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Full Version: Windows Movie Maker for Tribute / Music Videos
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Iíve been wondering for a while how to make a tribute video, like for TV shows and such. I have made one before, using Windows Movie Maker, but I used clips from movies that I got off other sites (they were .wmv files). I donít know how to take an episode of a show (350 MB, file type .avi) and cut it. When I try to load it into WMM, it says that I donít have the right codec, and even after installing codec packs the error comes up. Iíve also used a video splitter program, but it was a trial version and expired.

So: does anyone know how to fix the problem with WMM? Or, does anyone know of a good free video splitter? And if those split .avi files will even work in WWM?

Thank you in advance!!
One thing that fixes everything (maybe not everything) but try downloading DiVX.I really don't like Windows Movie Maker. You should invest in programs lik Pinnacle Studios, Power Director or Sony Vegas. Much better than WMM.
Thanks for the suggestions! I don't like WMM much either, but it's the only video program I've ever used (and it came with the computer).

With the free download of DivX, can you make vidoes (like in WMM)? I'm just doing this for something to do (making videos) so for now I'm not going to purchase any programs.
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