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How can you stop others from using your connection.
make it password protected. I don't know how to do that on your's but I know there is a way. I was messing with mine one day and put it on there. Read the owners manual.
i dont remember where I put it, I got a linksys 2.4gh wireless-G
Kare to the Bear
search the linksys website for how to do it
Well your question was so vague I am going to have to get you to be a lot more specific.

Are you talking wired, or wireless connection here?
If wireless, when you setup the wireless connection did you make sure to set it so you need the password?

If you did not set up to need a password, set it so it needs one, change the default log on to the router also so others can't just change it back again.

All of this is common sense and laid out very clearly in the manual which you should of read. Of course most do not do that, as common sense is not that common at all.
Do I need to do something to the router?
....Did you even read my previous post?
Until you answer what I asked I cannot say for certain, but one thing I can say is that you shouldn't be the one setting it up.
I got wireless

Ok, I am going to make this as easy as possible for you.

1) When you set up the wireless did you set it up with a password?

2) Did you even bother reading the manual when you got it?

3) Is there anyone else in your house who has more of an idea what to do?
1. no
2. I read it
3. no
Ok, 1) Idiot.
2) Should have explained 1.
3) This could be an issue.
Go read
I screwed up, now im taking someones signal. I got no connection or anything to my router
Read the manual I linked to. Or get a professional.
My router is defected so I had to send it in and they are giving me a new one
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