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Full Version: my cell phone..
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uhyeah. my cellphone shut itself off and wont go back on. i tried plugging it into the charger and nothing happened. its a new phone only had it a few months so i have no idea why it wouldnt be working. its a verizon phone. anyone ever have this problem with a phone from verizon? or know what may be wrong/what i should try to do before i bring it to the store and possibly have to buy a whole new phone?
Kare to the Bear
try taking out the battery and putting it back in. then try turning your phone back on. that's what would happen with my old phone, i would drop it and my batter would get jiggled.
i did that a bunchh of time and it didnt workk :\ & its reallly aggervating me cause im like nothing without my phone. hah. is it possible that the battery just maybe like completely dead and i need a new one? idk
Kare to the Bear
yea it is possible. bring it to the store, and see what the say
did you get it wet in any kind of way? cuzs that could effect the phone alot.
if what karen said doesnt work.. &+ you didnt get it wet i do suggest bringing it to the place.
if you have insurance usually you can just get a new phone.
i didnt get it wet, or at least i dont think i did. but im bringing to the store this afternoon. so hopefully they will give me a new one since ive only had it a few months and i dont have insurance on it.
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