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> Your Written Poems/quotes, YOU wrote them & ONLY here!
post Apr 24 2006, 09:20 PM
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Name: Chelbi
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VERY cute! (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

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neetiie_POO x
post Apr 24 2006, 11:35 PM
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Neety... "Damn she is NEATT!"
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Name: Juanita
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Ok these are my poems... I know they arent the best but meh.

Lost in the ecstasy of love and death,
She hides her face, her mask behind the veil.
Replaying those moments of make believe,
Of fairys, rainbows, love and magic.
She's preplexed in her fears, her mind, the lies themsleves
Fighting herself, her drug, her enemy,
Shes slowly awaking.
Fearing the truth, the sleepless realism she hates.
Shes awoken, kicking, screaming... To find him there.
Looking baffled yet amused,
To see the little girl she hides inside finally coming to play.

Another one.

I listen to hear you breath,
As the wind calls your name.
My heart races as I hear your footsteps,
You tip-toe in and whisper sweet nothings-- to a motionless corpse.
You pray and wonder,
How could this be?
Why is she leaving me?
I hear your prayers and realize you care.
I struggle to cope.
Im fading.
Im dying.
Im lost. Gone. Never coming back.
All I see-- All I hear,
Is your sobs of sorrow,
Now I see that you and I are gone,
Over-- forgotten.
I did this I caused the this nightmare,
My selfishness, misbelonging,
Has caused the pain of so many tomorrows.

A break up poem about a crap relationship you want back.

You were my anti-drug.
The secret under my bed.
You hid in my mind.
You caused the pain.
The voices in my head.
Yet I want you back there-- along with the things I wish Id said.

And one about been in love

Standing at the top of the world-- Alone.
I see you,
I call you with my eyes,
You stare deep.
I whisper sweet nothings to the midnight air.
You hear my call and learn my name.
We've found each other,
Both alone on top of the world.

Random one

If I were to wake-- would you be there?
Am I dreaming or is this real?
Im not sure because Im so fake.
I play myslef.
I am a fool.
I play silly games.
Stupid love songs.
I write childish poems,
About you and me,
How perfect life could be-- Only if Ive awoken.

And my last one (promise)

Faked the smile-- perfected the strut.
Holds the tears back-- and hides her cuts.
Bruised and battered-- acting barbie doll flattered.
No one cares about the hiden-- shes locked away. Forbidden
No one pretends to care, because no one can see.
No one can hear her suicidal plea.

XD comment on them please, be truthful thanks!!!
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post Apr 28 2006, 06:04 PM
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Name: Chelbi
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Very cute..(IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) I Like the last one the best (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Here's a couple i made recently..


You are my everything & anything that's me,
baby you complete me,
no matter how hard,
no matter how far,
We'll stick together..
You & me,
Is what it will be.
Cuz you are everything & anything that's me.

People say you only love once,
but that's a lie..
Because everytime i hear your voice,
I fall in love all over again.
can't wait to feel your touch,
Your face,
Your Lips,
Take my hand,
We'll make it, i swear..
Cuz you are everything & anything that's me.
& You always will be,
that's how it gonna be,
that's how We'll be,
Cuz baby,
your my favorite part of me,
I Love You!

2). --Just because we are far apart,
Doesn't mean we are far at heart,
Too many restless nights,
When i just sit there,
Thinking of you,
&Knowing your thinking of me too.

I'm wishing you were here with me,
And thinking of what we will be,
This is my dream,
When i dream about you -
An everlasting love,
That shall never fade,
In time -
That best words i'll hear are "I do",
Cuz baby, i'm in love with you.

3). --We both would have been broken,
torn in two,
But we found ourselves,
We would have been taken,
split in half,
But we found ourselves,
We would have been lonely,
without them,
But we found ourselves,
We would have been forgotten,
in a lost memory,
But we found ourselves,
& there we were...
waiting to be found,
& We found eachother.

4). --I can feel the rush,
I can sence it,
Baby your my midnight flow,
your my one thought,
my one love,

I can feel the rush,
I can sence it,
Baby your the kiss i have not yet blowed,
your my one heart,
my one word,

I can feel the rush,
I can sence it,
Baby i'm crawling to you slow,
your that one moment,
that one life time,

I can feel the rush,
I can sence it,
Just maybe i'm comming home to you.
Can you feel it too?

I know they aren't the best (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) ...But it's just what came out...Hope you like 'em! ..Tell me how they are...thanks!

<3 Chelbi
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post May 28 2006, 01:00 PM
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Name: Kelly
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K so dont know if it's really a friend but me and this girl have been acquaintences forever and never had a problem with each other. Over the last few weeks me and her ex who she broke up over 6 months ago have been getting really close, and yah really flirty but JUST FRIENDS, and he told me he wanted to come to grad with me jokingly so i was like sure why not. Well at a party friday night his exgf had heard that we were seeing each other came up behind me and said, "Do me a favour stay the fu** away from him bit&h" and it's sunday and we've spoke once since and he told me don't worry you're such an amazing fun girl and she's just a psycho and she won't ruin our friendship at all.. But now I heard from his best friend (which all of his guy friends hate this girl) that he's avoiding me bcuz thats what she wants right now.. and I'm just really sad because he's in an akward position and so am I but I really care about him and don't know what I should do if I should call him or what..basically does anyone have any quotes for this?
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post Aug 6 2006, 03:34 PM
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Name: Haleigh
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Hey Everyone i made this quote about a guyy that i like and everything so can u tell me what u think or give me some ideas on how i can make it better?!?!?

How is it when you finally get over your ex you fall right back in love with someone else? You joke around with him and laugh till you cry..but soon the feeling between you two skyrocket and your friendship becomes more serious..the joking around turns into long talks and the laughing till you cry turns into secrets that you would die over! But your clear skys soon turn to gray when you find out his feeling belong to someone else..You dont get how he doesnt see you when hes all you see!!! Your heart gets torn out stepped on and handed back to you mangled cut and brused black && blue!! People around you see how much you love him but just dont get why you waits your time on someone that just doesnt love you and never will..but you still have hope...you still talk to him and you still share secrets but the laughter dies down and the talking everyday turns into once in a great while..... you cant stand looking him in the eyes because you remeber how beautiful they are and how he looked @ you!! And the memorise of him play back in your head everyday and it tares you apart because he is your #1 but your the Shadow!!!
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post Aug 7 2006, 03:14 PM
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Name: Tiffany
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QUOTE (surroundedbylies @ Sep 17 2005, 08:33 PM) *
I wrap pretty ribbons
up and down my wrists,
covering the scars, that remind me to breathe,
and I shove my misery behind
a flimsy, tearstained mask
of shrieking unease,
and when their question overcomes me,
when they wonder why Iím so depressed,
I flash a broken smile
and answer that Iím not,
I simply have a gift, that lets me see the truth,
and I know,
that when you see me skipping arm in arm
with my guardian angel of the week,
you wonder, why I always force someone to take three steps back,
when theyíd finally gotten two steps closer,
gotten that much closer to being burned by the flames of
my own private hell,
and as my wrists fell across the blade
time became a crimson blur,
and now Iím sitting here,
living a life of gnawing despair,
wishing more than ever I could cut it out of myself,
and I see it in your endless, haunted eyes
I can feel it in every way you look at me,
you blame yourself for every picture Iíve drawn on my wrist,
you asked me why and I played along,
spun more webs out of my pretty,
sugarcoated lies,
letting fall the tears I knew I must spill
to take this game of deception, to the next level,
to mold your crippled mind
into believing,
that every word youíd said on my behalf,
every reason you had guessed,
had come from my own, twisted mouth,
to lead you down the path
paved with another one of my little, white lies,
but, as you take off the trench coat
and hang the detective back on the wall,
I begin to unravel,
Iím falling apart,
and all that Iím asking...
is it a crime?
am I over-reacting?
Iím ripping at the seams,
and all that I question...
is this a dream?
or is it my lesson?
and for the first time, I wish you could see
all the pain that courses through my veins,
and the little girl inside me begs, that you
force her to tell you the truth,
and even though I blame you for every lie
and even though I do believe you didnít try,
I wish I could whisper to you, my little white lie,
finally unearth the truth
about the reason why, it was crimson tears
I had to cry,
I just want to break my vow of silence
thatís lasted for so many years,
and make you understand,
that when you threw me away,
you gave birth to another little white lie...

I wrote that one...tell me what you think and plz b honest!! u wnt hurt my feelings!!

wow. that is REALLY good.
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post Aug 10 2006, 03:36 PM
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Name: Lilianna
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mines not really a poem but i hope you like them (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

it's good that they know each other well
but it's better that we know each other [[inside out]]

it's not hard to face life
when i know you'll be there
to face it with me

-:- a friend isn't the one whose there for you in life.
a friend is the one who live your life with you. -:-

i hate it when me and you fight over a guy
cause it's like fighting to hold water
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post Aug 15 2007, 10:43 PM
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Name: Marisa
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^^ love itt...its soo cutee
-marisaaaa (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif)
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post Aug 24 2007, 05:03 PM
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Name: savannah
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Does anyone have any quotes about your closest friend changing, and you dont even think of her as your best friend anymore, but you miss who she use to be and that you want your friend back
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