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Full Version: Pop up blockers
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Kare to the Bear
I've been getting random pop ups, even though I have a pop up blocker on my google toolbar. Is there another pop up blocker I can download?

I have a Windows Vista. I don't know what other info you need.
Well what browser (the program that lets you look at the internet web pages) are you using?
Kare to the Bear
Internet Explorer. I don't like firefox.
That'd be a problem then, for two reasons.

1) IE is not very safe, even with pop up blockers can let them through, and is generally inferior to Firefox. The google toolbar is also twitchy in Vista (A substandard OS at this point), so it doesn't run properly and block everything also.

2) Firefox inbuilt popup blocker runs automatically and is a better browser, superior in every way to IE.

That being said if you don't want to run the safest machine you can that's your choice. Perhaps try using Spybot inbuilt "Tea Timer" setup to augment your pop up blocker.
Kare to the Bear
so i was thinking about it, and i think i'll try firefox. the reason why i don't like it is because it took a long time to load each page. but that could have been because of my other computer

EDIT: so i did download FF, and it is running faster on this computer than my other one, thanks Robb for your help
You're welcome. There is a way to make firefox load up pages faster, but it involves fiddling around with a few files (nothing major, in fact Mozilla encourage it if you want to).

Glad to see it's working for you now.
hmm, im gunna hijack Karens topic since this is a similar problem

my roomate has firefox and internet explorer on her computer. its a really old computer and she got it from her brother used a few weeks ago. she gets crazy amounts of pop ups all the time and she said shes done all this pop up blocker and stuff but she still gets the pop ups and she knows its from IE. can you get IE off your computer and if so how? niether of us know ha ha.

thanks smile.gif
Which version of Windows is it running (XP, Vista, 2000, ME, etc)?
Can you remove IE, no not really, it's a part of windows. Can you run a program like spybot search and destroy to remove spyware and adware, yes.
In theory, you can remove IE from most Windows OS's. Its just not something that anyone would recommend. Other Windows (and some third-party) applications need access to IE and/or its configuration (proxy, etc) and removing it can prevent these applications from running themselves.
IE is intergral to Windows, as it is both the normal explorer and the web browser. Removing it cripples the OS, as was proven at an inquest in Europe regarding anti-competativeness.
If you're using Firefox, look for a plugin called 'AdBlock Plus'. This will block almost every banner add as well as popups, makes surfing the web a much more enjoyable experience
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