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Full Version: Ipod Mini
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Ive had my Ipod mini for about 2 years now. it always worked great. froze a few times but nothing major.

in the last week or 2 Ive noticed that the battery isnt lasting very long. i charge it completely too. and its not that the battery life just drops fast. the battery thing in the top corner of the screen will show that i still have a little over half the battery power left then BAM it dies on me. and tells me that no battery power is left or whatever it is it says.

does anyone know why this could be happening? and if there's any way i could fix it? its so annoying!

thats the one i have. they dont even make them anymore thumb_down.gif

EDIT: ok last night was when it died last, and the battery said it was over half when it died, like usual. so i just went to plug it in...but i thought id try turning it on...i held down the center button, the Ipod came on. the battery thing was empty. i plugged it into my speakers anyways, put on a song, its playing fine. then my battery filled up a bit


Edit again: ok now it died again. buh. then i pressed the center. then it worked again. on empty battery looking. then i turned, looked back and the battery is half full. then, it made a noise (like it farted or something) and music quit coming out. i switched to my headphones in case it was the speakers, it was working fine, i switched it back to the speakers, working fine again. then it farted again.

BUH! im gunna return it i think. i bought a 3 year warranty when i got it
Batteries tend to age, and not hold their charge after a while. Just get a new battery and replace the old one.
Mine did exactly the same thing, I had it for just over a year and the battery when really bad. I ended up getting a new one, my friend however changed the battery and it worked fine =) Make sure you know what you're doing though, you don't want to break it x
The exact same thing happend to costs like 100$ over here so i thought it would just be cheaper to buy a new mp3
technicolor dream
yeah that just happened to my 4 gen ipod that i've had for quite a few years. the battery life decreased steadily for awhile, it would die quickly then magically "charge" itself up. took it to the apple store just the day before yesterday and the man at the genius bar tested it, said it would be $72 dollars to replace the battery in store (i have a different ipod than you though soo it might be a bit cheaper.) the guy said that he would buy a battery online because it would be half the price. then again, you'd be putting the battery in yourself. i just decided to buy a new one because mine is so old anyway..not worth putting extra money in it.
if you have a three year warranty, then wow. lucky, take it in!
$72? Hell you can buy new batteries for about $20 and post it to me, I'll change it, send it back, new battery in it, for less.
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