Original post by Robb.

I've decided to write a little guide on how to use the Tech Help forum, because it's needed.

First things first, asking for help.

1) Use google. Google it, seriously, if you google it properly if an answer exists it's usually in the first 5 links that come up.

2) If you are going to ask for help here I must stress a few things. The topic title, a brief idea not just "OMG HELP!". I will be deleting those from now on. Secondly in the description, explain a bit more "It just wont work" doesn't cut it. In the main body in clear English, no txt spk k? explain what is happening and what you have tried so far.

3) If no one responds, be patient.

4) We will not give advice regarding how to get around school block outs of certain sites, all topics regarding such will be deleted on sight.

In replying to topics that someone posts;

1) If you have no technical knowledge regarding the issue, don't post.

2) If you do have a suggestion, a link to the information also is a good idea.

3) Search google.

These rules are going to stand for now. Abide by them.