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Full Version: Um - Help?
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Um. Not sure if this is in the right place or not,
So I apologize if it isnt ;;

Well - Iv seen a quite a few people with their picture(Avatar) and then they have writing under it.
Like, with me it has that I am a Senior and all. But I was wondering if yall could help me and tell me
how to put a sentance, or word, or something under my Avatar? Cause I have no clue.
The Ranks are as follows:

0-10 posts - Newbie
11-50 posts - Almost Cool
51-100 posts - Freshman
101-200 posts - Sophomore
201-400 posts - Junior
401-600 posts - Senior
601-800 posts - Post Whiz
801-1000 posts - Aim Girl Addict

After you get 1000 posts, you can go to your Control panel and have your own custom title
I got it. Thanks.
Okay. So sorry to bring this topic up again, But now that I'v reached the 1000 post, I can't seem to find in my controls where I can change the custom title? I probobly sound pretty dumb, so I apologize, but can anyone help me out?
My Controls > Edit Profile Information

and it's the first thing to fill out in the "Your personal profile, this section is optional" section

Ha, Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! smile.gif
theres an ad blocking my controls. wtf helpp
sorry i found it on another topic =] thanks tho
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