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Full Version: The HP Digital Clutch
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I'm getting a new laptop soon and I heard about the HP digital clutch. Has anyone ever used one or know someone who has one and likes it?
If you want a mini laptop (keep in mind these have VERY small hard drives, and no CD drives on them) I'd go with the Dell Mini9, it's way cheaper and Dells are way better than HP/Compaq computers.
Hmm... well thank you. I guess I need to read better because I didn't realize that it didn't have those things.
Most netbooks (as these small laptops are called) are very minimal specs. They are designed to look at the net and that's about it. No cd/dvd/ rom, very small hard drive, very small screen.

They are good for what they do, but if you want more, get a full sized laptop.
I definitely wouldn't consider a netbook if you do anything more than browsing the net. You can get a much better laptop for the price of some of these netbooks.

Also, I know it sounds geeky, but when you spot a laptop you like, do some research and have a look at reviews for it online. That way you can get a lot clearer, non-biased view of the laptop and whether it's good or not.
Cnet is great for reviews on electronics. They've been right on with most things I've bought.

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