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Full Version: Flash drive help
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love fuhrer
I have bought a flashdrive to put some photos on. I have never used one before because I always used email to move things between computers so I am pretty new to them. This one is 2GB and has about 1.7GB left, but it's telling me that it cannot create a file directory for my files. This is after uploading about 50 photos off my computer. Does anyone know why it might be doing this and what I can do to get the rest of the photos on the drive? I know there is less than 2GB worth of photos yet to be put on the drive (hence the choice in size).
Sounds like it's write protected for some reason. Is there a small switch on it anywhere? If not, copy off everything you have, reformat it and then copy across again. I've had one or two do that before, a format tends to solve it.

Oh and make sure it's just quick format.
love fuhrer
There's no switch on it anywhere, I wondered about write-protection and looked, to no avail. I will try the reformat and let you know. Thanks!
love fuhrer
Okay, so I can't find a reformat function either on the physical drive or in the properties. I got rid of all the tuf I had on it and tried to replace it only to find it got back to 446MB and wouldn't let anything be added on to it after that. Suggestions?

EDIT: Okay so I quick formatted it and it still won't work, piece of shit.
Even after a reformat it wont work? Bloody hell. Have you tried copying random data to it, not those photos, just other random stuff?
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