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Full Version: Texting in the world.
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Hey, I was wondering.. there was a topic earlier about long distance usually in the states texting.. but does anyone know if they charge you if you text someone in a different country?

I have unlimited texts with Cingular.

im assuming not. i used to text my ex bf and he lived in the us (i live in canada). I never got charged anything other than the usual fee.
If you're not sure, call the phone company.
It depends entirely on your provider and service plan. It should be somewhere in the details you got when you signed up, else look on their website
I did check the website, and I couldn't find anything..
but thanks guys!

hey so I dont know if I made myself completely clear, but I meant to say that lets say you Have Cingular from the USA, and I text you when your in vacation in like Australia, will they charge me extra..

I didn't mean if I texted like an Australian number.

sorry, so if anyone else knows just let me know!

No, because to you you're still Local and in your area. However, the person who is visiting the other country is going to run up a giant bill unless they have an international plan.
thank you =]
&+ yes they do.
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