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Full Version: my computer won't start up
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I have an hp computer. today when i went to turn it on, right away the "HP invent" screen came on and my computer started making this incredibly loud beeping alarm sound. pressing the mute button or plugging headphones in wouldnt stop the noise.

it beeps for about a minute then stops and the screen goes black, it stays like that for about a minute and then the hp invent screen comes back and the beeping starts again. and it basically does this over and over again until i unplug it and take the battery out.

what's wrong with it?
Uhhh....this would be one of those times you call GEEK SQUAD>>>i have no clue!
It is likely one of three things.

1:The cpu fan has ceased working and needs to be replaced.
2: The "case open" alarm has been set off somehow. Unlikely.
3: The ram is faulty and needs to be replaced.

I'd go with 1 or 3, most likely 1.
hmm i never even thought of the fan, but thats quite possible, my computer has been getting unbearably hot when its been on for over an hour lately. I'm going to take it to futureshop where i got it tomorrow, my computer is still under warrenty so they can fix it for me or send it somewhere to be fixed.

this may be a stupid question, but will all my files and stuff installed on my computer be ok if the cpu fan is replaced? i'd think so, but i thought i'd ask anyways.
All your information is held on the hard disk drive, replacing the cpu fan wont affect it at all (I've done it more times then I can count and now it's watercooled). If it comes back with stuff missing, the shop has screwed up big time.
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