may see those freezes disappearing.

How do I upgrade it?
You don't unless you've experience taking apart machines and putting new ram in. Is it a desktop or a laptop, as that will affect the type of ram it will take?

Your best bet is to get someone who is a computer nerd (like me) who knows what they are doing to do it. Ram is fairly cheap these days for standard desktop pcs. Offer them free coffee or sugar, or a tenner, to do it. smile.gif
It's a desktop.

I've just spoken to my stepdad and he said he'll move it to the top of this "to-do list" now he knows what it is tongue.gif
Plus, I've bribed him with tea for a week smile.gif

You're welcome. Do let me know how it behaves after the upgrade.
Oh do the defrag too, it does help.
I will!
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