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Full Version: Keeping AIM on all night
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I want to keep AIM on when I go to sleep with an away message on, however, I really don't know how to do it without keeping my computer lit up. I've tried turning off the monitor, locking the screen and then turning off the monitor, sleep mode, etc, but every time, I wake up and aim is signed off.

What am I doing wrong?! Or.. yeah.

Thanks everyone.
i stay on aim and just turn off the screen

does you power go out or soemthin
what kind of internet service (dsl, cable, dial-up) and what provider (verizon, comcast, aoHell) do you have?
umm i really have no clue haha i think i have optimum? and no the power doesn't go out. its like my computer automatically goes into sleep mode or something
i know with laptops you can change the power settings in the control panel.. theres a thing called power options... i'm not sure about desktops though because i don't use one often enough.
thanks rugger4life. thats what it was lol! it was set to automatically go onto sleep mode after 20 minutes. thankssss<3
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