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Full Version: Nasty thing, need help
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errm.gif Ok so somewhere along the road I got this thing, I think it's when I clicked a link from Tara on msn, not 100% sure." Company:
Product: Virtumonde
Threat: Trojan
Virtumonde copies itself to the system folder and creates a BHO. Virtumonde connects to malicious websites in background. It also adds a randomly named dll to the Winlogon Notify, which will make it very resistable to removal."
I found the dll name, which is ddcyw.dll and i found where it is in my computer. I've ran spybot, it has found it but it can't fix it, weither I run it during a normal scan or after a restart when nothing has started. I then tried hijackthis. I scanned, found it and tried to delete it. I'd rescan, and it would show up again and I'd delete it. I also restarted every time during this. It is still there. I've tried to delete it straight from the folder, no good. I've done everything but throw the computer out the window.
If you can't get rid of it no matter what you do the only choice that will work is if you reformat your computer.
Spybot does not remove trojans, you need to use an antivirus.
I didn't try to remove it with spybot. I only found the problem with it when running it routinely. I did run my antivirus, but it didn't even find the problem.
What is your antivirus, and how up to date is it?
Its AVG. And I installed all updates. I don't know how good it is to be honest, someone recommended it to me. Have a better one? Please let me know.
AVG is a good one, Avast is also good. Perhaps try out AVG rootkit also? Just google it. If there is anything that should find it.
I tried the rootkill but it didn't find anything. I know there is something there. I just did a whole format and set the computer back to when I recieved it from Dell. It should be fixed now.
Holli, did you have on your desktop a file or something called "kelly" i did and so did my sister that also got that stupid virus, and it wouldnt go away no matter how many times i deleted it. but its randomly gone now :S
yeah i had that. but i reformated my computer and its fine again.
People, you need to learn that you don't have to reformat computers. A decent antivirus tends to remove crap like that, and if you showed even basic security know how you wouldn't have gotten it in the first place.

Don't randomly accept links or downloads people send to you, keep up to date AV, spyware detection and a good firewall on your computer.
hey robb do you know if Avira AntiVirus is good? because that's what i use.
From what I've seen regarding it, it's not bad, but Avast or AVG are superior.
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