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Full Version: webcam isn't working
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i got the HP Pavillian notebook a few days ago. it looks like this

and I've used the webcam a few times since i got it. I went to use it today on msn and it didnt work. this is what it said:

You have invited *Laura to start viewing webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.

Your conversation cannot begin because your camera is currently in use or not plugged in. Make sure your camera is available and try again.

You have canceled your invitation to start viewing webcam

my webcam wasnt being used for anything at the time and how can it not be plugged in when its built into the computer? :S

Check the camera instructions that are with the laptop manual.
Check the booklet that comes with it and see if it ses anything about the camera, if not take it back to the store you bought it from and they'll have a look at it. You could also try going onto the webcam settings but make sure you don't make it even worse x
If none of the above works, go on (assuming you're using MSN) Tools > Audio and video setup. Then set it up from there.
i looked in the manual....oddly didnt have anything about the webcam :S, but i went threw this help and support thing and it brought me to this thing on quick play to check my webcam to see if its working. then a wondow popper up asking if i could see myself in the screen, i couldnt so i clicked no and it said that i should contact my HP provider or something like that.

so thats annoying...its a new laptop. thanks for the replies guys smile.gif
try restarting the computer? you may have used it and not shut it down all the way so its still "running" even though you aren't using it.
that was the first thing i did lol. restarting my computer is usually the first thing i do when my computer is being stupid lol.
have fun with HP customer support... i used to have an HP, and i hated dealing with them, which it seemed like there was always something seriously wrong with my computer... even if i didnt use it something would break. went thru 3 hard drives in a year..
so.....i randomly thought id try using my webcam on msn yesterday.

...and it worked. i dont understand, not that im complaining. just thought id let ya all know lol

edit: im so sure 10 minutes after posting that i went to use the cam and its not working anymore.....this is so stupid!!!!
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