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So... I'm making my first CD, I was just wondering how many songs I would be able to fit on it roughly? It's 700MB? Any ideas?
Well it depends, if you are going to put them on as MP3s then you can fit quite a lot. But not all cd players can play MP3s off cds. If you are burning it as an audio CD for normal cd players you could probably fit between 20-25, depening on the length of each song. The longer the songs, the less you can fit on it.

If burning as MP3s then it depends on the bitrate of the MP3s, as this influences the size. If say on average each song was 5megs, then you could fit about 140 or so.
Yeah i'm doing it for normal CD players, thankyou smile.gif
You're welcome. A good program that can burn CDs for normal cd players is Ashampoo Burning Studio, the latest version does cost, but the old versions are available for free and rather intuitive to use. I'd assume you already have your own program sorted out though.
I didn't really know how to do it, I just bought a load of blank CD's. put it in the computer, and it come up with my iTunes, and it said something like "Copy each song you want to your new playlist, then click burn." Didn't think it would be as easy as that but ah well smile.gif
Make sure it's burning as an Audio disc, and not an mp3 one.
Mas Tnega
Incidentally, you get 80 minutes on a 700MB CD.

That's about 12 Dragonforce atrocities on one CD. Or John Cage's 4'33" 17 times.
Officially made my first ever CD biggrin.gif

It's got 15 songs it, thanks for your help
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