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Full Version: How to connect IPod to Itunes again..
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I just bought a new laptop, and want to have my IPod connected to it so I can carry on adding songs to my IPod. I've downloaded iTunes and when I add songs to it, they don't go onto my IPod. Any one know how I can add songs to my IPod?
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Can I update my iPod from more than one computer?

In the official company FAQ, Apple reports that:

Yes. When you first connect iPod to your computer, iPod recognizes that computer as its "home" computer. Each time you connect, iPod automatically downloads the music library stored on it. When you connect iPod to a different computer, iTunes will inform you that iPod is linked to a different iTunes library and will ask whether you wish to erase iPod's contents and sync with the new computer's library.

If you will be connecting to multiple computers frequently, configure your iPod to manually manage music. This will allow you to selectively drag songs, albums, or playlists from the second computer to your iPod without compromising the existing music.

For additional information regarding using your iPod with more than one computer, please refer to "Using iPod with Multiple Computers" from the Apple Support Site.

That google search took less then a minute to find that answer.
Yes and how do I configure it to "manually manage music"?
...In the options surely? Manual. Has instructions does it not? If it doesn't surely the Apple site has the information on how to do it.

Oh look, in that link that says "refer to apple" it has clearly laid out instructions how to do that. Did you even TRY to read the point from Apple?
I searched google and found that I had to download a program, I thought there must be an easier way and that's why I asked on here. I've managed to do it but DELETED ALL MY FLIPPEN SONGS! So yeah I have to start from scratch sad.gif

No, you don't.
If you bloody bothered to go to the link in the first post I gave you, which gives you two links by the way, you'd see that.
Yes I know I don't, I have done it, just deleted all my original songs on my IPod. Ah well. Thanks for helping me
To be honest Robb, I don't think the flaming is all that deserved here. For a product and brand that's advertised as 'user friendly' iPods/iTunes can cause all sorts of problems and often seem to randomly corrupt/delete music. I've had all sorts of problems, even after reading TFM
I agree with Darksun, iPods aren't very easy to deal with. Especially when you are going from one computer to another.

For future reference though, to copy your songs from your iPod to your new computer I suggest using PodUtil it's a program that does it for you. After all your songs are copied onto your new computer you can just add that big folder to your iTunes and it all transfers over.
Yeah, it is a pain. Come on, do they seriously think we're going to be using the same computer/laptop for the rest of our lives? I'm slowly but surely adding more songs onto my empty IPod smile.gif
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