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> Fake Friend Quotes, Post them Here
post Nov 27 2004, 08:55 AM
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Name: Hey BuxBaby
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Post all your fake friend quotes here. And make sure to read all the pinned topics before posting!
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post Nov 27 2004, 10:05 PM
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❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Depends who’s asking.
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Name: Angel.
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* So if I have to leave you, *
* I want you to know that in the end, *
* it wasn't because I stopped caring. *
* It was because you stopped being a friend. *

Best friends are like diamonds, *PrEciOuS* and *RaRe*
False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.

False friends are like our shadow,
keeping close to us while we walk in the *sunshine,*
but leaving us when we cross into the *shade.*

thats all i have for now! more later!
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post Nov 28 2004, 02:49 PM
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I LOVE THOSE!! <33 please post more!
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post Dec 5 2004, 02:36 PM
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Almost Cool
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I like those does anyone have any more!!!
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post Dec 5 2004, 03:07 PM
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Name: Hey BuxBaby
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-DeALiN WiT backstabBeRs ThErEs oNe ThInG i'Ve LeArNeD-
-TheY aRe OnLy PoWeRFuL wHeN uR BaCk iS TuRnEd-

Things change, and so do I.
friendships change too, I always wonder why...

yOu StArT backstabbInG mE
aNd GoInG aGaInSt YoUr WoRd
ThInKiNg "Oh ShE'lL nEvEr FiNd OuT
gUeSs WhAt...
*I hEaRd*

s0metymes y0ur [.Best friends.] are really enemies in disguise

Take out the picture blow off the dust
Take off the frame it's starting 2 rust
Remember the timez we had together
What happened 2 bein Best Friends Forever

No matter how hard i seem to try
u turn around and TwiSt my words into a lie
are friendships supposed to be like this?
cuz if they are...then i *quit*

WhEn sHyT gOeS dOwN n SiDeS aRe tAkEn u FiNd OuT
wHo WaS *rEaL* n WhO wAs *FaKiN*

ThRu Da ToUgHeSt TiMeZ u MaDe mE SaD
U jUsT HaD To PuT sHiT In My FaCe 2 MaKe Me MaD
i'Ve HaD eNoUgH oF aLL ThaT YoU dO
ThInK u GoT mE CoNqUeReD oVa? WeLL sCrEw u ToO

PeOpLe TaLk a LiL tOo MucH...
U nEvA kNoW jUsS wHo 2 TrUst

You could care less about me-*
I know I know you don't give a fvck -* it shows
Don't come crawling to me-* when it ends
I used to actually feel like-* your best friend

p r 0 m i s e D we`D be FrienDs TiLL the Day we Die
buT iT aLL enDs wiTh a n e w frienD or a GoOdbYe

I wish LiFe was like a -Fairy Tale-
and people were always friends
instead of these non-stop disasters
that NEVER want to eNd

*y0u* just g0tta deal with the sh1t pe0ple *d0*
n0t every0ne in life is g0nna stay *true*

ItS sOo irOniC HoW bEsT fRiEnDs JuSt sLip
aNd ThEy BeCoMe EnEmieS sOo DaNg QuIcK
OnE wRoNg PhRaSe CoULd cOsT 4 YeArs
mAkE tHe PeRfEcT fRiEnDsHiP gO dOwN iN TeArs

KnOwN yOo FoR MaDd LoNg
YeT aLL oF a SuDdEn tHinGz ArE gOiNg So WrOng

Some people don't catch on, they rather just pretend*
While things are going smooth, they smile and call you 'friend'.
Funny how you never know who cares until it hurts,
and when it's over, does it matter who blew off who first?

*I miss you so much..
you were my best friend
Even though we were little
my memories of us will never end*

)) i HatE tHiS LiFe ((
)) cUz Im SicK oF iT ((
(( aLL mY sO cAlLeD fRiEnDz R fUlL oF ShYt ))

I didn?t ask for it to be over but then again,
I never asked for it to begin.

is *10* letters but so is..

_.* ThE MorE FriendZ YoU HaVe *._
_.* ThE MorE ProblemZ YoU SeE *._
_.* CuZ EveryOnE ThatS A ParT Of uR LifE *._
_.* TaLkS cRaP WheN YoU CanT SeE *._

What goes around comes around.
That's what people say.
so all the pain you caused me
will come back to you someday.

Neither of us meant for things to be this way.
If things went differently, maybe we'd still talk today.

I wanna act like nothings botherin me
Like everything's terrific
I got a couple problems with people
I won't get specific.

We UsEd tO bE tIgHt,ThEn We GoT iNtO a FiGhT,
i DiDnT eXaCtLy KnOw WuT wUz GoInG oN,
nExT tHiNg I kNeW yOu WeRe GoNe

what is it like to become what you once despised?
what is it like to pile lies on top of lies?
you're the lowest of the low so now you sink into your Hell.
All the people you used, it's coming back to you.
All of the promises broke, on them you fuckin choke.

No one stays true.
It's like an addiction
cuz ain't no one real ..
it's all * fiction *

The list just keeps getting
[[shorter and shorter]]
and there's fakes around every corner.

*Never turn your back on your friends. That's the best target.*

Lately, i gotta watch what i say.
You take things personal now a days.
You use to laugh and now you get mad..
damn I just want my best friend back.

Sometimes growing up
means growing a p a r t.

Pe0pLe thEsE daYz aRe to0 FaKe.
ThEy sAy "I'm aLwaYz heRe foR y0u!"
BiTch pLeaSe! Give mE a bReaK.

don't think you're sneaky,
i see your little games,
like when you walk around saying
[[you heard this and that]]
but can't mention any names

some say that time changes
best friends can become stangers

Nowadays there's no honor, only drama.
Your friend today can be your enemy tomorrow.

[no more games . no more drama]
when you wanna be real gimme a holla

Another lesson learned.
Better know your friends
or else you'll get *burned*

* So if I have to leave you, *
* I want you to know that in the end, *
* it wasn't because I stopped caring. *
* It was because you stopped being a friend. *

* Though I'm missin' you, I'll find a way to make it through livin' without
you. Cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride, only God may
know why, still I will get by... *

* U sAiD dat u HaD mY bAcK
ThRoUgH tHe GoOd TiMeS aNd ThE bAd
WhEn I wAs HaPpY oR wHeN i WaS sAd
BuT wHeN i TrUeLy NeEdEd U
AnD cOuLdN't MaKe It ThRoUgH
WhEn I LoOkEd BeHiNd Me To SeE iF u WeRe ThErE
I ReaLiZeD dat u TrUeLy DiDn'T cArE *

*The two hardest things to say in life
are hello for the first time
and goodbye for the last *

~What upsets me is not that you lied to me,
but that from now on I can longer believe you.~

You say I'm going to fight your battles,
well girl your -wrong-
I knew your weren't my best friend all along

I thought you were my friend and we would be together until the end
but you fucked everything up and said shit that wasn't true
so now you gotta pay bitch -- all the blame is on you.

Friends are like roses...
you have to look out for the pricks!

I guess in the end people become the people
-->that they promised they'd never be...

Friends might be "glued" to each other but eventually,
that glue starts to become old and come apart
...just like real friendships...

It's funny how you can grow away from your friends,
when just a few years ago they were the most important people in your life.

you never understood me
you didn't even *try*
i never wanted this to be
but I'm saying goodbye

Maybe not all friendships are meant to be saved...
Maybe we're meant to spend a certain part of our lives with certain people
..and move on..

Even if we never talk again
*please remember *
that I am forever changed
By [[wh0 y0u are]]
and what y0u meant t0 me

I never thought I'd have to say goodbye
I never thought our friendship would die

The true value of a best friend can never be lost...only forgotten.

I've lied to you, you've lied to me,
We've cried together too.
Sometimes it seems like you hate me,
I know you feel it too.
I wish it was back when it was just me and you.

I thought we were friends, but then I realized you lied to me,
called me names and weren't behind me anymore.
I thought that was what friends were for.

Best friends are like bread knives,
they can help you lots but they can hurt you badly too.

As soon as you start to let go, they start to catch on...
when they come back (like always) laugh in their face and never give in...
they should've realized what they had before they said good-bye...sucks for them.

Notice: there actually is an *end* in friendship.

I never wanted it to end
but you left me and fell for my friend.
Now you're both smiling cuz you got some one new.
I ain't cryin but all I'll say is Fuck Both of You.

It's never your enemies that get you
It's always your own people

its funny h0w the people that hurt y0u the m0st ` *
are the 0nes that sw0re they [ n e v e r ] w0uld ` *

I'm so sick and tired of acting like I'm fine because truthfully, I'm not.
I can't even talk to you without being so incredibly sad. You were the one
person who was always supposed to be there for me, my best friend,
my everything.. and you ruined it all in that moment. And I acted like it
didn't hurt, and for a while, I didn't think it did...but the tears are here and
I now realize that it hurt more than anything in the world.

you just have to learn to forget about the people
_ . * + who forgot about you + * . _

So everyone always asks what happened to us...
the two best friends who were crazy over each other...
i always reply with you were the crazy one...
because you walked away from it all..

y0u never really lose *anything*
until you lose your - best friend -

wHeN i NeEdEd yOu, yOu uSed tO bE tHere
aNd wHen i Was sSad, yOud be tHe fIrSt One tO cAre
BUt ThiNgS hAve cHaNgEd, aNd yOu aReNt tHe sAmE
LateLy yOu'Ve BeeN PiCkInG yOuR bOy, OvEr Me
aNd sOmEtiMes yOu aCT rUdE, wHaTs w. ThIs AtTiTuDE?
i CaNt bELiEve tHIs iS haPpEniNg .yOu PiCk -- BeSt fRieNd oR EnEmy?

Stay true to yourself because there are very few people
...who will stay true to you...

I know I’ll never trust a single thing you say
You knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway
And all the lies have got you floating up above us all
But what goes up has got to fall

I guess i just have to accept that you aren't the person that i
once knew and that we aren't the best friends that we once were.

donT LiE tO mY fAcE
AnD pReTenD yOuR mY fRieNd
cUz bYtCh, yA bEttA rEcOgnIzE
hOw EaSiLy a "pErFeCt fRiEnDsHiP" cAn eNd

We can never prepare ourselves for the loss of a friend
…that we thought would be by our side *forever*

aS i LO0k tHrU tHeSE piCtUrEz i sTaRt t0 ->cry<-
CuZ iMm FiNaLLy ReAliZiNg _t i M e S_fLy by `
i Can pLAn FoR thE fUtUrE, bUt i cant .c h a n g e. ThE PaSt
ii jUSt wiiSh sOmE oF thE FriEnDsHiPs wouLd’ve *l a S t*

Although I’ll always love you and remember the times we had,
you’re a snobby little b*tch and you hurt me really bad.
Though you think it’s funny and only times will tell
that payback is a b*tch and I hope you burn in hell.
Although you were my girl, that I will admit
but when it comes to being a true one, babe you ain’t sh*t.

so i`ll just [ e r e a s e ]
all the |x| mEmOrIeS |x| we had together
pretending [»they «] didn`t happen
pretending .y o u. didn`t happen

You wanna know who your true friends are?
Screw up and see who's still there....

It’s sad to see that two close people don’t recognize each other anymore.
Not because they grew up but because they grew apart.

YoU wErE aLwAyZ mY GirL
BuT nOw uR WaStIn TiMe On HiM
i wiSh i CoUlD tUrN bAcK ThE cLoCkS
tO whEn u StILL hAD TiMe fOR uR FrIeNDs

Trapped in time. I don’t know what to do.
These friends of mine I can see right through.

Ur A bYtCh- iT coUdVe BeEn Ne1 TaLkiN sHyT-bUt It WaS *yOu*
giRL uR FaKe-CuZ uR tHe 1 wHo’S aLwAyZ sAyIn No1 stAyZ *tRuE*
gOd DaMmIt- uS bEiN bEsT fRiEnDz- ThAt iS fUKin *tHrOuGh*

How do I say goodbye to what we had,
the good times that made us laugh outweigh the bad,
I thought we'd get to see forever, but forevers gone away -
it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

However rare true love is, true friendship is rarer.

nO matta what. happens i`m ( gOnna ) make it ... if i`m nOt
happy : i`ll just >< fake it ... i`ve been thru |backstabErs|
[ scumbags ] -nD- :lies: *gOtta whOle list of ppl i despise*

i GueSs 'iN THe // eNd
yOuR tRuE fRiEnDs ShOw
AnD tHe OtHerS
|[ D i S a P e A R -» ]|

Why do you do this?
Why didn’t you care?
All i know is. . .
you where never there.

*Diamonds* last forever but not all friends do.
Everything is so different now that I don’t got you.

Friends are friends until they talk behind your back.
Then they’re .--backstabbers--.

There’s always a time you really think you know someone by far.
In the end you turn out saying “I don’t know who you really are.”

sometimes friends turn their [ b.a.c.k.s ] o n* y o u
[[ Dont ]] stoop-down to their [ LeVeL ] you'll be a.l.r.i.g.h.t
+..[[ Just remember ]] to always be you..+
...And get on with your [ LiFe ]...

You’ve changed so much. I guess that’s what happens. I wish you knew how
much you’ve changed me. I wonder if I’ve changed you, if your life is
different because of me because mine is different. You taught me so much
and now we don’t even talk to each other. I guess that’s what happens.

* I thought that we were best friends
But I guess it's time to think again *

she was the best friend there ever could be
she used to be best friends with only me
now someone else has taken my place
it feels like a stingin slap right on the face

thats all i got.
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X true l0ve X
post Dec 12 2004, 08:43 PM
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Name: lauren
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can ppl help me out hurr please! i need some quotes or ANYTHING about friends talking *beep* about u behind ur back, and then finding out later about it from sum1 else. my friends have been calling me a *beep* and one of my friends who heard them just told me

quotes please!! (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/crying.gif) (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/excl.gif)
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x0 l0vin y0u 0x
post Dec 12 2004, 10:32 PM
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Name: JuSt mE
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anyone have quotes about being glad a friendship is over??

please help ASAP < thanks
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post Dec 12 2004, 10:44 PM
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Hey!! Well i lost two of my friends b/c one of them wanted to egg the others car and i went with and then she told him i did all of it which is bs b/c my best friend was with us and she said thats not true cuz she did most of it and i had nothing against this guy! Well i guess know there gonna do *beep* to my car and my friends car so does any1 have any away messages saying that like get ur stuff right before u accuse someone or sumthing!! Thank you very much!!

Happy Holidays
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crayoncolorz 93
post Dec 12 2004, 11:15 PM
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Summer 'o5
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I only have like 2-3..heh...

º*gUrL iD sToP TaLkiN sh*t iF i wAs uº*
º*cUz oNe oF tHeEzE dAyS uR gOnNaº*
º*gEt wUtZ cOmiN 2 uº*
º*nOnE oF uR fRiEnDs WiLL bE tHeRe fOr uº*
º*cUz yA nO wAtº*
º*ThEy jUs aS FaKe aS uº*

ThErE cOmes a tiMe wheN yoU reaLizE -wHo realLy maTters- [who n.e.v.e.r did]
/whO alwaYs wilL and in the eNd we leArn\ ::whO is faKe --> and wHo is tRue
-and who woUld risK it alL 4 yOu

yOo StArT bAcKsTaBbInG mE
aNd GoInG aGaInSt YoOr WoRd
ThInKiNg "Oh ShE'll nEvEr FiNd OuT
gUeSs WhAt...
*I hEaRd*

THat's all i have...sorry...(IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)
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post Dec 16 2004, 07:18 PM
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Name: Haley
Gender: Female

i dont know if this counts. its kind of about a friend who changes but...

*i'D rAtHeR bE a *beep* tHaN a hOe*
*i'D rAtHeR tEll iT LiKe iT iS*
*tHaN bLoW eVeRy gUy I kNoW*
*RaThEr bE kNoWn fOr wHaT i dO*
*nOt wHo I sCrEw*
*WiSh I cOuLd sAy ThE SaMe fOr yOu*
**beep* hOe CaLL mE wHaT yOu pLeAsE*
*I aInT tHe sKaNk aLwAyS oN mY kNeEz*

and then theres these...

*WhAt iF i SaId yOu NevEr MatTeReD
*ThAt I NevEr LoSt a MoMeNt oF sLeEp
*WhAt iF i cRuShEd aLL yOuR dReAmZ
*BrOkE aLL tHe PrOmIsEs I sWoRe tO kEeP
*TeLL mE hOw yOuR LiFe wOuLd bE
*If I DiD wHaT yOu DiD tO mE

. . .I tHiNk tHa oNly rEaSoN whY pEoPlE cHeRiSh mEmOrIeS. . .
[ iS bCuZ mEmOrIeS aRe tHa oNly tHiNg tHaT dOeSn't cHaNgE ]
wHeN eVeRybODy eLsE dOeS *

LiFe wAs s0 mUcH eAsIeR whEn 0uR onLy w0rriEs wErE
ThAt rEcEss wAs t0o Sh0rT .. dEcIsi0nSz wErE mAdE bY
" eNi.. meNi .. miNey .. m0e",` 0nLy sKiNNeD knEEsZ
br0uGhT tEaRsZ .. b0ySz wErE yUcKy nD hAd c0oTiEsZ
nD go0dbYeS mEaNt JuSt TiL ToMoRRoW ..

-ItS FuNnY hOw sOmE PeOpLe CaN cHaNgE yOuR liFe *FoReVeR* lOvE yOu oNe DaY n bE ::gOnE:: tHe nExT-- D o N t S t R e S s i T -cUz *sUmDaY* . . tHe oNe tHeY gavE aWaY wiLL bE tHe OnLy oNe ThEy ArE wIsHiNg FoR-

.P.r.O.m.I.s.E.s. mEaN [EvErYtHiNg]
BuT ^AfTeR^ tHeYrE .B.R.o.K.e.N.
[SoRrY] mEaNs *n*O*t*H*i*N*

* I guess i just have to learn to accept that you aren't the person i once knew and we aren't the best friends we once were.*

*I thought you were a friend of mine but I was wrong
You tried to fit into the arms where I belong
You moved right in behind my back
Everyone knows friends don't do that

People change, even the person you thought you knew the most, changes. And even though it hurts to see them go; you have to move on, for the memories are all you have, and things might never be the same.*

¨*:•.PeOpLe ArE gUnA tALk BoUt u SpEcIaLlY wHeN tHeY eNvY u N tHe LiFe U LiVe...lEt ThEm..U aFfEcTeD tHeIr LiVeS...tHeY dIdNt AfFeCt UrS...•:*

wouldn`t l i f e be p e r f e c t if
sweatpants were sexy ; monday
-mornings were f u n ; junk food
didnt make you fat ; friends didnt
cause drama ; b o y s werent as
confusing ; n o t h i n g was '
regrettable a n d goodbye's only
meant until ---» tOmOrrOw <3

PeOpLe -CaN’t- ChAnGe ThE TrUtH BuT ThE TrUtH -CaN- ChAnGe PeOpLe

Im tired of (PrEtEnDiN) everythings »Ok«
My *TeArZ* are starting to show And my [sMiLeZ] fading away

I rEmEmBeR wHeN eVeRyThiN wAs PeRfEcT aNd eVeRyOnE cAReD...nO oNe StAbBeD yOu iN tHe BaCk aNd TiMe WaS aLwAyS sPaReD...i ReMeMbEr WhEn ThE sKyS wErE aLwAyS bLuE...aNd We'D rUn aRoUnD iN tHe gRaSs sAyiN wE'LL fOrEvEr StAy TrUe...ThEn i WoKe uP aNd iT wAs aLL a DrEaM...
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post Dec 22 2004, 11:04 AM
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Almost Cool
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Name: kiki
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hey i just wrote this...i hope it helps..its kind of what my bestfriend did to me...

Time always reveals,
What I could not see,
And that is why,
It could not be.
You said we would be friends
But how could it be,
When you picked her over me?
You stabbed me in the back,
Now i must face,
The one thing I never wanted to.
I have to let you go.
We were something that could never be.
We were best friends,
"Together till the end."
You would always say.
How could you do what you did?
You hurt me so bad.
I never wanted to think it,
But somehow I knew,
Our friendship would fade,
Just like a memory in time

Sorry if it didn't help you...or if it sucked!
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post Dec 22 2004, 12:08 PM
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Name: Jess
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Haha i must be losin it (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif)

Cute quotes though.
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post Dec 27 2004, 01:45 PM
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Name: jessica
Gender: Female

those are really good ^
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post Jan 3 2005, 05:20 PM
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Almost Cool
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Okay.. well the other night I was going to have two f
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post Jan 3 2005, 05:21 PM
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Almost Cool
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Okay.. well the other night I was going to have two friends come over & just hang out & all that fun stuff.. well one of them couldn't come bc her parents don't know my parents so her parents wouldn't let her come.. so it was just going to be one of them coming. So it was passed dark & I was like "where the heck is she??" so I called her & when she first answered I heard some people in the background & people laughing & having a good time & when she picked the phone up she was laughing & then when she heard it was me she got real serious & went into another room where it was real quiet! & I was like "where are you?" & she was like "oh you didn't get my text? I can't come something
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