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ok so basically im not sure but i think someone hacked into my screenname or something. I was on it earlier then signed off and signed onto another sn, and saw that the sn i signed off of was still on. i tried signing back on to see if the AOL system would IM me saying that the sn was signed on on two locations because thats what happened before but it didnt. So I changed my password in case and it still says I'm signed on when im not. Does anyone know whats going on and how to fix this? I'm scared someone hacked in but idk?
If you are signed on at the same time as another computer using your sn, and if they were by any chance IMing people, you would receive the same IMs as the other person is receiving.

Say Person A (the 'hacker') is IMing your friend, Janet (made-up name lol). You could not read Person A's IMs but you could read everything Janet was sending you.

I say just stay on that screen name. If you get no IMs from people you don't know, I think you'll be fine.

Warning for the future. Whenever you get a notification that your screen name is signed on to more than one location, send the number 1 to that IM, as it directs you to. I just signed on my screen name on my cell phone so that message would come up so I could show you what to do.

AOL System Msg: Your screen name (Then Daina Said) has signed in from another location. This screen name is currently signed in at 2 locations. To sign off the other location(s), reply to this message with the number 1. Click here for more information.
Then Daina Said: 1
AOL System Msg: Your other AIM sessions have been signed-off. You are now signed-on from 1 location(s).

That will automatically sign the other person off.
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