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Full Version: Motorola Razr V3 software
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Kare to the Bear
A while ago, I got some software so I could make my own ringtones and such for my phone. Just recently, like within the past week or two, when I try to open the software it won't open. It's almost like something is blocking it, and preventing it to open. I opened my task manager, clicked on proceses and then i tried to open the program with that open. It appeared in the list for a second, then dissapeared.

I've "cleaned" it. Nothing I've tried works.

I just barly spent about 45 minutes updating my phone, and it still doesn't work. I uninstalled it by using the Add/Remove Programs list, and then put the CD back in and reinstalled it. When I did that, it appeared to work, but when I tried to open it again, it didn't work.

The program is called Motorola Phone Tools Version 4. Is there something I can do to make it work again?
My friend had the same problem with her razr, so she got a new phone
Kare to the Bear
my phone's fine... i got it only a few months ago, so it shouldn't be that
Did you install all the updates for the program?
Kare to the Bear
well, i tried, but it keeps freezing up on me

now, when i try to open it, it says that it's in use by another program
Sounds like something on the phone could be the issue. Try doing a hard reset of your phone in accordance with the manual. Remember this will destroy all data you have input, so only do this as a last resort.
Kare to the Bear
to see if i need to do a hard reset of my phone, should i install the software on my mom's computer and then seeing if it will work?
Yeah, always trying the software on another machine first is a good idea.
technicolor dream
you've tried restarting your computer already, right? might seem dumb but sometimes i have that issue with itunes, the screen will flash with the program like it is opening but it won't completely run. restarting usually works when i have that problem
Kare to the Bear
yes i did. now when i try to open it on my computer, it shows me this
when i click install, the box dissapears and nothing pops up that indicates that it's installing
Kare to the Bear
sorry for the double post.

I don't know what I did, but now the software works! Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions!
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