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Full Version: Sidekick for AT&T
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Does anyone know how I can get a T-Mobile Sidekick III to work with AT&T? I know it's possible because they both use the sim card thing. But help please
The internet won't work on it.... all it can be used for is Voice/Texting. I think it's just by popping in the sim card and restarting the phone...

As long as the phone is "unlocked" it should work.
Kare to the Bear
double check with AT&T so you get the right requirements. I bought an AT&T phone, but I don't have AT&T and my phone works fine.
coldplay x3
I think you can call AT&T to get the code to unlock your phone.

& then put the new SIM card in.

And Lindsey is right---only the calling and texting features will work.
Yeah, I know, the internet features won't work on the phone. I just need to know how to unlock the phone. I know that AT&T won't unlock it for me. I just don't know the process
Kare to the Bear
if you buy a phone that's already unlocked, then all you have to do is switch the sim cards
coldplay x3
I found a youtube vid that might work:
Mas Tnega
This thinks calling T-Mobile might help.
you have to get the phone unlocked and get the code from the previous owner of the phone you may need to call ATT first
I don't need help anymore. But thanks to everyone who tried helping. I did not buy a sidekick. I had the sidekick III and the sidekick slide when I had tmobile. I was able to get both phones unlocked, but I cannot get a data plan, so there's no point of having the sidekick if I can't get the internet on it. iphone Christmas. Thanks everyone!
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