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post Jul 3 2004, 07:59 AM
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a dark wine sea
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Name: Michael
Gender: Male

Post your profile - Get qoutes for profiles here!
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post Jul 3 2004, 12:08 PM
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4- View My Little World... -

My friends-- I dont kno wat I'd do witout yu guyz-- LYTD!:-P
Lixx-Ima miss yu hun!!


*I N.e.e.d -
*i W.a.n.t -
*I would ^Luv^ to be -
*hIs L.i.f.e -
*HiS L.o.v.e -
*hIs e v e r y t h i n g -

Its really weird..i can sit in a room surrounded by people i love and still be lonely...

^^theres my profile..its not that great but..oh well.. (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)
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post Jul 3 2004, 12:10 PM
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~* life*s tough get a helmet*~

I believe in miracles
Where you from
You sexy thing
I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing

summer o4 changes everything
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post Jul 3 2004, 12:16 PM
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this is the stuff from my 'buddy4u.com' profile

: .*.*..*.*. .*.*..*.*.
.:*[W] [E] [L] [C] [O] [M] [E]*:.
.:* [M] [Y] [P] [R] [O] [F] [I] [L] [E] *:.
.* M-a-Y-*-c-A-u-S-e-*-G-r-E-a-T*.
(.* [C] [O] [N] [T] [I] [N] [U] [E] `*.)
..!(( [R].[I].[S].[K]))! ..
.*.*..*.*. .*.*..*.*

- : : - . : * * : . - : : -
. x O x .WeLcOmE tO My WoRlD. x O x .
- : : - . : * * : . - : : -

HeRe ArE sOmE qUoTeS-


. ; . * I . n E v E r . c O u L d * . ; . h A v
E . t H o U g H t . ; . * i ' D . L u V . s u M
o N e * . ; . a S . m U c H . a S . ; . * i . L
o V e . y O u


peOple always ask me.."hOw can u like him?"
..."why do u lOve him?"..but its Ok..
.i dont want them tO understand..
cuz then they*d lOve him tOo


I aM wHaT i Am, YoU cAn LiKe It Or LoVe It


if ex's are still friends then they never loved each other, or still do


YoU'LL nEvEr ReaLiZe HoW mUcH yOu LoVe a GuY
UnTiL tHe ThOUGhT oF hIm bEiNG wItH sOmEoNE eLsE
iS eNoUgH tO bReAK uR hEaRt fOrEvER


thOse whO really L0ve yOu dOnt
mean tO hurt yOu and if they dO
-yOu can see that it hurts them tO-


Come what may, Come what may, I will love you until my dying day


his eyes upon your face
his hand upon your hand
his lips caress your skin
it's more than i can stand

why does my heart cry?
feelings i can't fight
your free to leave me
but just don't decieve me
and please believe me when i say

haha a little moulin rouge there!

The spaces between your fingers were created for someone else to fill them


.:* You cant change the past *:.
.:* But you can ruin the present *:.
.:* By worring about the future *:.


I love you more than I can {say} or {show}
..more than you will ever know..


oF aLL tHe GuYs I'vE eVeR kNoWn
yOu StAnD oUt AmOnG tHe ReSt
AnD i MeAN ThiS WiTh aLL mY hEaRt
BaBy Ur ThE * b E s T *


-*If you never get your HeArT broken...you'll NeVeR learn to LoVe*-


When you fall in love you should be speechless, because words can't express true love


they say your whole life
flashes before you when you die
make it worth watching..


...EvErYbOdY needs that SoMeBoDy....
*You* could be that SoMeBoDy that SoMeOne needs


-*If you fall in love, make sure there is somebody there to *catch* you*-


You dont have to LoVe in words
even through the silence,
LoVe is always heard


AnD i'M fEeLiNg NeRVoUs
TrYiNg To Be So PeRfEcT
cAuSe I kNoW yOuR wOrTh It


I sTiLL rEmEmBeR tHe ThInGs YoU sAiD ThEy RePlAy BaCk In My HeAd & YoUr sMiLe YoU uSed To SeNd My WaY Is WiTh Me aLL tHe TiMe i ReMeMbEr All ThE tHiNgS wE dId bAck 2 ThE FiRsT TiMe We MeT ThE mEmOrIeS aRe All I hAvE LeFt hOw CoUlD i FoRGeT?


LoVe iS oNE oF tHoSe cRAzI ThInGz
ThAT nO mAtTa hOw hARd u TrY
u JuS cANt FiNd tHe WoRds
To TeLL wHaT uR feELiN iNsIDe


DoN'T yOu jUsT wISh u coULd gO bAcK
2 tHe bEsT MeMoRy oF yOuR LIfE
AnD LiVe iN iT .F.O.R.E.V.E.R.


*My HeArT BeLoNgS tO YoU*
*No MaTtEr WhAt i TrY*
*WhEn I GeT tHe CoUrAgE To LoVe SoMeOne NeW*
*It aLL FaLLs aPaRt CaUsE TheY cOuLd NeVa CoMpArE 2 U*


[ L O V E ]
..iTs gIvIng sOmEoNE tHe pOwEr tO dEsTrOy yOu..
..BuT tRuStIn tHaT tHeY wOnT..


*iM gOiNg InTo ThiS NoT kNoWiNg WhaT iLL FiNd
iVe DeCiDeD To FoLLoW My HeArT aNd
AbAnDoN My MiNd aNd iF TheRez pAiN
aT LeAsT i KnoW i GaVe iT My aLL
cAuSe iTz BeTTeR To HaVe LoVeD aNd LosT
ThAn To HaVe NeVeR LoVeD aT aLL*


LaDiEs Is PiMpS tOo! Go On BrUsH yA sHoUlDa OfF!


WeLL mY LiFe iSnT PeRfEcT
ReALLy WhOs iS?
BuT I GuEsS I CaN sAy thAt
ONe PaRt oF iT * iS *
YoU MaKe iT WoRtH LiViNg
ANd YoU MaDe mE SeE
YoUrE tHe BeSt PaRt oF LiFe
ANd tHe BeSt PaRt oF *mE*


ArE yOu AwArE oF wHaT yOu MaKe mE fEeL B a B y | RiGhT nOw I fEeL iNvIsIbLe tO yOu .:**|LiKe iM nOt r E a L|**:.


yOu gOttA tAkE sOmE cHaNcEs
yOu gOttA [ r i s k ] it alL
yOu gOttA clOsE yOur EyEs `jump'
'cAusE it migHt bE wOrtH tHe fAlL..*


i*Ve FaLlEn HeAd OvEr HeElS...i*Ve FaLleN iN lOvE wItH yOu...I*vE fAlLeN...aNd I cAn*T gIvE uP dOn*T wAnNa GeT uP...bEcAuSe Of -L O V E-




~~*~When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me~*~~


iF yOu DoN't
LiKe Me,
ReMeMbEr iT'z
MiNd OvEr
i DoN't MiNd *N*
yOu DoNt MaTtEr


ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe TiLl YoU oPeN tHe DoOr
ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe TiLl I'm Up OfF tHe FlOoR
ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe TiLl It'S iNsIdE mY pOrEs
ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe ShOw Me LoVe TiLl I'm ScReAmInG fOr MoRe


you gotta hurt in order to [kno] fall
in order to [grow] lose in order to
[gain] cuz most of lifes lessons are
. . . l e a r n e d i n p a i n . .


1.talking really fast then laughing
2. laughing at everything
3. very quiet then u explode
4. being serious in a joking matter
5. yelling for absolutly no reason
6. cursing non stop
7. falling all over the place
8. saying random stuff
9. acting like a little kid
10. running around in circles chasing ur non-exisiting tail
11. puttng on an old person mask and running by people
12. making a fool of myself and not caring
13. when all the hyperness gets mixed together
14. asking stupid questions!!*


..Best friendz are the onez that see .. ..the hurt in your eyez when..
..everyone else is fooled by your.. ..[smile]..


Don't take life so seriously, it's not like your getting out alive.


friends will bail u outta jail...BEST friends will be sittin right there with ya sayin, "that was awesome!!"


$!~LaTe NiGhT pHonE cALLs
LoNg wALKz
FrIdAy NitE hanGoUtS
n hOuR LonG TAlKs
2GeThA 4EvA i Hope it WoNt EnD
my PaRtNeR iN CrImE
mY vErY bEsT FrIenD~!$


eVeRyTiMe i sEe yOu
mY HeArT stOpS bEaTiNg
mY lEgS sTaRt sHaKiNg
aNd i'M iN a wOrLd oF jUsT
*((y.o.u.)) aNd ((m.e.))*


*i aM wHo i aM*
-yoUr oPiniOn iS nEiThEr-
d e S i R e D
. . .NoR. . .
R e Q u i R e D


OpEn Ur -EyEs-

LiVe Ur


N AlWaYs

-R E M E M B E R-

Nothing is


As BAD As it



Any one can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to steal your heart.


ThErE'S aLwAyS SuMtHiN u GoTtA GiVe Up...To GeT eVeRytHiNg u WaNt..


I'm sorry i can't be P E R F E C T


Ur My riTe wEn EvErYtHiNgZ wRoNg
uR a|wAyZ DeR tO kEeP mE sTrOnG
U dRyEd mY tEaRz WeN i wAnTeD 2 CrY
MadE |iFe WoRtH |ivin wEn i WaNtEd 2 diE




::-Guys are like stars, -::-
((.o*-There's a ton of em'*`o.))
-::-But only one can make your-::-


some friends say one thing to your face, but another behind your back


DoNt WaStE yOuR LiFe ReGrEtiNg All YoUr WrOnGs
KnOw ThAt In ThE eNd YoUll GeT wHaT yOuR hEaRt LoNgS
TrY nOt To RiSk It All .. DoNt StUmBlE .. DoNt FaLL
TaKe ThE TiMe To ReAd ThE wRiTiNgS oN tHe WaLL
HoLd Ur HeAd HiGh - DoNt B aFrAiD To SaY gOoDbYe
StAy TrU - n - B yOu
Do EvErYtHiNg ThErE iS tO dO
LiVe LiFe To ItS fUllEsT - AnD nEvEr LoOk BaCk
ThErE Is A ReAsOn FoR tHe FuTuRe AnD a ReAsOn FoR ThA pAsT
LoVe TiLL iT HuRtS - LaUgH TiLL yOu CrY
N WhEn YoUr LiFe FlAsHeS Be4 YoU.. bE4 u DiE
Be HaPpY fOr WhAt YoUvE doNe , Be HaPpY fOr WhAt YoUvE OvErCoMe
AnD mOsT oF aLL b PrOuD oF wHaT yOu HaD bEcOmE..


o o ׷
When yOu lOve sOmeOne
theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu
o o ׷


YoU CaN SaY I'm CrAzY -YeS ItS TrUe- I'm CrAzY BoUt OnE ThInG- AnD ThAtS YoU-


A LoVe ThAt Is DeNiEd OnLy GrOwS sTrOnGeR


You've Never Really *Lived* Untill You've Found Someone Worth *Dying* For


DaWn 2 DaWn,
DuSk 2 DusK,
LiFe's 2 ShoRT


It ToOk Me bY -SuPrIsE- WhEn My HeArT GoT iNsIdE Ur EyEs..
YoU WeReN't At aLL WhAt I wAs ((LoOkInG)) 4..
-YoU- WeRe >EvErYtHiNg< AnD sO MuCh ()MoRe()


if .[n o t h i n g]. lasts forever
will [you] be [my] nothing?


.:*Y o u c a n ' t
*:.h u r t s o m e o n e
.:*u n l e s s y o u
*:.r e a l l y m e a n
.:*s o m e t h i n g t o
*:.t h e m


because we can, can can!!!!!!



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post Jul 5 2004, 11:58 AM
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Ok theres it [ALOT] of poems and quotes and cute things here for the profiles... (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)

I know i hurt you i know your scared but baby i love you and no matter wut ill always be there

Mistakes have been made and sorry i am. I love you .. believe me when i say ur the only man.

I'm sorry I hurt you and let you down i never meant to make you frown... I love you from the bottom of my heart please don't let us fall apart.

I'm alone right now
Just me...myself..and I
I'm looking whats left of me
....Just waiting to cry....

One thing worse than a broken heart, is knowin that yu would give him another chance!!

We've been together for a couple months
But lately, you've been ignoring me, actin different
You always apologize and try to compromise
I always forgive you, but baby...it's not gonna be that way much longer...

We've been friends for a while
Now we're flirtin n smilin
I gotta man, but my man's been actin strange...
So I dunno what to do...I'm starting to fall for you...

You know when you want something so bad, but you can't have it?
But even though you can't have it, you still want it?
That how I feel about you
- I want to be with you -

Give every one a chance
Because you never know
Who could be the one..

Here I stand
In front of you
Face to face
Looking into your eyes
For the past year
It's the one place
I've wanted to be more than anything
And now I'm finally here
And I want to be here forever...

Now that I know what its like to be with someone like *you*
If we ever break up
It'll be really hard to find someone that even comes close to *you*

When I'm with u
I'm flying high in the sky
With my head up in the clouds

In your arms is the [ o n e ] place I want to be
The one place that I feel [ s a f e ] from everything going on around me...
The one place I could stay [ f o r e v e r ]

'Cuz every kiss is a kiss you can never get back
Lift me up in your eyes
If you told me that is what Heaven is, well, you'd be right
I've been waiting forever for this
This is the night
When the answer to all my dreams is as close as a touch away
Why am I here holding back what I'm trying to say?
Clay Aiken - "This is the Night"

You pick [ h e r ] over me?
What, am I too [ b o o t y l i c i o u s ] for you?
Well honey, you`ll be missing out on
-->*THiS JeLLy*
Eventhough I've been in love and hurt before
You seem to me like you'll be different
And I'm ready for the ride
You've made me see a brighter day
Now you're in my heart
here you will forever stay
All I want to do is be able to say that
.:.* I'm your girl*.:.

Whenever you kiss me
I get completely lost in you, lost in your kiss
My world spins, My heart beats faster
I feel myself falling even more..
When you look at me and smile
I wonder what you're thinking
I know what I'm thinking
How much I want to be with you

The first time I saw you
Time seemed to freeze
Then you locked eyes with me
I could barely breathe
Then you smiled
I gave you my heart

Come back to me baby
Everything is a reminder
I just want to feel your arms around me again
I just want you to love me again....

i have a hard time describing my feelings for you
they just run so deep
its almost impossible to explain
but you make me feel like i'm flying without wings

We live over a thousand miles apart
We can't be together whenever we want
It's hard being away from you
When I love you as much as I do
But I'm willing to work for us to be together
I'm willing to do anything I can, forever
Because I can't see my life without you in it

Three simple words
Three words with so much meaning
Three words that are so hard to say..

I wish I could just have [ o n e ] day with you
But if I had one [ d a y ] with you
I would just wish for [ m o r e ] days with you

There's something about your [ l o v e ]
That makes me weak and
[ k n o c k s ] me off my feet
- Stevie Wonder - "Knocks me off my feet" -

Baby I'm so glad you're the one I found
You turned my frown upside down
And I'm never going to let you go

I love you but sometimes I feel that you don't love me back
I need a little bird to follow you where ever you go
And it can come back and tell me what you're doing
Because even if you say you love me, you still got that playa reputation

Love is based on trust
If you don't trust the person
How can you love them?

I reach out for the part of me that lives in you
That only our two hearts can find
- [ stevie wonder ] -

Why do you have to act that way?
All nasty, like you don't care about me?
All I wanna do is just love you baby...

Sometimes youu love someone so much that you become numb to it... because if you actually felt how much you love them... it would kill you - [ Riding in Cars with Boys ]

When I'm with you
It takes so little to make me smile

You're with me all the time
You bring comfort and happiness to my mind

We were friends first
Then I fell for you
I gave you my heart
Right from the start
It will always be that way, we will never be apart

We spend most of our time talking about nothing, but I just want to let you know that all of these nothings have meant so much more to me than many somethings. [ You've Got Mail ]

You have no idea how much I want to be with you
How much I want to hug you
How much I want to kiss you
How much I want to tell you I love you
It's so much that I can't even measure it

If you love someone
You learn the song that is in their heart
When they forget it, you sing the song for them

When you're away
When I miss you
I know that all I have to do
Is look in my heart, and you will be there

I like the way you walk
The way you talk
The way you dress
The way you smile
I like the way you are
The way you ain't
I like your honesty, integrity,
It levels me, so please don't ever change
- [ b e y o n c e - thats how you like it ] -

We thought we needed time a part
We tried it on our own for a little
It didn't work, we came running back to one another
I guess this is fate..

i look into your eyes
and i see my future
you're the one i want to spend my forever with

well.. here we are again
i'm handing over my heart again
just please, im beggging you
don't break it again

When I look into your eyes
It's like the sun rises
I get this incredible feeling
And everything in the world is right again..

i love what your kisses do to me
i love what just one look from you does to me
i love thinking about you
i love seeing you
i love what a hug from you does to me
i love being with you
and most of all...i love [ e v e r y t h i n g ] about u

To satisfy a girl like me
You don't need the cars, the money or the bling bling
All you gotta do is make my heart sing your song
And make me go weak in the knees,
And other then that,
You'l get me

When I was just a little girl,
The only boy in my dreams was my daddy
But now that I've met you....
Suddenly your the only one who envaes them....

Its been months since we last saw eachother
But, I can still feel your lips on mine
I can still feel your arms around me
I can't wait to see you again
Because when I'm with you, I'm as happy as can be

That moment when our eyes met for the first time
I got chills up and down my spine
I couldn't believe it was really you
It was like all my dreams suddenly came true

im so lucky i found you
im so glad i found you
now that i have you
there`s no way im gonna lose you
You are my heart
I can't live without my heart
So therefore, I can't live without you...
Lost in your kisses
Lost in your touch
Lost in your eyes
I am completely lost in you...
All I want is someone who I'm not afraid to be myself around
Someone that isn't afraid to be themself around me
Someone who can fall in love with me, for me...

If I did to you what you did to me
Your heart would feel like it was ripped out,
Thrown on the floor and then jumped on
Til you were dead inside...

I call you when I say I will
Visit you when I say I will
There for you when I say I will be *DeDiCaTeD* to *yOu*

I try so hard just to get you to notice me but it's as if I'm invisible*

PeOpLe ArE aLwAyS LiKe "ThOsE gIRlS aRe AlwAyS tOgEtHeR"... dAmN rIgHt CuZ wErE bEsT fRiEnDs FeReVeR!!

no matter how serious life gets
u still gotta have that one person
who u can be completely {StUpID} with...

im CrAzIe 4 u - YoU d0nT eVeN kNo
i WaNnA b WiT u - MoRe ThEn WoRdZ c0uLd EvA sHoW
So NoW n 4eVeR - rEmEmBeR iTs TrU
dAy N nItE - mY hEaRt iZ wIt U

i WaNnA SeE YoU.. i WaNnA Be WiTh yOu
i WaNnA hUg YoU...aNd i WaNnA kiSs YoU
BuT tHeREz OnE ThiNG ThAt I NevEr WaNnA dO
*i NeVeR wAnNa LoSe YoU*

Im sorry about never trusting you, Im sorry for always hurting your feelings, Im sorry I cant be who you want me to be, Im sorry I cant be perfect, Im sorry for our past experiences, Im sorry for lien to you all the times I did, Im sorry Im not your dream guy, What Im trying to get through is that, Im sorry I cant be good enough to be with you!

he makes me smile.. even when it hurts- yeah.. thats how much he's worth.

i dont wanna give anyone else the chance to realize how amazing you really are.

someone asked me if i knew you.. suddenly all the flashbacks came to mind then i said "no.. not anymore"

*.KnowinG i CoulD hAvE hAd u HuRtS thE moSt,
KnoWinG i CouLd bE thE onE u CaLL EveRy 10 MinuTes,
KnoWinG i CuD bE thE oNe bY uR siDe 2nItE....hUrTs ThE mOst,
GiviNg u Up Is mY *One* RegRet.*

*::.WhEn tHiNgS gOt RoUgH.::*
*::.WhEn TiMeZ gOt TuFf.::*
*::.EvErYtImE i CoULd cOuNt On yOu.::*
*::.tO bRiGhTeN uP mY dAy.::*
*::.aNd ChAsE mY pRoBLeMs aWaY.::*
*::.aNd dO aNyThInG u CuD dO.::*
*::.OuT oF aLL oF tHe FrIeNdS.::*
*::.ThAt ArE tRu tO tHe eNd.::*
*::.ThEy CuD nEvA cOmPaRe tO yOu.::*

did yOu ever meet sOmeOne and have them tOtally change yOur life? every thOught yOu ever had abOut yOurself was changed because Of him. the way yOu lOOk at life and peOple...and even breathe...its like all that time yOu were hOlding back until that persOn came intO yOur life.

u walk by & my heart beats.
.a 1000 times at once it seems.
.n everytime you look at me.
.i have 2 tell myself 2 breathe.
.w/jus a smile u capture me & i start to melt.
.emotions than take me over.
.like i've never felt.
.i cud tell my heart each time-it isnt luv-ur jus sum guy-there nutin there.
.n what i feel is in my head, its not real.
.but i can't deny it-cant even try-cuz i know its inside.
...* Butterflies Don't Lie *...

Your Perfect
...Because everything you do
. Makes me smile
...Because every second spent with you
Is worthwhile
...Because when you laugh at me
. I laugh too
...Because everyone else can see
That I'm devoted to you
Because I love your eyes
And the way they shine
...Because you don't tell lies
And you're so cute when you whine
...Because when you get mad
You can't hide it
...Because even when you're sad
I can find it
...Because the way you hold me
Sends shivers down my spine
Because your spirits so free
And your so damn fine
...Because I never stop thinking about you
It's just not fair
...Because you're so perfect
And no one else can compare

-*Bang bang ch0o ch0o train wind me up ill d0 my thang reeses pieces buttacup..take my *beep** ill *beep* y0o up*-

.*.our inside jokes 2 many 2 name.*.
.*.when we r at a party we r not the same.*.
.*.when we r 2gether we hav nothin but fun.*.
.*.as fer replacin yu grls...it cant b done.*.

I think about you day and night. I swear that your Mr. Right, I'll love you more then you'll ever know.Baby, thats why I'll never let ya go!!

-->no matter how hard i hate him for what he did to me
i will never stop lovin him even if i wanna<--

~!*when were together were always causin trouble,
not only is she mah sista but shes also mah double*!~

im nOt the persON that ii used tO be
i gOtta admit ` alOtta shyt gOt to me.

It's amazing how one day someone can come into your life and make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Y-- - n e v e r g i v e u p
i f y o u s t i l l w a n n a t r y
n e v e r w i p e y o u r t e a r s
i f y o u s t i l l w a n n a c r y
n e v e r s e t t l e f o r a n a n s w e r
i f y o u s t i l l w a n n a k n o w
n e v e r s a y y o u d o n ' t l o v e h i m
i f y o u c a n ' t l e t h i m g o - --Y

Dreaming of you
Dreaming forever
Dreaming because i can't have you forever. . .

evry nite i lye awake thinkin of u wounderin if yer thinkin of me 2

wHeN u StArT tO MiSs mE...
ReMeMbEr YoU'rE the one who Let Me Go

EvEn ThO ivE BeEn HuRt i rEmAiN
[S T r O n G]
mE hAvE rEgReTs?
.yA dEaD wRoNg

I wonder if you've got a clue that Ive completely
N...for *you*

~* I cRiiEd CuZ u WaNtEd HeR oVeR mE... bUt ThEn I lAuGhEd CuZ bOy ShE uGlii!*~

......JuSt CuZ i fLiRt DuN mEaN iMa HoE.......
......UnLiKe MoSt Of YoU bYtChEs I LeArN hOW tO sAy NO.....

Some day u'll cry for me like i cried for you
Some day u'll miss me like i missed you
Some day u'll need me like i needed you
Some day u'll love me, but i wont luv you!

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

stop thinking about yourself, and stop being such an ass, i just wanted you to like me, but maybe thats too much to ask. :|

if yOu cant find somthin to [ l i v e ] fOr*yOu best find somthin tO -d i e- fOr

whaT if i saiid yOu [( never )] maTteReD*
thaT i never loSt a mOmenT o F sLeeP
wHaT iF i cRuSheD aLL yOuR dReams
anD broKe aLL tHe pRomiSeS yOu sworE
to keep . . . teLL me How yOur life wouLd
be. iF i diD tO *you* wHaT you diD to me?

Don't cry over anyone who won't cry over you.

-*-TeArS aRe ThE wOrDs.:.My HeArT uSeD tO eXpLaIn.:.WhEn EvEn My FaKe SmIlEs.:.CaN't CoVeR uP mY pAiN-*-

-:-YoU gOtTa' HaVe SoMe FaItH.:.fAiTh ThAt WhAtEvEr SeTs Us OfF iN dIfFeReNt DiReCtIoNs.:.Is ThE sAmE tHaT'lL bRiNg Us BaCk ToGeThEr-:-

*i canT fiNd the cOuRage tA saY iT,
iM tO shY tO asK,
buT sooNeR oR lateR i goTTa chOOse
sO onCe aGain iM thinKin
boUT thE eaSY waY oUT,
bUT iF i let U gO i'LL neVA nO
whaT mY liFe wOULd bE
hoLDin U neXt tA mE*..

*YesTeRdaY i TriEd nOt tO crY..*
* LasT niGht i JuSt waNted tO diE..*
*ThiS moRniNg i DiDnt KnOw wHaT tO dO..*
*CuZ i JuSt waNNa Be wiTh YoU..*

-*-NoW tHeN lAtEr AnD bEfOrE.:.i ThInK aBoUt It MoRe AnD mOrE.:.i ThInK aBoUt HoW tHiNgS wIlL bE.:.aLwAyS aNd FoReVeR.:.yOu HaTiNg Me-*

~I love being with you*AND*I miss you when you're away*BUT*I no longer worry that*when you come back you will have forgotten me~

...RuMoRs ArE vIcIoUs...
...TaLk iS chEaP...
...WoRdS aRe MaLiCiOuS...
...seCrEts YoU sHoUlD kEEp...

u CaNt c Im HuRtin..Ur 2 BLiNd 2 NoTiCe MaH PaIn,
It FeeLs LiKe EverYoNes
::SiTtIn In SuNShIne::
WhiLe Im DRoWnin In RaIn::

Anyone can make u smile or cry but it
takes someone *special* to make you [(s M i L e)]
when u already have tears in your e.y.e.s-

-*:..I asked you if I was pretty, you said no.
I asked you if I was fat, you said yes of course.
I asked you if you wanted to be with me forever, you said never.
I asked you if you would cry if I walked away, you said no.
I had heard too much, and need to leave and
as I walked away..
You grabbed my arm and told me to stay.
You said...You're not pretty, you're beautiful.
The only thing fat, or big thang, about you is your heart.
I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.
N, babi, I wouldn't cry if you walked away... i would die..:*-

--being with you gives me this incredible feeling... that for once in my life i don't have to work so hard to be happy-it just happens

The worst feeling in the world is
knowing that you've been used and lied to.

A best friend is someone who walks in [--] when the rest of the world walks out

While the world's going crazy
While the sky's fallin down
One thing u can depend one is me
I'll always be around

It's amazinq how much shyt people talk, to make it seem like they don't miss you

"In this weird and twisted way, I know you miss me, not because I want to believe its true, but because you'll never find a girl that can put up with you, you'll never find a girl who will care as much as I did, because no one will waste all there love on someone like you.."

He means meant everything to me..

I was always there for
you from the start and now
that I need you,
you wanted to grow apart

No matter the time, no matter the changes,
no matter the feelings, no matter the phases...
no matter what you say, no matter what you do,
I still find myself loving you, no matter if I want to!

Promise you won't forget about me ever,
because if I ever thought you would,
I would never leave.

Sometimes I think about what would have happened
if I had never met you and fell in love and
my heart grows sad and I almost cry,
Then I think that I met you and I don't have to worry.

When I was little, I had a favorite teddy bear
who kept all my secrets, shared my adventures,
and wiped away all my tears.
I used to think no one could take his place
and then I found you

she cries her eyes out.. who's to care? all she does is sit and stare at the person looking back at her with fear in its eyes hate on its lips and love in its heart... just leave him be they'll tell her. he's not worth it, move on, find someone new. what if all she wanted was u...? too late, she's too far gone.. she doesn't want to be found. she packed her bags and ran away, she's probably dead by this day.. too many pills with too much to drink...she killed herself by fainting and hitting her head on that bathroom sink...

I*vE fAlLeN HeAd oVa hEElZ~I*vE fAlLeN iN lUv wItH U~ I*vE fAlLeN~N i cAn*T gEt UP~ DuN wANNa gEt uP~ CuZ oF lUv U sO MucH!

Just wanna be the gerl you talk about - tha only one you
wouldn't ride without - to be tha one who make's your heart
beat like crazy and for you to say to your boys..
- * - x - Thats my baby - x - * -

memories dont change.. the people in them do

Babie you will never know how i feel when im around you, i dont even know if i exist in your eyes~*

~Fate brought you back to me, this time i wont let you leave.~-I'm gunna LoVe you untill the *end*

Just Once I want tO be tOo hard to leave..
I want sOmOne else tO stay up all night
`n think abOut me..
I want sOmOne whO will kiss me
with their eyes clOsed tight
`n nOt let gO right away when they hug me..
I want tO spend the whOle day with them
`n have that be enOugh..
sOmOne whO wOnt say "I lOve yOu" or
"I`ll never leave yOu" if they dOn`t really mean it.
I`m tired Of nOt being enOugh..
I`m tired of crying Over yOu..
One day yOu`ll loOk back `n
realize what yOu cOuld have had `n
regret nOt taking the chance.

Im StiLl iN lOvE
BuT nOt WiT u
SiMpLy CuZ u
HaVe No ClAsS
AlL u cAn Do
Is KiSs My AsS
U sIt aRoUnD
n TaLk uR sh1t
So fvck u
N uR LiL AsS dIcK
YoU tHoUgHt U LefT mE
BuT I LeFt U
WuT My BaBy iS dOiN
*U cAnT dO*
u TeLl Ur HoMiEs
*U pLaYeD mE LikE a *beep**
n I'll TeLl mY GrLs
U nEvA dId ShYt*
NuTiN u SaId WaS eVa tRu
*SoO guess wHaT nIgGa*
I AiNt nEvEr CoMeN bAcK tO yOu!

*wE bEeN tHru SoOo MuCh Sh|T*
.aNd aFtEr iT aLL i FoUNd MySeLf sTiLL LoViNg YoO.
..bUt tHe OtHeR DaY i WoKe uP aNd I rEaLiZeD..
.yOo dUn mAkE mE fEeL sPeCiaL aNyMoRe.
..aLL yOo Do iS mAkE mE fEeL lYk iM wOrtHlEsS..
-- aNd I dUn NeEd ThAt --
--sO gUeSs wHuT bOii?
..i'M *fInaLLy* OvEr yOo..

iM SwEeT_PeTiTe_BOuT FiVe FeeT
.Da CuTeSt Sh0rTi YoOz WiLL eVa MeeT.

i knO it`z rare, but fellaz they feelin` me everywhere.. i`m frOm da land Of white teez, jEaNs an Rockawear wear property gurlz qOtta qet dressed up all qOody qOody, but me? na i`m straight rOqqin` ma hOodii

Im a Bootie ShakinHeart breakinLove Makin Mad hott Neva stop Short skirt Luv ta Flirt Belly Shirt Tight Jeans Man stealin Just chillen Curvy hips Glossed lips High class Nice ass Bangin style O:-)Sexy smile Lucious Thighs Candy Eyez Temptin lips :-* Moven hips Killa kiss...Dont think u can handle this chic!!

It's weird...when your a kid you have this picture of how your life is gonna be, and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna end up like that...

no mOrE GaMeZ
Im TiReD Of aLL DiS DraMa
So WhEn YoU ReAdY To Be ReaL w. Me
Go AhEaD -n- HoLLa

u TaLk MaDd ShYt N SaY iT W/o A TrAce CoMe On n Be a BiG GiRl n SaY It 2 My FaCe If U CaNt WaLk ThE WaLk ThEn DoNt TaLk ThE TaLk CuZ FaKe LiL b1tcheZ GeT OuTLiNeD In ChALk

a liDdLe oNe r0ckiN' tHe piNk - -
i'M a [( g O o d )] qerL .. wink* wink*

"The guys wear the pants in the relationship,
but the women control the zipper"

::NeW yOrK::
wHeRe PeOPle dRiVe BMW's JuSt tO buRn gAS
MaVi's ArE wORn JuSt tO FiT uR aZ
TiFFanY's JeWeLeRy On uR wRiSt n NeC
BuT dOnT WoRrY- DaDdY wiLL wRiTe yOu a NeW CheCk

GuYz r LikE PeNnYz- 2 FaCeD n WoRtHleSs

between d0wnin` beerz
nD spillin` tearz
we`ll stay t0qetha thru tha yearz

yOu nEvA fOrGeT yOuR FiRsT KiSs
No MaTtEr hOw *.gOoD.* oR hOw *.bAd.*
yOu NeVeR fOrGeT a FiRsT LoVe
nD aLL tHe gOoD TiMeS yOu hAd

CaLLiN BoiZ N' PiLLoW FiGhTz
PoPcOrN nD MoVieZ WiToUt tHa LiGhTz
GrEEn fAcE MaSkZ nD BiG FaT LiEz
MoDeLiN CLoThEz nD sAyIn yOu APoLoGiZe

one day can make ur life, one day can ruin ur life.. all life is are 4 or 5 days that change everything.

If I Could Pick a Moment in my life, and Always Keep it new..... Out of All the Moments I've Had, I'd Pick the Moment I fell in Love with You

Love isn't finding the perfect person, it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly

Once upon a time it happened to me, the sweetest thing that could ever be. It was a fantasy, a dream come true. It was the day, That i met you!

I ran up the door, shut the stairs, said my pajamas, put on my prayers, I turned off the bed, jumped into the light, all becuz you kissed me goodnite*

Guys are like stars, there are a million of them but only one can make your dreams come true

Your the reason I live. And the reason I die, Your the reason I smile..yet break down and cry, Your the reason I keep going..and the reason I fall, cuz without you in my life..im nothing at all*

Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear*

Guys aren't worth your tears, the ones who are won't make you cry.*

Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, it's what you do in the middle that counts the most*

I will hide my broken heart beneath a smiling face and though you'll think I never cared, no one can take your place*

The first time I saw you I knew it was true....I'd love you forever......and that's what I'll do. You don't know what you do to me.....you don't have a clue.....you don't know what it's like to be me looking at you.

You know, baby, My love for you will always be true.... That's right, Because there is no me without you

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time

Never frown, even when u r sad, becoz u never know who may be falling in love with your smile"

To the world u may be one person, but to one person you may be the world

Don't waste ur time on a man/woman who isn't willing to waste their time on you

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong ppl b4 meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful

*You must be my shooting star, everything I've ever wished for Is everything that you are*

(.:*( I look at my friends )*:.)
)*:.) Then I look at me (.:*(
(.:*( Without my friends )*:.)
)*:.) Who would i Be (.:*(
(.:*( My friends.My sistaz )*:.)
)*:.)My shadow my world(.:*(
(.:*( Where would I be )*:.)
)*:.) Without my gurlz (.:*(

Sometimes you'll get your feelings h u r t, a guy may break your ((heart)). And once you think you have it *all*, your -world- may fall apart. But through your tears just try to s.m.i.l.e and cast your fears away, because [[nothing]] lasts forever, and you'll have it ::all:: someday!

Late at night when all the world is sleeping I stay up and think of you... And I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too. Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight cause tommorow I'll be holding tight and theres no where in the world I'd rather be. Then here in my room dreaming about you and me!!

YoUvE GoT Me AdDiCtEd To EvErYtHinG YoU Do
aNd EvErYwHeRe i Go i aLwAyS ThInK Of YoU
Oh BaBy CaNt YoU SeE
OuR LoVe iS MeAnT To bE
i WaS MeAnT FoR YoU
aNd YoU WeRe MeAnT FoR Me

~*u DoNt wAnT Me
i KnOw ThAt ItS TrUe,
bUt I WaNt u So bAd..
WuT Do I Do*~

I wAs WiTh HiM sO lOnG, I gReW tO bE sO sTrOnG,
nOw wErE nOt ToGeThEr, I'm WeAkEr ThEn EvEr

...Part of the reason we hold onto something So tight for so long is because we fear that Something so great won't come twice...

`- - - > so take my hand
n hold me tight
n kiss me hard
all through da night

u OnLy HaTe Me b/c u LuV mE * u OnLy TaLk BoUt Me b/c u WaNnA bE w/Me * So If My NaMe StAyZ iN yA mOuTh tHeN I MuSt StAy On Ya MinD

unLeSs y0u'Ve LiVED mY LyFe.. d0n'T juDgE mE
CuZ U .d0n'T. .NeVa HaVE. AnD .NeVa WiLL.
k n 0 w t H e R e A L m E

*i aM wHo i aM*
*yoUr oPiniOn iS nEiThEr*
*d e S i R e D*
*. . .NoR. . .*
*R e Q u i R e D*

*. .* ( Y )(`( )_ .*. __.
/ .*. ( ')(, ,*) .*
. .- c( ")('(' (" )o-..
(`.) *. : .* (`.)
(`.). There are only three `.(`.)
`.. things I want in a relationship `..
! : Eyes that wont cry : !
! : Lips that wont lie : !
(`.) and a love that wont die (`.)
`.(`.) (`.)
`.. *. : .* `..x
. --..- -.
; ( `v((Y*) ; i
`.( ,,(,, *).' Luv
o((")")("("))o yOu

Cause with you
I can let my hair down
I can say anything crazy
I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground
With nothing but a T-shirt on
I never felt so beautiful
Baby as I do now
Now that I'm with you
With *you*

.:.baby all i want is you.:.

You never know what you have untill its *GoNe*
So dont let time *sLiP* through your fingers...
GrAb On *TiGhT* ,
do what you *WaNnA* do,
say what you *FeeL* and
tell the one you *LoVe* that you love them
before time *FlAsHeS* before
your eyes and its all *GoNe*.....

FrUsTrAtEd CuZ I CaN*t TeLL If It*S ReAL, MaD CuZ I DoN*t nO HoW u FeEL, UpSeT CuZ We CaN*t MaKe iT RiTe, SaD KuZ I NeEd U DaY & NiTe, AnGrY CuZ U WoNt TaKe My HaNd, AgGriVaTeD CuZ U DoN*t UnDeRsTaNd, DiSsApOiNtEd CuZ We CaN*t B 2GeThA, BuT StiLL i*LL lOvE U 4eVa

its times like these
i wish i were the tin man
you could hurt me all you wanted
i'd never even know
and i'd give anything
just to be the tin man
then i wouldn't have a heart
and i wouldn't need a soul...

Never give up if u still wanna try Never wipe your tears if u still wanna cry Never settle for the answer if u still wanna know Never say u don't like him if u can't let him go

nEvA rEgReT sOmEtHiN cUz DaTz WhAt yA wErE fEeLiN @ dA TiMe:-

Itz so hard watchin the person you love, love some one else.. but all you can do is tell them your happy for them.. and pretend there not hurtin you

Itz so hard to say I love you and not draw back in tears.. itz so hard to kno that ur not there to help me face mi fears itz so hard to kno the phone is at reach but I can not hear your voice. Itz so hard to see you laughing. When im cryin deep down in side.. itz so hard to jus find feelingz and now have to make them hide. Itz so hard to live witout you more then words can explain I want to scream how much I love you but I hold back to not be heard. Itz so hard to not go to sleep @ night when I cant dream of you. Itz so hard to think you might fall in love wit someone new.. itz so hard not to start crying when I hear you faviorte song. Itz so hard to sit n wonder where did I go wrong. Itz so hard to live wit out you if I would have only knownI will neva love anotha I would rather be alone

if yOu LooK iNsiDe a GirL`s [*H - e - a - R - t*]
yOu`D sEe HoW MuCh ShE :'ReaLLy': criEsZ
y0u'll finD secrets hidden,
Best friends, and Lies .
buT . whaT .y0u`LL . See . thE . Most .
is hOw l| [ HarD ] | l it iS to sTay [ ( strOng ) ]
wheN Nothing`s right anD EveRythinG is wrOng
THe DaY i MeT u My LiFe ChAnGeD
ThE wAy U mAkE mE fEeL iS hArD tO eXpLaiN
U mAkE mE sMiLe iN a SpEciAL KiNd Of WaY
U mAkE mE fALL dEePeR iN LoVe eVeRyDaY
U LoOk iN mY eYeS aNd MaKe iT tRuE
ThErE iS nO oNe iN tHe WoRLd fOr Me BuT u

Funny guy *.AmUsInG.*
Playa guy *.CoNfUsInG.*
Sweet guy *.FlAtTeRiNg.*
Smart guy *.InTeReStInG.*
My guy.... *.AmAzInG.*

A kiss is just a kiss till u find da one u love, a hug is just a hug til its the one ur thinkin of, a dream is just a dream til u make it come true,
LoVE is just a word til its proven to u!

i|,|i ,|i|i|,
i|,|i ,|i|i|,
i|,|i *~* kisses*~*

I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name on my hand but I washed it the next day. I wrote your name on a piece of paper but I acciedenatally threw it away... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay!

(`.) Im so sick of being single...I need a guy
`.. to hold me tight when I start to cry
I need a guy thats nice and so damn fine (`.)
So I can tell my gurlz... "Yep, he's mine!" `..

Roses are dead and viIolets are too
I'm Still In love just not with you
You thought you hurt me n made me cry
but i was in love with another guy
simply because you have no class
all you can do Is kiss my ass
you sit around and talk your *beep*
so *beep* you and your lil ass dick
You thought you left me but I left you
what my man is doin' is way better then you
You tell ya homies you played me like a *beep*
I'm tellin' my gurls you have a lil ass dick
you said that you Loved me but It wasn't true
well guess what mother *beep* i played your ass too

What happened?
Im not sure
Everyone asks
I tell them I dont know
Every time I see you
You look right through me
Was something ever there to begin with?
Yes. No. I still cant let go.
I keep trying
But youre locked in my heart
You took my breath away with your smile
You broke my heart with your silence
I wish you would talk to me
Just be a friend
Things have happened
And I needed someone to talk to
Thats when I wish you were still there
Im done trying to get something back thats over
But Im still here for you

We've been through so much, more than ne 1 can see...
friends forever we will be...
since we were little we'd be scrappen r knees...
now we be scrappen r hearts playa pleaz...
i know we've had so many rough times...
but we can't forget about the funny times...
stealen the truck getten drunk with boys...
when we get our carz we'll be pumpin some noise...
when we grow up we can't forget each other...
i love you like a sister or maybe a brother...
but i hope we don't grow apart from each other...
cuz your the best friend unlike no other!!!

(`.) *HuGz*
`.(`.) *N*
`.. *KiSSeZ*

(`*. (`*. .*) .* )
(.*(.* `*.)*.)

,|IvI|, muah!

.:* *:.
bE SeXy
*:. .:*
.:* *:.
Be TrUe
*:. .:*
.:* *:.
bE WiLd
*:. .:*
.:* *:.
Be YoU
*:. .:*

*One day you'll come to me and ask me what's more important: You or my life. I'll say my life and you'll walk away never knowing that you're my life.*

(.:*(TigHT HiP hUgGaZ )*:.)
)*:.) L o w 4 s h o w (.:*(
(.:*(ShaKe A lil SuMtHiN)*:.)
)*:.)o n t h e f l o o r (.:*(
(.:*(i NEeD tHE !iUhHi! )*:.)
)*:.) T o G e t m e oFf (.:*(
(.:*( SwEaT Un TiLl My )*:.)
)*:.)ClOtHeS coMe oFf(.:*(
[sO go aND get diRrtTy]

.Me, Myself & I..*
..LoveAble ..
.. CuddAble..
.. FleXiable..
I'm JuSs'
So DamN

Love is a name
Sex is a game
So lets forget
the name and
play the game!

DeLiCiOuS LiPz
i GoT aLL
dEm ByTcHeS
It AiNt fAiR

. .A*..N*. .G*.. E*. .L*. .

(`".")If I could pick any moment
` ".(`".")And always keep it new
`".."Out of all the moments I lived
(`".")I'd pick every moment
` ". (`".")I spent .....
`".."with u......

WhEn I fIrSt SaW yOu i AlReAdY kNeW
ThAt ThErE wAs SoMeThInG iNsIdE oF yOu
SoMeThInG i ThOuGhT i WoUlD nEvEr FiNd
(*.. A n G e L oF mInE ..*)

.:*Y o u c a n ' t
*:.h u r t s o m e o n e
.:*u n l e s s y o u
*:.r e a l l y m e a n
.:*s o m e t h i n g t o
*:.t h e m *:.(`v).:*

-x- Sparkle like diamonds, shine like pearls but nuttin compares to this babii gurl -x-

~LiFeZ 2 ShOrT sO~
:kiSS sLowLy:
:l O vE dEePLy:
:forgive quiCkLy:
:forget thA paSt:
bUt noT whAt it TaUgHt yOu

.` *Y O U* `.


/ Guys are like **STARS**.**
/.*..**.Even if there's a million,.**.
,.**. Only one will makes your
**DREAMS**come true.**.

**Cute N fine*Hot N slick **
*No doubt that Im tha hottest chick*
**Neva fake*Always true**
*You no Im fine*I kno u do*
**Wit my tight jeanz*Glossy lips**
*Sexy eyes*N*Curvy hipz *
**Expenive clothe$*Real nice booty**
*Dang!*Im jus a straight up QT!

ThinkiN 0f y0u
WantiN t0 Kn0W
WhA I MeaN t0 y0u
I ThinK y0u CaN sEE
I FeLL f0r y0u
BuT aM I WastiN mY
TimE WaitiN f0 y0u

I'm not suppose to love you
I'm not suppose to care
I'm not suppose to live my life
Wishing you were there,
I'm not suppose to wonder
Where you are and what you do
I'm sorry I can't help myself
'cuz I'm in love with you.

What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?

i love the way my fingers just fall into yours,
i love how your taste still lingers on my lips
after that special goodnight kiss, i love how
whenever i go to call someone i automatically
dial your number, i love how you look at me
with those gorgeous eyes and then you smile
that sweet smile.. and i know right there that
you will always be mine. i love how you hug
me with the intention of never letting go.. i
love you more than words could ever show... x3

װ.Wi wih pn,װ.
װ.קel wih kiss,װ.
װ.If yo lv m,װ.
װ.Pl swr this,װ.
װ.D y lv m?װ.
װ.خ d yu ر?װ.
װ.Yu ld me nc but i fogt.װ.
װ.S ll m ow, װ.
װ.nd ll m u,װ.
װ.S i cn y I lV Y Tװ.
װ.f ll the peple i vr me,װ.
װ.You're the e i'll vr fخg.װ.
װ.nd if i di bfخ d, װ.
װ.I'll g t hv and wi for youװ.
װ.But if Ur ر h n jugmѱ dyװ.
װ.i'll kno wѱ h oth wy.װ.
װ.I'll giv h gl bck his wigs,װ.
װ.nd isk th lss of vyhig,װ.
װ.to pv o my Lv is ueװ.
װ.I'll g h ll jus o be wih **װ.

* * * *
BeHiNd EvErY *beep* ThErEs A
mAn WhO mAdE hEr OnE
* * * * *

~When I Looked in your eyes, I new it was true my heart never lies, I was in love with you as u stood there just looking around my whole body melted into the ground I remember the day, I remember the time I remember the place, it's always on my mind you looked so good in your shirt & jeans I remember that night you were in my dreams I wish I could be with you day after day because I love you more then words can say!!

((.Whats meant to be
Will always find a way.))

-Lifes gotten harder-
-Im tryin 2 b stronger-
-Im tryin 2 learn-
-2 do da rite thingz-
-But everythin i do-
-Jus aint enough-
-I wuz neva warned-
-Dat life wud b dis tough-

My gurlz r { H e A v E n S e N t }

)*:.) Smile everyday(.:*(
(.:*( Laugh everyday )*:.)
)*:.) Talk everyday (.:*(
(.:*( Learn everyday )*:.)
)*:.) Never kno... (.:*(
(.:*( Could be da last).: )

. . . I . f e l l . i n . l o v e . . .

..*D o n t*..
H a t e
..*W h a t*..
Y o u
..*C A N T*..
I m m i t a t e!


.)(I'm not a drug)(.
([But u could get])

.:**:. .:**:.:**:.
(`.)* iM Mh MR
`.(`.)*Th i m
`..*T o
(`.)* * * * * * * *
`.*URtH MKUp
(`.)* HR I ig iNg
`..* HlE Wih R
.:**:. .:**:.:**:

-:|:-If ya don't know me!-:|:-
-:|:-Then don't judge me-:|:-
-:|:-Ain't nobody said -:|:-
-:|:-U gotta luv me!-:|:-

kno u kno who i am
u kno wut i'm about
i'll be chattin lata
but fo right now i'm out
so as i dismiss
i'ma bounce wit a kiss
-n- a twist of my hips
diz lil loca iz gone
like diz

He takes my hand n leads me along paths I would not have dared explore alone

Love isnt bout da hugs
or kisses, da i love you'z
or i miss you'z : its bout
[[ * dat - f e e l i n g *]]
dat *HE* givez you

~u kno ur in love wen...
No matter where u r, wut ur doing, or who ur wit...
Just da -T H O U G H T- of him always makes u *SMILE*


(.((*. .*)).)
(.((.* *.)).)

:o0o hɚ -- M o0o:

hg 4

-A kiss is jus a kiss-
..till u find da 1 u luv..
-A hug is jus a hug-
..till its da 1 ur thinkin of..
-A dream is jus a dream-
..till u make it come tru..
Luv is jus a word-
..till its proven by u..

[LoVe] is one of those [CrAzY ThiNgS]פ*
That no matter how hard u try
you jus[cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds]
*to tell what ur [FeeLiN iNsiDe]פ*

((. .. ::-
-:: ((.>* In your life you'll meet one guy unlike any other... you can talk to him and never get bored.. tell him everything and never b judged.. smile and get butterflies everytime you see his face... hear his name or his voice.. this person is tha papi of ya dreamz...

**you say i look nice...
you say im hella fine...
you say im sexxxi...
you say im sexxxu n crazzzi...
you say im do *beep* hott...
you say im every otha gurl iz not...
Papi day he like hot i do dat right thurr
Cuz i b tha mami makin all dem sturr...
you say i got him *HyPnAtIzEd*...
By tha way i walk wita xtra swish n side...
They b likin muh *BoOtY* n how i no how ta*TwIrK* it...
but best of all *YoU* say im *PeRfEcT*

(* )) . :*:"`**'":*. (( )
( *. .) -(("`v'"))- (. . )
o(_('') ('') `.,.' ('') ('')_)o
. * o*o *



If you luv me...
Let me kno...
If you don't
Let me go...

:`:* U
I `.

*I N.e.e.d -
*i W.a.n.t -
*I would ^Luv^ to be -
*hIs L.i.f.e -
*HiZ L.o.v.e -
*hIs e v e r y t h i n g -

Once you Love someone
That person is a part of you forever

*Love is*
..w o r t h w a i t i n g f o r..
- Being b.r.a.v.e-
risking [EvErYtHiNg]
bcuz if u dont risk [eVeRyThInG]
you'll end up risking

Skru laucky charms..
..Im magically delicious!

*. `*..ו..ו..ו..*`. *
*. -Id rather be- . *
.* -anything but- *.
..` oRdInaRy `..

( _/ )
~*yea im a *beep* - a *beep* classy one
n ur a hoe - a *beep* nasty one....

^^When i wuz alone ^^ You came around ^^
When i wuz down^^ You pulled me thorugh ^^
^^Theres nuthin^^ i wouldn't do for you...^^

I wish i could X-plain
What i c in ur eyez
How jus 1 look from u
Gives my tummy
})i({ BuTtErFlIeS })i({

**. **.

__ .*. __ .*`. __ .*. __
Dont out wordz in my mouth
Cuz i got pleanty to say
Dont tell me what to do
Cuz i got my own way
__ .*. __ .*`. __ .*. __

,,`, ,,`
Sumtimes u want sumthin so bad
That ur afraid of the consequencez
r u really afraid of the consequencez
Or are u afraid of what u really want?
,,`, ,,`

When u say u love me promize me its tru
Bcuz no onez eva made me feel da way u do
Nuthing cud beat wut ur love will bring
you mah baby -- Mah boo -- Mah everything

*.there r things you dont want 2 happen.*
*.but you gotta except it.*
*.there r things you dont wanna know.*
*.but you have 2 learn.*
*.and there r people you cant live without.*
*.but sumtimes you jus have to let go.

.:There will always be that That no matter wut he does to you
.[o R . h O w . B a D . H e . h U r T z . u].
.you can [ N E V E R ] let him go.

**..`*`*`. .***`. .*`*
. *Your the reason i live*
. *and the reason i die*
`.*your the reason i smile*
) *yet break down and cry*
. *your the reason i keep going*
( *and the reason i fall*
`.*becouse without u in my lyfe*
) *im nothing at all*
(_.*..`_.***..``. .*

Love is seein him how no1 else does
Love is thinkin bout him day & night
Love is wen no1 knos how u feel
Love is da best feelin u can feel

In ur life ull meet 1 guy
unlike ne other.. u can talk 2 him
& neva get bored.. tell him everythin
& neva b judged.. smile n get
butterfiles evrytime
u see hiz face.. hear hiz name or
hiz voice..
this person iz a best friend,
*bOyFrIeNd*,& A Tru Love
I've met mine!

*:.a lil bit sweet.:*
*:.a lil bit wild.:*
*:.soul od an angel.:*
*:.heart of a child.:*

*If id have nothin' else in this world except for u...
i`d still have e.v.e.r.t.h.i.n.g*

~u never really live 'till u find somethin' worth dying for~

After a while.. y0u learn da difference between h0lding hands n fallin in love.. afTeR a WhIlE..y0u begin t0 learn dat kisses d0nt always mean s0methin.. pr0misez can be br0ken as quickly as they were made n s0metimez g0odbyez really are foreva.. s0metimez all y0u can d0 is smile n m0ve 0n wit ya day h0ldin ya tearz bak n pretend y0ur 0kay

[LoVe] is one of those [CrAzY ThiNgS]פ*
That no matter how hard you try
you jus [cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds]
*to tell what ur [FeeLiN iNsiDe]פ*

Hot pink thong
Glossy lips...
Tight ass jeans...
And curvy hipz...
Hold your breath and pinch your wrist...
Yes its true i do exicist!...

(IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/thumb_up.gif) o (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/thumb_up.gif) (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/thumb_up.gif)
( ..) o ( '.')('.' )
o( '')') ( ")(')(" )

(`.) (`.)
` .(`.).

My attitude changes in a minute flat i can go from
sweet like dis to bytch like dat

`..*Lotz of Love
(`.) *

. Sum prepz r sweet .
. Sum jockz r hott .
. But there ain't no guy .
. Like tha 1 i got .

Hott *beep* Zone

: :i will still be loving you: :
: : i cant describe diz love i have fer yew : :
: : da onlie thing i kno iz dat itz tru : :
: : n when da sun goez away : :
: : u brighten up da rest of muh day : :
: : i cant describe da way i feel : :
: : my heart tellz me dat diz love iz real : :
: : u know that when all muh dayz n nitez are thru : :
: : i will still be loving you : :
.:*i love you*:.

I asked u if I was pretty, u said no
I asked u if I was fat, u said yes of course
I asked u if u wanted to be with me forever, u said no
I asked u if you would cry if I walked away, u said no
I had heard too much and need to leave and
as I walked away..
u grabbed my arm and told me to stay
u said...
ur not pretty, ur beautiful.
The only thing fat, or big, about u is ur heart
I dont want to be with u forever, I need to be with u forever
And, I wouldnt cry if u walked away...I would die

::If your goin* talk and hate::
::make sure your facts are straight::
-cuz what you think I am-
((chances are I ain*t))

It's just one of those days
Where I just want to disappear,
To get away from everything,
Because I hate my life here.

itS rEaLlY wEiRd Ya KnOw
I cAn sIt In A rOoM
sUrRoUnDeD bY pEoPlE i LoVe
aNd sTiLL bE
[L] [o] [n] [e] [L] [y]

pe0pLe w0ndeR whYy i krYy.. acTin aZ iiF they kaRe
buT the 0nLy pers0n ii wiiSh
kaRed.. d0eZn*T evEn kn0w
. i* m . T . h . e . R . e .

.::[*IMPORTANT*]::.DONT worry about ME or what i do, what happens in MY life has NOTHiNG to do with YOU, so keep your mouth SHUT and stop talking *beep* cuz im SiCK and TiRED of you *beep* & all your DRAMA *beep*!

EaCh TiMe i [HeAr] YoUr VoIcE
i CaNt [HeLp] It
ItS NoT By ChOiCe
My [HeArT] BeAtS FaStEr,
My KnEeS GeT [WeAk],
My StOmAcH GeTs
[bUtTeRfLiES] ,
i CaN [HaRdLy] SpEaK,
EvErY MiNuTe [fEeLs] LiKe BrAnD NeW
i [CaNt] HeLp iT
[i M F a L L i N g 4 u]

i DoNt ThiNk u UnDeRsTaNd
HoW HaRd iT iS 2 TaLk 2 u JuSt As FriEnDs
i wAnNa TeLL u i LuV u BuT i nEvEr cAn

.- - - - - })({ - - - - -.
Goodbye is the absolute hardest thing 2 say
cause u have 2 walk away with just a memory
n memories they fade
`- - - - - })({- - - - -

i PuT oN a SmiLe..Ta HiDe AlL My PaiN..
WhiLe Ur ShiNiN iN ThA SuN..Im DrOwniN iN
ThA RaiN

*-|- o o x o
I aM wHo I aM
I aM wHaT i aM
YoUr oPiniOn iS nEiThEr
*D e S i R e D*
. . .NoR. . .
*R e Q u i R e D*

*a friend will always be there
to bail u outta jail,
but a best friend will be
sittin in the cell next to ya
sayin "that was *beep* AWESOME"*

: ״`.A good friend.`
.`Is the one who״`.
״`.Can c thru.`
״`.The hurt in ur.`
.`Eyes when everyone״`.
״`.Else is Fooled.`
.`By the Smiles״`.

.* I Wh† i W
*. I Wh† I W
.* i GԆ Pm
*. h I G w w֮Ч
.* F**KYOU


The way you would listen to every word i'd say
Is one of the things i miss every single day
The way you would hold me so warm and so tight
That would make everything in the world seem just right
The stolen glances the long loving stares
How you were always there when it seemed no one else cares
How no matter what you'd always make me smile
How you were my inspiration to make it through every trial
It seemed so perfect our futures right there in our hands
Just how much you meant to me no one understands
You're happier now i guess i should be too
But the fact is im missing you
Seeing you happy makes life for me hard to bare
Knowing we could have had made it but You dont even care
The hardest part is losing the trust we both had
Now knowing you dont confide in me makes me so sad
My love is still true and the fact is im missing you..

I'll forget what you said and I'll forget what you did, but I will never forget the way you made me feel.

*You told me....you'd never leave me lonely.

*Have you ever noticed the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you yet you cannot have them?

*Wanting him is hard to get,loving him is hard to regret,losing him is hard to accept,but with all the hurt Ive felt..letting him go is the hardest yet.

*I still miss my ex..but my aim is improving!=)

* Watch me dance with my heart, watch me dance what I feel..thats when you'll know Im a dancer thats real!

*The greatest pain comes from love; loving someone yet not being able to have them.

*You never know when you're making a memory.

*The HARDEST thing about moving forward-is NOT looking back.

*It's never too late to say you're sorry.

*The most wonderful thing in life is not seen nor touched but felt in the heart.

*The one person you can love is usually right in front of you.

*When you fall in love, you only end up falling.

*No man/woman is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry.

*It only takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone~but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

*I can't do this thing called life without you here with me.

*Today can be the first day of the rest of your life.

*Dream as if you'll live forever~live as if you'll die tomorrow.

*Wild hearts can't be broken.

*Love is not finding the perfect person but seeing and imperfect person perfectly.

*Everything happens for a reason.

* Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep and if I die before I wake,I pray the Lord my soul to take.

*A friend is someone who can sing you the song of your heart when you've forgotten the words.

*Why do we ignore the people who adore us and adore the people who ignore us?

* I don't fail until I quit trying to suceed and I will never stop trying.

Another day still you're not here, a silent cry one lonesome tear. My love for you is very pure, hand in hand I feel so secure. Something happens to me when you're away, I can't help but think of you day by day. My heart goes heavy, my yearning becomes strong. Until you're holding me in your arms where I belong. You make me feel so good when you're next to me, when I look in your eyes I get lost in a fantasy. I crave to hear your sweet whisper, I long to see your face. In my heart for you there'll always be a place.

...sometimes i wish i had never met you, because then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there...

the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside that person knowing u can't have them...

iM sTaRiNg aT yOuR pHoToGrApH
ReMeMbErInG eAcH mOmEnT yOu mAdE mE LaUgH
i NeVeR tHoUgHt tHiS wOuLd eNd ThIs WaY
ThAt iD sTiLL bE mISSiNg YoU
*..tO tHiS vErY dAy..*

SaYiNg U'LL NeVeR FaLL in LoVe AgAiN
is LiKe SaYiNg U'LL NeVeR SmiLE AgAiN
As MuCh As U DoNt WaNt To
SoMEoNe WiLL CoMe AlOnG AnD MaKe U

I FaLL tO tHe FLoOr aS tEaRs STARt tO fLoW
ThE tEaRs WiLL wAsH aWaY
BuT tHe FeELiNg WoNt gO

i ThOuGhT yOu WoULdNt hUrT mE
Or mAkE mE bReAk DoWn aND cRy
BuT nOw iM tHe oNe iN aGoNy
YoU mAkE mE wAnNa DiE

i WiSH i hAd kNoWn YoU bEtTeR
BeFoRe i JuMpEd rIgHt iN
i WouLdVe nEVEr wAnTeD aLL dIS BuLLsHyt TO bEgIn..

hE tUrNeD aRoUnD aNd LoOkEd rIgHt aT mE
BuT SaId NoThInG
NoT eVeN hI
iT wAs aS iF tHe tImEs We SpEnT tOgEtHeR...
nEvEr HaPpEnEd...

i nEvA wAnTEd tO LoSe yOu
..i CoULdnT eVEn TrY..
BuT i ScReWed SHyT uP n NoW
--i JuS wAnNa DiE--

-:-iTz bEtTeR tO bE gOnE bUt nOt FoRgOtTeN-:-
-:-ThAn fOrGoTtEn bUt nOt gOnE-:-

i DoNt WaNNa FaLL BaK iN LuV wiT U
CaUsE iT aLwAyZ MaKez mE cRy
EvErY TiMe i ThiNk oF u..I OnLy ThinK oF LiEz
i GuEzZ u NeVa CaReD BcUz u NeVa eVa tRiEd
BuT Ma HeArT iZ sTiLL LuViN u.. tHoUgH uR LuV 4 Me HaZ DiEd

i ThOuGhT i WaS gOnNa FoRgEt yOu bUt i WaS wRoNg
i ThOuGhT i WaS geTtInG oveR yOU bUt iVe beEn LyIn FoR tOo LoNg
i ThOuGhT iD bE aBLe tO HaTe u BuT tHAT i CaNT dO
No MaTtEr wUt i Do iM STiLL iN LoVe wItH yOu

iM StArTiN tO LeArN FrOm ReLaTiOnShiPz iN tHa PaSt
LiFeZ a BuNcH oF *beep* aNd PrOmiSeS NeVeR LaSt

everytime i see you, the feeling comes back...the feeling that is off and on..a part of me will always like u..no matter what..i wish it wasn't like this tho..cuz i know u felt the same way and i didn't care..well now its the opposite

They say memories last forever. I sit here, thinking about you,
and all the times where I had you by my side. I remember the smiles that crept on my face
and the happy tears that rolled down my cheeks. I see your warm, gentle eyes looking at me,
and I can feel your presence when I close my eyes, but when I reach for you,
I feel you slipping away...It's like my memory is fading.

i dOnt knOw what im dOing anymOre
im feeling like a little girl
caught up in emOtiOn
im Out Of cOntrOl

when sOmeOne yOu really lOved hurts yOu
yOu dOnt knOw what tO dO
yOu feel like yOull never lOve again
that theres nO pOint in yOu being here

I thought missing you was only for a day
I thought needing you would go away
why do I see you in everything I do
why does every song I hear remind me of you
...maybe its because i cant fall out of love with you

(( sOmetimes yOu gOtta realize that nOt all dreams cOme true ))
(( and the whOle wOrld dOesn't revOlve arOund yOu ))

i DoNt knO wUt iM dOinG n E mOrE
I dOnT kNo WuT i WaNnA SeE..
mY WoRlD UsE 2 b WoRth LiViNg FoR
n NoW iTs HaRd EnOuGh JuS 2 b *ME*

//* the Only reasOn i hOld OntO yOu *
//* is because im afraid Of what might happen *
//* if i let gO *

yOu learn tO like sOmeOne when yOu find Out what makes them laugh
but yOu learn tO lOve sOmeOne when yOu find Out what makes them cry

In your life you meet many people.
Some you never think about again.
Some you wonder what happened to them.
There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you,
and then there are some that you wish you never had to think about again...
* b u t - y o u - d o *

its hard tO pretend tO lOve sOmeOne when yOu dOnt
but its even harder tO pretend yOu dOnt lOve sOmeOne when yOu dO...

yAhh My HeArTz BeEn BrOkEn b4..
N It AiNt gUnNa HaPpEn No MoRe
aFtEr ThAt LoSeR MaDe mE cRy EvErY NiTe
JuS cUz I wAs StIcKiN uP 4 MaHsElF WhEn HeD FiTe
No GuY iS eVa GuNnA hUrT mE aGaIn
tHiS iS tHe F*kIn EnD...

i thOuGht WhUt diD A LiL jEALOuSy EvER dO ?
bUt gUEsS WUt it [r U i N E d] mE eN yOU

- One of the worst feelings is knowing that *special* person is still in ur heart...
but ur not in theirs -

*today was just one of those days where everything i did reminded me of you
and every song i heard somehow realated to you. i hate days like today,
because they remind me of the one thing i don't have.*

i KePt tELLiN mYseLf i'D sTay AwAy fRom yOu...
NoT fAll Back In LoVe...
bUt uNfOrTuNatLY..
I'm gOnnA gEt hUrT oNce AgAiN...

Crying over someone doesnt bring them back, staying up late at night wishing
on stars doesnt make things as they were, telling them how much you love them doesnt
either, the only thing that can is to let their heart come back to you.

"Wait for the guy who pursues you, the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical, the kinda guy who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. Wait for the guy who will be your best friend, the only person who will drop everything to be with you at anytime no matter what circumstances. Wait for the guy who makes you smile like no one else and when he smiles you know he needs you. Wait for the guy who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats and have no makeup on, but appreciates it when you get dolled up for him and most of all wait for the guy who will put you at the center of his universe because he's obviously the center of yours."

-Die for love-
I sit in the park where I dwell
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
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I look like an angel and act like one too...But u Never know what this Angel will do!

SeCertS alwaYs leave [S o M e o n E] in the [d A r K]

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone
and a day to love someone
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone

One day you'll want me as I wanted you-
One day you'll think of me as I thought of you-
One day you'll cry for me as I cried for you-
One day you'll love me...
But I won't love you

LiFe iSnt a GaRdEn
sO StOp BeInG a hoE!

sometimes you need to run away
to see who will follow you.

B is for beautiful
I is for Intelligent
T is for talented, C is for Charming
H is for how HARD I'm gonna hit you the next time you call me one...

No 1 Can Tell Me What 2 D
!t's My L!fe
& !'ll L!ve !t Tha Way
! Want 2

Life's short. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Sharing laughter, sharing tears, sharing triumphs, sharing fears,
growing closer through the years...true friendship is forever.

-;-No matter what happens -;-
-;-we'll always remember -;-
-;-the things that can never be forgotten, -;-
-;-the years we spent waiting to grow up -;-
-;-the years we spent waiting to become young again, -;-
-;-dying to get to high school -;-
-;-and dying to get out of it, -;-
-;-all in all it was worth all the time -;-
-;-and all the memoirs that can never be erased -;-
-;-from our hearts -;-
-;-and from our thoughts -;-
-;-the teachers we drove to insanity-;-
God made the wind blow
god made the sun shine
but how the hell did he make you so fine!?

-;-the many friends we made -;-
-;-the funny dances, and football games -;-
-;-the goofy outfits we wore to homecoming-;-
-;-those people who didnt care what anyone else thought-;-
-;-People who changed our lives forever -;-

(`._.Learning 2 count is good, Learning what counts is better.._.)

"Sum say b!tch,
sum say hoe...
But unless u Know the real me-
You really don't know"

This is national Moron Week, glad to see you participating.

*-* So many laughs through the years*-*
*-* And a few stories i hope no one hears*-*
*-* I'll always be by your side*-*
*-* Best friends forever till the day we die*-*

*)(*I'll always remember*)(*
*)(*It was late afternoon*)(*
*)(*It lasted forever*)(*
*)(* And ended too soon....*)(*
*)(*You were all by yourself*)(*
*)(*Staring up at a dark gray sky*)(*
*)(*I was changed*)(*
*)(*In places no one would find*)(*
*)(* All your feelings so deep inside*)(*
*)(*It was then that I realized*)(*
*)(*That forever was in your eyes*)(*
*)(*The moment I saw you cry*)(*

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong ppl before we meet the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.

*ו*FoR aLl YoU pEOpLe
ThAt TaLk AbOuT mE...
I GoT oNe WoRd FoR yA...

x_xAlWaYz TeLl ThOsE SpEciAL PeOpLex_x
x_xHoW mUcH tHeY mEaN tO yOux_x
x_xCuZ uR nOt GuArAnTeEd tOmOrRoW"x-x

* Life is a song -- sing it.
Life is a game -- play it.
Life is a challenge -- meet it.
Life is a dream -- realize it.
Life is a sacrifice -- offer it.
Life is love -- enjoy it.*

. .*..*. .G* .. *. .*. .

....ThE hArDeSt pArT aBoUt mOvInG fOrWaRd iS nOt LoOkInG bAcK....

It only takes a split second to do something youll regret for the rest of your life

**The only things you regret in life are the risks you didn't take**

*4GeT The Times u Walked By*
4GeT The Times u Made Me Cry* 4GeT The Time u Held My Hand
*4GeT The Sweet Things if I Can*
I can No Longer Pretend*I Got to Remember Now your Just My Friend.*

♥ !f yu lve smEth!ng thEn sEt !t frEE...
!f !t cmEs back 2 u thEn !t was mEant 2 b. ♥

.:*I wish i could go back to when....
my clothes didnt match.....
i didnt care wut my hair looked like....
guys were the definition of cooties....
and we had recess.:*

.:*In 3 words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: 'It goes on'*:.

My *Once Upon A Time* didn't end *Happily Ever After*

:: When someone is born, someone dies,
Some one laughs, someone cries,
If you love someone let them know,
'cause if they leave tomorrow they will never know ::

The reason the all American boy chooses beauty over brains is because the American boy can see better than he can think

Life is too short. Kiss slowly, love deeply, and forgive quickly forget the past, but remember what it taught you

.:*iM OnLy Me tHaTz aLL i CaN Be, No MoRe, No LeSs, DoNT 2Nd gUeZz, YoU mAy NoT LiKe Me BuT tHaTz oKaY, BuT tHiZ iZ Me aNd HoW i'LL sTaY*:.

.:Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow; never worry about what you don't know, cause lifes a dance you learn as you go:.

.*.I'm here but you don't see me,
I'm cry but you don't hear me,
I talk but you don't listen,
my heart breaks, but you just don't know...*.

~*People may not always remember exactly what you did, or what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel*~

LuV hApPeNs WhEn YoU sToP l00kInG fOr It...

m prnss lv n th lds. f wnn kk t wf m btt bw dwn, s gt n r kns nd ll m r hghnss z bb blv m m *TeXaSs* fnst!

,.`. :`: .`.,
-..-ox `.xo-..-

ThErE ArE EaSiEr ThiNgs ThAn FiNDiNg A G00D MaN...
LiKe NaiLiNg JELLO To A TrEE, fOr iNsTaNcE

((Be bold, be true, be wild...be You)׷)װ

FriEnDs aRe LiKe gOoD bRa's, SuPpOrTiVe, HaRd To FiNd, AnD CLoSe To uR hEaRt

If you were going to DIE soon and only had ONE phone call to make
WHO would you call, WHAT would you say
...and WHY are you WAITING?

:.A cOiNcIdEnCe is when GoD performs a MiRaClE and decides to stay aNoNyMoUs.:

~Sometimes there are no next times
no time outs, no 2nd chances...
Sometimes its now or never~

WhAt DoEs ShE HaVe ThAt i DoN'T?
tHe OnLy ThInG i CaN ThInK oF iS yOu...

Love is the hardest thing to find,
but the easiest thing to lose.
Hold onto it while you've got it.

LoVe Is RaRe, LifE Is StRaNgE--NoThInG LaStS AnD PeOpLe ChAnGe

whats wrong with me
i've wonderd alot
what do other girls have
that i havnt got?

"Real beauty comes from inside, and that kind of beauty guarantees happiness because it never fades, never goes out of style and doesn't make people envious or competitive"-Model, Niki Taylor

Beer...Helping ugly people get laid since 1892

i'm tired of trying
i'm tired of crying
i know i've been smiling
but inside i'm dying

BoYs ArE nOtHiNg BuT 'SeCrEtS' n .LiEs.
So WhEn YaH gEt -fUcCeD oVeR-
DoNt Be ( S u R p R i S e D )

I -Will- Not *Fall*
I -Will- Stand *Tall*
-Feels- Like *No*1* Can -Beat- *Me*
Why Can't Life Be ((Easy))?

i KeEp SiLeNt
EvEn WhEN iM sCrEaMiN iNsIdE
CuZ ThE tHiNgZ tHaT dRiVe mE cRaZy
i HaVe No ChOiCe BuT tO hIdE

My dReAmZ tELL mE sEcReTs...
My mInD tELLs mE LIeS...
My hEaRt sCrEaMs 4 hELp...
My EyEz OnLy cRy...

ThIs iSn't a PeRfEcT wOrLd...PeOpLe gET hUrT..YoU sMiLe wHen u FeEL LiKe CrYiNg..YoU aCt LiKe yOu'Re oK wHeN uR fALLiN aPaRt..
..buT YoU gOttA LeT gO aND mOvE oN..
-CuZ tHeRE's NuThIn eLsE u CaN dO-

TheRe wAs a TimE whEn i'D do AnyThinG to
*~GeT yOu~*
Now I'll Do aNytHinG to
*~FoRgEt YoU~*

* I kNo ItZ kRaZy LivIn iN thIs -FaNtAsY- *
* bUt i DunNo hOw 2 bReaK tHiS -SpELL- yOu'vE pUt On Me*

*WhEn Ur HoPeLeSsLy In LoVe & U tHiNk ItS tRuE*
*WhEn HeS aLL uR tHiNkIn Of WhEn ThErEs nUtTiN eLsE 2 dO*
*Do UrSeLf A fAvOr n ThInK tHe wHoLe ThInG tHrU*
*..AsK uRSeLf A qUeStIoN..*
*iS hE tHiNkIn Of U tOo?*

*It's NoT TeLLiN u HoW i FeEL tHat ScArEs Me*
*iT's WhAt YoU'LL sAy BaCk thAt DoEs...*

I -KnOw- I've found my *dReAm* guy...
The -OnLy- problem is
I'm [n.o.t] his *dReAm* girl...

* AiN'T nO ShAmE *
* LaDiEs dO yOuR tHaNg *
* JuS MaKe SuRe *
* YoU'Re aHeaD oF tHa GaMe *

*nO FaReWeLLs WeRe SpOkEn*
*nO TiMe 2 SaY GooDByE*
*YoU WeRe gOnE b4 i KnEw iT*
*OnLy GoD KnOwS WhY*
*mY HeArT StiLL AcHeS iN SaDnEsS*
*SeCrEt TeArS WiLL fLow*
*What iT MeAnT fOr Me To LOoSe u*
*ThAt i'LL NeVeR KnO*

LiFe TaKeS Ya DrEaMz
-N- TuRnZ Em UpSiDe DoWn
fRiEnDz TaLk aBoUt YoU
WeN YoU AiNt aRoUnD
ThAt tHeY JuSt DoNt KeEp
iVe CoMe To ReaLiZe tHat
TaLk iS ChEaP

*I nEvER LivEd BeFoRe YouR LoVE..*
*I NeVeR fELt bEfOrE yOuR tOuCh..*
*i NevEr NeEDeD AnYOnE To MAkE mE fEEL aliVe..*
* BuT thEn agAin,*
*I wAsN'T reALLy LiViNg..*

-U GotA HuRt iN OrDeR 2 kNO-
-FaLL In oRdEr 2 GrOw-
-LoSe iN OrDeR 2 gAiN-
..CuZ MoSt Of LiFeS LeSsOnS..
((-aRe LeArNeD beCauSe oF pAiN-))

((CuTe)) enuf to make you look [TwIcE]
((sWeEt)) enuf but not too [NiCe]
A lil ((CrAzY))but not too [WiLd]
I'm the kinda ((gIrL)) that'll make ya [SmIlE]

* aFtEr aLL u PuT mE tHrU yOu'D tHiNk i'D dEsPiSe yOu *
* BuT iN tHe enD i WaNNa tHanK u *
* cUz u MaDe mE sO mUcH sTrOnGEr *

*For once I *w i s h* one of my wishes would come [t r u e]..Then maybe my l.i.f.e wouldn't seem so ((b a d.))*

( . YoU juSt hAvE . )
( . tO LeArN tO fOrGet . )
( . AbOuT tHe PeOPlE . )
( . WhO fOrGot BoUt YoU . )

:::EvEr SinCe i SaW uR FaCe:::
:::NuThInG In My LiFe HaS BeEn ThE SaMe::
:::I wAlK arOunD JUs saYiN Ur NaMe:::
::WiThOuT u My WoRlD WuLd EnD:::

~Nvr l g of h os who mk yo sml~

*::* I GoT DrEaMs In HiDdEn PlAcEs*::*
*::* ExTrA sMiLeS WhEn I'm BlUe*::*
*::* BuT ThAt SpEcIaL PlAcE In My HeArT*::*
*::* I'm SaViNg JuSt FoR YoU*::*

Even tho iv'e been hurt I remain [ s T r O n G ]
Me having regrets?..You're dead wrong..
Cuz ya gotta take [ c H a N c E z ]
Your whole life long.

*.tHeRe R tHiNgZ YoU DoNT WaNT 2 HaPPeN.*
*.bUt YoU GoTTa eXCePT iT.*
*.tHeRe R tHiNgZ YoU DoNT WaNT 2 KnOw.*
*.bUt YoU HaVe 2 LeaRN.*
*.& tHeRe R PeOpLe YoU CaNT LiVe WiTHoUt.*
*.BuT YoU HaVe To LeT Go.*

:Dont hate sum 1 cuz of sumthin they did׷:
:Hate what they did׷:

("v") *~* Love is a very precious thing...
When you finally find it...
Dont Let It Go *~* ("v")

^:^WheN it ComEs tO reLatIonShiPs,
dOn't Be tHe pErsOn wHo hAs tO loOk bAck
And WonDer WhaT thEy cOulD've Had.
ForGet AboUt tHe rIsk And TakE thE faLL.
if It'S reAllY loVe, iT's wOrtH it All^:^

** aLL hE hAs To Do Is sMiLe **
** aNd It MaKeS mY wHoLe DaY wOrtHwILe **

*Say It tO my FacE*
*noT beHinD my BacK*
*cuZ if You'Re tAlkIn sH|t b|tcH*
*yoU're GonNa gEt sMacKed!*

(`.)*U Never Know how much*
`.(`.)*Sumthin is Worth..
`. .*Until u lose it..

..iDoLiZeD oR DeSPiSeD..
..EiThEr WaY Im STiLL ReCOgNiZeD..

I'm NoT a DrUg
BuT [WaTCh OuT]
YoU CoOd GeT
* AdDiCtEd *

-YoU cAn *tHyNk* uR pReTtiEr tHaN mE-
..ItS oK tO lIe tO uRseLf oNcE iN a WhILe!..

Ill risk ((eVeRyThInG)) I have...
Ill -FiGhT- till I ::BLeEd::
Ill give you my *.LiFe.*
If thats what you [n e e d]

AlwAyZ bE surE 2 fOLLow Ur dReaMz...
ExcEpt fOr tHe onEs wheRe u ShOw uP aT scHOOL nAkEd..

I may not be..
-The *PreTTiEsT* girl alive-
-The *RiChEsT* girl alive-
-Or the *SmArTeSt* girl alive-
..But I do know Im..
-The* LuCkIeSt* girl alive-
..Because I have *yOu*

** Sometimes, you have to just forget the rules...**
** Follow your heart...**
** And see where it takes you...**

-I sEe-
-I LiKe-
-I wAnT-
-I gEt-

,- - - -in the end- - - -,
})|({ . just live ur life how u feel it . })|({
*.- - - -it doesnt even matter- - - -.*

*ScHoOL's OuT*
*MeMoRiEs PaSsEd*
*DoN'T eVeR DoUbT*
*oUr fRiEnDsHiP wILL lAsT*

FrIeNdShIp Is JuSt A wOrD bUt My GiRlS gIvE iT a MeAnInG

EvErYdaY i FigHT a wAr agAinSt thE MiRrOr..
I caN'T taKe tHE pErSOn sTaRiNg bAcK aT mE...

*Thru Truth & Lies*
*Smiles & Despair*
* A Hug, A Giggle, A Hows My Hair?*
*You Know Ill Be There Till The End*
* Because Your Like A Sister To Me...*
*Youre My Best Friend!*

Hey have we met before???
Oh that's right..
I've seen ur picture in the dictionary next to


:.G O D D E S S.:

ThE bEsT wAy tO mAkE uR dReAmS cOmE tRu
iS tO WaKe uP

ptfl wdz cn ht flngz
bt sl bks ht

fOrGet dA FriEndz DaT weRe UnTruE
buT NevA foRgEt thE onEz ThaT sTUck bY u

[WhEN i SeE u In dA haLL]
[i ThInK oF wHaT wE cUd bE]
[iF u WuD JuS fOr oNcE]
[..NoTiCe mE..]

G_ F_CK Y_ _ S_LF
WaNnA BuY a VoWeL??

*nOt aLL sCaRs ShOw*
*nOt aLL wOuNdS hEAL*
*sOmEtiMeS yOu CaNt AlwAyS sEe*
*tHe PaiN SoMeOnE fEeLs*

-.YoU hAvE tO gO tHrOuGh ThE wOrSt To gEt To ThE bEsT.

x*. Ur LaUgH n Ur SmiLe .*x
x*. Ur AtTiTuDe N uR StyLe .*x
x*. EvErThiNg AbOuT u BoY .*x
x*. DriVeS mE wiLd .*x

ThErE aRe ThiNgS wE dOn*T WaNt To HaPpEn..
bUt HaVe tO aCcEpT
ThiNgS wE dOn*T WaNt TO kNoW
BuT hAvE tO LeArN
AnD PeOpLe wE cAn*T LiVe WiThOuT
bUt hAvE tO LeT gO

LiFe BriNgS tEaRs, SmiLeS, aNd MeMoRiEs
TeArS DrY, SmiLeS FaDe
BuT MeMoRiEs LaSt FoReVeR

i WeNt FrOm CaNdY aNd ToYz,
2 CeLLPhOnEz AnD bOyZ

ThE sCaRiEsT ThiNg iN LiFe
iS To WaKe Up WheN Ur oLd
N ReaLiZe YoU NeVeR ReaLLy LiVeD

(` get On.`
.`the flOOr(`
(` baby.`
.`lOOse cOntrOl(`
(` just wOrk.`
.`yOur bOdy(`
(` and let.`
.`it gO(`

omewhere There' omeone Who Dream Of Your mile,
And Find In Your Preence That Life I Worth While,
o When You Are Lonely, Remember It' True:
omebody, omewhere Is Thinking Of You

100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets
1 reason...* BESTFRIENDS *

Always remember,
yes, there actually is an "end"
in friENDship

LoVe BeGiNz WiTH A sMiLe (IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
StArTz WiTH a KiSS :-*
AnD EnDz WiTh A TeaR :'(

The question isn't 'Would you die for a friend?'
it's 'Do you have a friend worth dying for?'

Hair: $150
New Outfits: $500
Nails and Other Expenses: $200
The look on your face when I tell you
I bought this with your visa
~ priceless ~

From angels tears, to falling stars,
God makes everything BUT unbreakable hearts.

You are in some way somebody's angel,
even if you don't know it.

Dont ever be afraid to come to me & cry
i got your back, you got mine
ill help you out anytime
to see you hurt
to see you cry
makes me weep and wanna die
and if u agree
to never fight
it wouldnt matter
whos wrong or right
if a broken heart
needs a mend
ill be right there
to the end
if your cheeks are wet
from the drops of tears
dont you worry
let go of your fears
hand in hand
love is sent
well be friends
till the end

Tank Tops
fLiP floPs
icE creaM
swEet drEams
Late NiGhts
wAtEr fights
gAme plan
liGht hair
nO one cares
feet in saNd
driNk at HanD
...tHaNk GoD iTs..
.. summer ..

LiSTeN uR HeaRT...
eVeN tHoUgH iTz oN tHe LeFt..
iTz aLwAyZ RiGhT..

wHoeVeR SaID mOnEy CaNt bUy hApPiNeSs
MuStA bEeN SHoPpIn @ tHe WrOnG mALL

LiFe DoEsNt ToTaLLy sUk...
wE jUz hAvEnT gOtTeN tO tHe GoOd pARTz YeT

*:.PeOpLe ArE gUnA tALk BoUt u SpEcIaLlY wHeN tHeY eNvY u N tHe LiFe U LiVe...lEt ThEm..U aFfEcTeD tHeIr LiVeS...tHeY dIdNt AfFeCt UrS...:*

EnJoY LiFe ToDaY
YeStErDaY HaS GoNe
ToMoRrOw MaY nEvEr CoMe

~somebody is thinking of you.~
*somebody is caring about you.*
~somebody misses you.~
*somebody wants to talk to you.*
~somebody wants to be with you.~
*somebody hopes you aren't in trouble.*
~somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.~
*somebody wants to hold your hand.*
~somebody hopes everything turns out all right.~
*somebody wants you to be happy.*
~somebody wants you to find him/her.~
*somebody is celebrating your successes.*
~somebody wants to give you a gift.~
*somebody thinks you ARE a gift.*
~somebody loves you.~
*somebody admires your strength.*
~somebody is thinking of you and smiling.~
*somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.*

♥♂..rm g..♀♥

(*) m|o|v|i|e - s|t|a|r (*)

*Ashes to Ashes*
*Dust to Dust*
*Life's too Short*
*So PARTY we Must!*

.*..`* yOu OnLy HaTe Me CuZ yOu LoVe Me .*..`*
.**. .* yOu OnLy TaLk AbOuT Me CuZ You WaNnA Be Me .**. .*

.sTrEsiN anD oBsESsiN.
*.* AiNt mY sTyLe *.*
.aLL i WaNt iS FoR .
*.*SuMOnE tO MaKe Me *sMiLe**.*

0ur laughS aRe--[LimitLeSs]
0ur mem0rieS--[c0untLeSs]
0ur friendship--[endLeSs]

---------------- Xo----------------
*..everytime I try to fly*..
*..I fall without my ((wings))*..
*..I feel so SmAlL*..
*..I guess I need u (.:baby:.) *..
----------------Xo------ ----------

y0ur the peanut t0 my butter
y0ur the star t0 my burst
y0ur the M t0 my M
y0ur the pOp t0 my tart
y0ur the milky t0 my way
y0ur the fruit t0 my l0op
y0ur the milk t0 my duds
y0ur the c0c0 t0 my puffs
y0ur the ice t0 my cream
y0ur the help t0 my mend
but m0stly...
y0ur the best t0 my friends

*Thy VR sUsPcT tH iNncN N*

b e t r a y a l
l i e s
r u m o r s
t r u t h
the true p a i n Of life

ThErEz No SuCh ThInG aS hApPiNeSs
bEcUz No mAtTa HoW haPPy yOu ArE
[yOu'LL aLwAyS wAnT mOrE]

i only know how to be me and i wont
[ p r e t e n d ] to be [ a n y o n e ] else

People say [ w o w , youve changed! ]
Never that.. you just never knew me. .

yOu*re there fOr my criEz. yOu*re there fOr my lauqhz
that*s why i call yOu my better haLf. yOu get me smiLin
even when it hurTz . nOthinq can measure what our
friendship is w0rth thr0uqh truth. smiles. despairs
the huqz - the secrets. the *h0w`z my hair* yOu knOw
i*m gOnna lOve yOu until the very end. simple as this
[[ youre my true best friend ]] ^^ to ariel luv ya so much!

yOu.. Can*t tOuCh tha untOuChabLe break tha unbreakabLe shake tha unshakeabLe can*t see tha unseeabLe reaCh tha unreaChabLe dO tha impOssibLe can*t mOve tha unmOvabLe stOp tha unstOpabLe .. but ii Can

WhY dO wE cLoSe OuR *eyes* wHeN wE
oO`cRy .KiSs. DrEaM. pRaY.`Oo
cUz ThE bEsT tHiNgS n LiFe ArE unseen

:: * i f0UnD a ReAs0n f0r mE * ::
[ t0 cHaNgE Wh0 i uSeD t0 bE ]
:: * a ReAs0n t0 sTaRt 0vEr nEw * ::
(( aNd ThE ReAs0n iS y0u ))
:: * i f0uNd a ReAs0n t0 Sh0W * ::
[ a sIdE 0f mE y0u DiDnT kN0w]
:: * a ReAs0n f0R aLL tHaT i d0 * ::
(( AnD tHe ReAs0n iS y0u ))

B R E A K * T H E * R U L E S
[ .s.t.a.n.d. * .a.p.a.r.t. ]
->> iGnOrE yOuR hEaD aNd | FoLLoW |uRe HeArT

MySeLf-->tHaTz aLL i WaNnA bEe
*sOo* DoNt EvEn ThInK abOut
. .L a b e l i n g . M e .

they say your whole life
flashes before u when u die
make it worth watching..

peOple lOve 2 hate us. .
but, when yOu knOw us. .
yOu l o v e us !
-paris hilton

.`) WhOeVeR sAiD i DiDnT lIkE u (`.
.`)*.:. WaSnT lYiNg .:.* (`.

[.׷.] [.׷.] [.׷.] [.׷.]
- I love bad boys -
[.׷.] [.׷.] [.׷.] [.׷.]

.. )) -::-
. .))
((. .. -::-
-::- ((
(`v):: ....*.. ..
*..-::- `v* CRAZY *-::- ..*
* .. ..*.. .. *
-::- * .. ..*.. .:. * -::-

( .
(R `.
( `.
( .

,.`. :`: .`.,
-..-ox`. xo-..-

*. ((`)) . *
*.``. .*

*. . . . .*
*. . . . .*
*. . .*
. . . shorty . . .
*. . .*
*. . . . .*
*. . . . .*

(.:*(TyTe HiP hUgGaZ (.:*(
)*:.) L o w 4 s h o w )*:.)
(.:*(ShaKe A LiL SuMtHN (.:*(
)*:.)O n t h a f l o o r )*:.)
(.:*(I nEeD tHa !UgH! (.:*(
)*:.)T a G e t m e o F f )*:.)
(.:*(SwEaT Un TiLl MAi(.:*(
)*:.)ClOtHeZ KuM o F f )*:.)

i KnOw OuT ThErE ThErE's a PeRsOn FoR Me ...
ThEn wHy aM i So bLiNd To See
ThAt YoU aReN*t MeNt FoR Me?

*.`eaSiLy aMuSeD `. *

|*- i TeLL MySeLf iTs alRyTe -*|
i SaY i HaVe No ReGrEtz
// BuT ThEaS SuMtHeN YoU sHuD KnOw
i FoRgiVe BuT i *dOnT* FoRgEt

OnE tHiNg i LeArNeD aBoUt LiFe
-iT gOEz On-
OnE tHiNg i LeArNeD aBoUt LoVe
-iT nEvEr LaStS-
OnE tHiNg i LeArNeD aBoUt PeOpLe
-ThEy ChAnGe FaSt-

_SuMtImEz iT fEeLs LyKe tHiNgZ r NeVa GoNnA cHaNgE_
_BuT tHeN u LoOk BaCk n ReALiZe_
_ThEyLL nEvA bE tHe SaMe_

. . iM doWn fOr wHAteVa No MaTTeR h0W u acT. .
. . u NeveR haFtA wOrrY CaUsE i aLwaYS goT uR BacK. .

I SpoTTed u dancin'...
You made aLL the giRlS StaRe..
ThoSe lipS and youR bRown eyeS..
And youR seXy haiR..

.:* Those nights
*:. When u can't fall asleep...
: * Maybe its because ur
*:. In someone else's
.:* D r e a m s

((DrEaMs)) without them we are -NoThInG-
What causes them is ..UnKnOwN..
But they [a r e] what makes us get ^uP^ in the morning
And *HoPe* that one day they will come ::TrUe::

~*Never try to change yourself*~
~*Cuz u never know who's falling in love*~
~*With the person u already are*~

-:- LiKe PiNk I'm GoNnA gEt ThE [p A rT y] StArTeD -:-
-:- LiKe BrItNeY I'm NoT a [G i R l] NoT yEt A [w O m A n] -:-
-:- LiKe KeLly I'm MiSs [I n D e P e N d E n T] -:-
-:- LiKe MaNdy I'm SwEeT LiKe [C a N d Y] -:-
-:- LiKe MiSsY ImA [w O r K] iT aNd GeT mAh [F r E a K] oN -:-
-:- LiKe ChRiStInA I LiKe To GeT [d I r R t Y] -:-
-:- LiKe GwEn AnD eVe ImA [b L o W] yA mInD -:-
-:- LiKe JeSsIcA I'm [I r R e S i S t I b L e] -:-
-:- LiKe MyA mY lOvE iS LiKe [W o] -:-
-:- LiKe J-Lo I'm [R e A l] -:-

( ) ( ) ( (
) ( ) ( ) )
/^ /^ /^ /^ /^ /^
( K ) ( I ) ( S ) ( S ) ( E ) ( S )

/ LiVe well.. / LaUgh hard.. / LoVe b i g

4GeT tHa -*PaSt*-
LiV 4 tHa -(PrEsEnT)-
U NeVa KnO tHa *FuTuRe*

")) -::-
. .")) ."))
(( C R A Z Y. F O R
-::- ((.*Y O U!

/ * / * / *
* / * /__ */ *
* | |---| |---| |*
*.`*|- - -()- - -|*`.*
( * *I------|* *|------I* * )
* '...'...' ...'...'...' *
`. S `.*:.
`. W `.*:.
) E )*:.
. E .*:.
. T .*:.
. I .*:.
) E ) *:.


) I luv You! (
(. `.)
( `.
`. )


(׷(It WaS EaSiEr To LiE
`. `.
. .
(׷( AnD HiDe ThE hUrT aNd eMpTiNeSs
`. `.
. .
(׷( To SmiLe InStEaD oF cRy
`. `.,
. .
(׷( But im tired of pretending
`. `.
. .
(׷( that everythings okay...
`. `.
. .
(׷( My tears are starting to show
`. `.,
. .
(׷(and my smiles fading away
`. `.
. .

(`.`) BeHiNd evErY sMiLE(`.)
`.(`.`)LiEz a bRoKEn Heart(`.`)
`.. .**..** `..


( ,, )
,.`. :`: .`.,

`.` `.` ..`..`

*.` `. *

Oo'` `'oO .:**:. *::::::* .* *.

(*Y) (Y )
(*,, )( ,, )
R u ThiNkIn Of Me??

( / )
/ /
/ /
/ | ` /
/ | | (
I | |
| I | |
` /
!Rock On! /

-d0nT cRy 4 wHa mItEe HaVe bEeN..
-d0nT LiVe iNn tHe pAsTt
-iTt WaS sUpPoSeD 2 bEe f0rEvEr..
-WeLL f0reVeR nEvA LaSt

(`.) (`.)
(`.) (`.)

**..`*`*`. .** -..FaCe iT, I dOnT LiKe U EiThEr.- BuT dOnT ThInK u cAN fLaP Ur MoUtH HuN.. - It WoN't Be aLLoWeD & iT wOnT be DoNe_- -FaCe iT SkaNk *iM nUmBeR1 **.***..`*`*`. .**

** LoVeAbLe Me **

-DoN't MiSs AnYoNe FrOm YoUr PaSt-
-BeCaUsE tHeRe Is A rEaSoN wHy-
-ThEy DiDn'T mAkE iT tO yOuR-
.*`v`*. *


You know your in love
When you don't go to sleep
Because your life is better than your dreams


d0nt let fear stand in the way 0f y0ur [[d r e a m z]]

.. ..) .*) (. (. . (. .`>
i WoNdEr WaT hEs ThInKiN
whEn He LoOkS aT mE aNd
.. ..) .*) (. (. . (. .`>

__ .*. __ .*`. * .`*. __ .*. __
-I mAy NoT bE-
-ThE *pReTtIeSt* aLiVe
-ThE *rIcHeSt* aLiVe
Or ThE *sMaRtEsT* aLiVe
-BuT i Do KnO iM-
-ThE *lUcKiEsT* aLiVe
-BeCaUsE i HaVe *yOu*-
__ .*. __ .*`. * .`*. __ .*. __

(_.) S P O I L E D (`._)
.) (`v) (`. `.
(_.(_. `v ._; `. _)

-yOuR pErSoNaLiTy & *EvErYHiNg* yOu dO
-MaKeS Me LoVe *EvErYtHiNg* aBoUt yOu

_[( ii d0nt waNt t0 be the onlii giirL iin yuR lyf )]_
_*ii wanna be the onlii giirL thaT matterSz*_

[theRs aLwayS gOnna bE oNe persOn
in yOuR liFe thAt maKes yOu [smiLe + cRy]
alL @ the same time* anD whEn yOur 2gEtheR
makEs yOur wOrld_ a lil m0Re cRaZze *]

(`. . ) 4 .` `. *.. ..*
*EvEn ThO ivE BeEn HuRt i rEmAiN
[ s T r O n G ]
mE hAvE rEgReTs? ->> .yA dEaD wRoNg.
cUz yOu GoTtA [ t A k E c H a N c E s ]
*yOur [w H o L e l i f E] lOnG*
(`. . ) 4 .` `. *.. ..*

l / / /
_ _ / /
( @ @ )
l ~:*:PeEk A bOo:*:~ l
l :*:HeRe R tHe RuLeZ... l
l ~:*:LeArN sUm Stuff:*:~ l
l ~:*:TaKe My QwIz:*:~ l
l ~:*(IMG:http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif) o ThE pOlL:*:~ l
l :*:AnD sIgN tHe G-bOoK:*: l
l oooO l
----- ( )---- Oooo----
) ( ( )
_) ) (
( _/


*never slap a guy.....
if he does anything to desevre a slap,
just give him an all out beating!*

.->LearN ChinesE iN FivE MinuteS!<-.
1) That's not right ......................... Sum Ting Wong
2) Are you harboring a fugitive?.............. Hu Yu Hai Ding
3) See me ASAP................................ Kum Hia Nao
4) Stupid Man ............................. Dum *beep*
5) Small Horse ............................ Tai Ni Po Ni
6) Did you go to the beach? ................ Wai Yu So Tan
7) I bumped into a coffee table ............ Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni
8. I think you need a face lift ............ Chin Tu Fat
9) It's very dark in here ................. Wao So Dim
10) I thought you were on a diet ............ Wai Yu Mun Ching
11) He's cleaning his automobile ............ Wa Shing Ka
12) Your body odor is offensive ............ Yu Stin Ki Pu

~*People say life is short. I say I'm shorter.*~

* True love is when you c a n t *
* describe what you like about *h i m* *

_ /_.**.,.**.
/ Guys are like **STARS**.**
/.*..**.Even if there's a million,.**.
,.**. Only one will makes your
**DREAMS**come true.**.

( F (.
`. L `..
`. I `..
) R ).
. T ..*
* ` .

.::|::.WheN 2005 iS gRaDuAtEd N gOnE.::|::.
.::|::. 2006 wIlL pArTy ON .::|::.
.::|::. 2007 WiLl tHiNk ThEy'vE GoT cLaSs.::|::.
.::|::. BuT 2008 wIlL aLwAyS KiCk AsS .::|::.

*.` `. **.` `. **.` `. *
If Tylenol, Duct Tape, and a Band Aid can't fix it
you have a serious problem!
*.` `. **.` `. **.` `. *

*In a world full of ChEeRiOs*
*You sure are a FrUiTLoOp!*

) ( I advise )(
) that you (`
(the screen)
for better`
` viewing`

(`.) (`.)*Whenever I'm Down*
`..*Always Seem To Make Me
(`.) (`.)*Whenever I Need
`..To Talk To*
(`.) (`.)*I Know You'll
`.(`.).Talk For
(`.) (`.)*Wheneva I'm Upset*
`.(`.).*I Know You'll Care*
`..*Because Whenever I'm
(`.) (`.)LONELY
`.(`.).You're Always...

.. .. .. ..
|S | W | I | M | M |I | N | G |...My AnTi-DrUg
.. .. .. ..

*:*M TL- Ts T TLTy -Ts GFt*:
xMy sTyLe iZ oF a KiNdx
xeAsY jOcK bUtx
xiMpOSibLe rOcx
xiTz jUs iNsAnE frUm HeAd tOex
xu GoTa UnDaStAnD i GotAx
xHoT *iTaLiAn* FLoWx

~**|WiSh UpOn A sTaR|**~


being happi dosen`t
mean everithin is ..
[( p e r f e c t )]
it means youve decided
tu lOok past all tha
[( i m p e r f e c t i o n s )]

there is no I in *beep* or ugly but there sure is a U

How many hot, rich, funny, sweet guys are there out there?
......two, but they're dating each other!

I am the living proof that blondes can b smart!
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post Jul 5 2004, 06:12 PM
Post #7

i gotta shake you off </3
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Name: Andrea
Gender: Female

i have alot of quotes and all that stuff in my profile for aim so u guys can come and look at it if u wanna my sn is XxCali Chica69xX
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Manda Nicole
post Jul 5 2004, 06:24 PM
Post #8

You're my heroine
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Name: Manda
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this is my whole profile

Who really cares any way no one loves me..............................................................................
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post Jul 6 2004, 01:49 PM
Post #9

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Gender: Unknown

**-Im swimmin through the ashes of another life-**

-How many special people change-
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post Jul 11 2004, 08:57 AM
Post #10

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From: in my house
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If you judge people than you have no time to love them!
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post Jul 11 2004, 08:59 AM
Post #11

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I wanna be the reason you . s . m . i . l . e .

sry cuz i didnt post these together i didnt see the edit button
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post Jul 12 2004, 05:16 PM
Post #12

Ya know.
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Name: Ashley
Gender: Female

heh.. i would post my profile but i got all my html n such in it and im too lazy to take it all out.. heh heh
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sun k i s z d x3
post Jul 13 2004, 09:24 AM
Post #13

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my profile:

it`s like ; the first time we talked i knew ,
it could but it won`t. cause it can`t.. bUt
then i thought-"why cant`t it?" the trutH
is it can , i`m just too afraid to admit iT. 4
reasons i shouldn`t.*beep*,i think i like yOu.

. . . don`t even ask. :-)

my girls - [ i love you guys ]
thanks for it all .!! ( <33 )xOx

sakjfdkafas he is sooo hott iajakfjfk;aslfasf

a few friends` profiles:

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause Im broken when Im open
And I dont feel like I am strong enough
Cause Im broken when Im lonesome
And I dont feel right when youre gone away

Difficult not to feel a little bit
Disappointed and passed over


Late at nigHt wheN all the world is
sleeping I stay up and think of yoU
and i wish oN a star tHat somewhere
you are thinkin of me too... cauSe im
dreaming of you tonigHt til tomorrow
i'll be holding you tight and there'S
no where in the world I'D rather be then
here in my room dreamin about you nd me

`u know you`re iin love when all it takes is one song to
make you think of him & you can't hear anything except
the musiic & your heart beating all of a sudden you find
it hard to breathe, butterflies are in `ur stomach & tears
are running down your cheeks but u don`t know why


Right Kinda Wrong
Loving you Yeah, isn't really something I should do
Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you, yeah
I should try to be strong
But baby you're the right kinda wrong
Yeah baby you're the right kinda wrong

It might be a mistake, A mistake I'm making
But what you're giving I am happy to be taking
'Cause no one's ever made me feel the way I feel when I'm in your arms

+'Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say'+
+'And it's sad to walk away'+
+'With just the memories'+
+'Who's to know what might have been'+
+'We'll leave behind a life and time'+
+'We'll never know again - i miss you'+

*One Day I'll See He Who Gave His Life For Me


I wanna be remembered as the qirl who always smiled even thouqh her heart was broken, and as the qirl who could briqhten your day, even if she couldn't briqhten her own.
.:SuMtyMz tHiNgS HaPpEn & wE dUn UnDaStAnD wHy
sUmTyMz tHiNgS HaPpEn & wE CAnT HeLp BuT CrY
BuT wEn YoU FeEL u CaNt PuT uP WiT iT aNy LoNgA
-JuSs HoLd OnN-
_CuZ BeLieVe Me_
WuT dOnT KiLL u MaKeZ u StRoNgEr
NeVer ap0LOgiZe f0r sayin
what u feeL
cuZ thatZ Like sayin s0rry
f0r BeInG ReAl
StUpId [{MiStAkEs}] CaUsE |h|E|a|R|t||B|r|E|a|K|s|


i`ll post more later. sorry, no ones on right now.
if you do a few of these poems in pt. 8 arial, they`ll line
up. i believe one is in tretchbut or w/e also. hope ya like =D
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post Jul 13 2004, 06:11 PM
Post #14

Post Whiz
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Name: Katie
Gender: Female

*Everybody has a reason to smile...and you're mine*

*Sometimes...when you like someone so much, you can't really put int0 words h0w you feel, you just kinda look at them and you just know*

To live, will be an awfully big adventure~ peter pan
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sun k i s z d x3
post Jul 14 2004, 12:30 PM
Post #15

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more profiles! (their my friends`)


U mAkE mE sMiLe 4 tHe WeIrDeSt ReAsOnZ
U mAkE mE lAuGh 4 nO rEaSoN wUt So EvA
BuT mOsT oF AlL u MaKe Me LuV u WeN i'M
NoT sUpPoSeD 2 b LuViN u At AlL



<3 my friends

Ashlee Simpson // Surrender
Yellowcard // Only One

"It's normal not to forget your first love."
- The Notebook


Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

Itz not wut I feel for [You]
Itz wut I dun't feel for ne one But [You]
Sumone asked me what I saw in You
and my only answer was
-.::.*luv ya connor*.::.-

My best friend and i do everything together
but if I was to jump off a bridge
she wouldn't jump with me...
she would be waiting underneath ready to catch me
*i luv my girlires

**i luv my camp girls to death!! i miss ya soo much!!!!

danny gaffney is ONE hot kid

anthem of our dying day**story of the year
got rice**AZN pride
^ good songs

spandex IS SOO in


Around the house bbl
leAve messages!

more people would learn from
their mistakes if they weren` t
so busy (( denying )) them..


My Happy Ending

So much for my happy ending oh oh , oh oh, oh oh . . .

Let`s talk this over It`s not like we`re dead Was it something I did? ? Was it something you said ?? Don`t leave me h a n g i n g In a city so dead held up so high On such a breakable thread __`*

You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I w a n t e d We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were p r e t e n d i n g S o m u c h f o r m y h a p p y e n d i n g oh oh , oh oh, oh oh . . .

You`ve got your dumb friends I know what they say They tell you I`m d i f f i c u l t But so are they But they don`t k n o w me Do they even know you? All the things u hide from me All the s h i t that you do

You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I w a n t e d We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were p r e t e n d i n g S o m u c h f o r m y h a p p y e n d i n g oh oh , oh oh, oh oh . . .

It`s nice to know yOu were there Thanks for a c t i n g like you cared And making me feel like I was the only one It`s nice to know we had it a l l Thanks for watching as I fall And letting me know we were done

You were everything, everything that I w a n t e d We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were p r e t e n d i n g S o m u c h f o r m y h a p p y e n d i n g oh oh , oh oh, oh oh . . .

oh oh , oh oh, oh oh . . .


You know its real when you cant stop smiling&
after all those times you've been with him you still
get those butterflies in your stomach n that huge
smile across your face everytime you see him that
lets you know youll love him [ - f o r e v e r ]
Tracy Breon Evans 12*11*03
ill run away with you by my side

some times you gotta sit back & party - when
life gets tough [ break out the bacardii ]

YMy Ladies
Never a Dull Moment


cross my heart <x3 hope to die.
smile for your blue skies ..
for those times you felt alive .
breathe in- and softly realese
it .. i won`t let you go.



i would give anything
to spend one moment
as your [everything]
dedicated <<3 ____`


he gives me a feeling
better than butterflies_
<3 Crushin!! <3

u keep my from doing stupid stuff - a l o n e -
*Berly Jugan aka dj screw* afganistan
representin <3 love ya ure the real deal <3


-;- Summer -;-
tank tops ; flip flops ; lemonaDe; in the sHade
blue skies ; hot guyz ; late nites ; water fites
iice cream ; sweet dreams ; bathing suits
shootin hoops ; party time ; schools out
sleepin in ; sneekin out ; light hair ; no cares
high tides ; slip `n slides ; tanning ; fanning
swimmin ; livin ; summer `04 . . . finally here!!

the -OnE thing- you (( always )) want the -MoSt-
is the -OnE thing- that you`ll - n e v e r - get `'
* y o u . p r o V e d . t h a t . t o . m e . *'

in life you can`T qet aLL cauqht
up in wishin` for somethinq that
wOn`t HappeN, yOu juSt goTTa
mOve On to the nexT best thinq

eveRy tear thaT ruNz down my face
every `;` smiLe * that passez my lipz
every [. thought .] that gOes througH
my mind ** its all [_centered_] on this
[( feeling i have for you.. )]

you`re my colored picture in a world of b l a c k and white

yOu be loOkin at me thiinkin
that im haviiN' -:- soO much
fun - ::- althougH he may be
cute ; he`s juz a suBstiitute
cuz ur the .. permaNent .. 1

.* I wish I didn`t have to wish for you [xO] *.

wen i was little i wiished tO be a
x0x _____________... PriiNCesz
nOw that i`m older i juss wana b
x0x ________________ y0urs ..

calling other girls fat
wont make you skinny
calling other girls dumb
wont make you smart
hating other people will
never make you better

i keep -- silent. even when i`m screaminq
insiDe because the thinqs that drive me
crazy . . . i have [ no chOice ] but to hide

the easiest way to noT get hurt is to not
care... but that's the hardest thing to do

please open your eyez
and notice me standinq
here in front of you

don`t looK at me iF you`re
lookinq for ||[perfection]||

* ; i pLay it off liKe i qoT nothin to
* ; lie about; nothinq to siqH about;
* ; but iin my HEART i know
* ; i qot somethiiN to cry aBout --

*. your lifes such a PRETTY picture .*
*. but it would look BETTER if I was in it .*

reaL girLz aren`T [[ peRfeCt ]] ::
:: anD perfect girLz aren`t reaL

I couLdn`t saY how I felt
.* so i cried ---

im tireD of beiNg misLeaded;mistreated;
deleted; not being needed. itz my time to
do my .o.w.n. t.h.i.n.g; not worrY about'
brokeN hearTz [ oR ] *beep* retaRds.
ima do iT my way ; it`LL be me, mYseLf,
aND i . . . . [[-[ a n y g i v e n d a y ]-]]

everything i ` am dying to tell you is
everything i wish you would say !*

It`z sad to think that you`ll never be mine
But it`z even more saD to reaLize
I knew the entire tiime

hey you know what you remind me of
... tHe suN thaT shiiNez aboVe ...
I thiiNk that I'm iin [ loVe ]
cUz eVeRy tiiMe I looK iin youR eYez
they be dumB bright like the sunLight

, - - - - - - - `.- - - - - - - ,
my miinds all scRewed
anD uPside dOwn.. my
heartz on overdriive xo
'- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - '

i havent been this scared in a long time
and i'm so unprepared so heres your
valentine bouqet of clumsey words a '
simple melody this worlds an ` ugly
place --` but your so beautiful to me

ii onLy crYy wHen myy tearZ
cannoT be seeN
liKe iN the dark, oR in the raiin
just so you can`t see my pain

i hate wHen my minD wandeRs
. . . . cuz iiT doeSn`t taKe Lonq
to waNdeR to yOu `.

wE weRe ouT at niiighT waLkiing dowN tHe streeT
ii lOoKed uP at tHe skYy; thE starz lOoKeD sO nEat
u puT youR arm arouNd me, ii put miNe arOund you
i dont knO what iit meant baby; i wiish iiT was tRue
tRue tHaT yOu LoVe mEe, -- trUe tHaT yOu Care
fiinDiing a boY liike yOu is extremeLy raRe x33

part of me is fighting this
but part of me is aLready gone

if i tOLd yOu ii canT stOp thiNkiN
abOuT yOu Or jus the thOuqht Of
yOu makes me smiLe Or that i qet
})i({ butterfLies )i({ when ii hear'
yOur name anD that i want tO be
held [[ tiGhtLy ]] in yOur arms
wuLd yOu think im *` c r a z y?

You can be told you're beautiful everyday and
people can say you're perfect in every way but
when you don't believe it.. not for one minute
Cause the person you love [ won't admit it ] .... x|3*

d o n t (`._/` - - -,
BotHer to Build me
me up - if yoUr only
Gonna Let '* me
down* - - -'

to love - I don`t want love to destroy me like
it has done everyone else - I`m goin to 'beat
the system- No one can hurt me if i 'don't let
them Love is overrated.'I can survive on my
.`.`.` .'own. `.`.`.

i`m dOne witH thE messin
nO neeD foR iimPressiN
this girl has learned her lesson
no boY is wortH the stressin

i GueSs 'iN THe // eNd
peopLe beCoMe peopLe
THey pRoMiseD 'THey`D
|[ N e V e R. - b E ]|

'-. what doesnt
.-' kill yOu
'-. onLy makez
.-' you wanna
'-. die x|3

you're the kinda guy whos hand in mine
send shivers up and down my spine
i wanna do to yOu . . .wut you do to me

you walk by: anD mY heArT beaTS
a thousAnD times at once it seems
and`-everytYme yOu loOk aT me
i have tOo teLL myself to breAthe

b0y.. ii t0Ld y0u onCe bef0re3
y0u aiinT q0tta l00k uP in tHe sky
cuz tha qirL u nEEd is riiTe b4
3 -- youR eye*Z -- 3

woke up . . it was 7
w a i t e d till 1 1
just to figure out
that no one would call
i [(.think.)] i got a lot of
f r i e n d z but i don`t
hear from ||[ t h e m ]||
what`z another night
. . a l l a l o n e ?


what is - cute ? cute is younq & inexperienced
cute is holdin hands in the car and kissinq at the
red liqhts'. what is sexy?*sexy is standinq n the
rain aS' y0u puSh me up` aqainSt the h0od of ur
car, teaRinq my shirt, as u kiSs me wit the intent
to never stop. what is passion' !?*passion . . . is
kn0winG what u' want anD' st0pPinq aT n0thinq
untiL u qet it. what is' *beautiful ? bEautifuL is all
ab0ut the inside 0f a peRson` beauty can 0nly b
found in the heart, passion is puttinq ur *heart in
what u do. what is love? *LOVE* is the amazinq
- b a l a n c e - of all of these thinqs, in 'ur mind
*` h e a r t* b o d y and s o u L . 'x3

i love the waYy my `fingers just * f a l l * into youRs,
i loVe how yOur t a s t e lingeRs on my lipz after tHat
special go0dniight kisz x3. i love how whenever i go
to call someOne; i -automaTically- dial yOur numBer. i
love how you look at me with those gorgeous eyes `nD
then you smiLe that sweet smiiLe . . . . and i know riight
there, tHat you will a l w a y s be mine. i love how you
hug me with the intentiOn of e v e r l e t t i N g g o . .
i juSs love you moRe than w o r d s couLd ever sHow

yOu`re the kind
of guy that makes
a girl w a n t to
[ f a l l in l o v e ]

..*beep* what youve heard..
..recognize what u see..
..i kno youve heard rumors..
..now heres the real me..

laughter is timeless .
i m a g i n a t i O n -
has no aGe . . . . '&'*
|[ d r e a m s ]| are
forever `. .*

you completely stole
my heart. i hope you
wont let go; i never
really told you this
but you had me at
*..` hello

the smile on your face letz me kno
that you n e e d me. - there`z a
truth iN your [eyez] sayinq yOu`ll
never leave me. - the toucH of
your hand says you`ll catch me
wherever i fall. - yOu say iit best
`- when you say nothiinq at all.

can i tell yOu that you maDe me miiserabLe in everythiinq you diid
i haTed the way yOu smiiLed `nD i hated the way yOu are
but the thiinq that i hateD moSt of aLL
. . . . iitz saD; buT yet iitz trUe . . . .
i haTed hoW much ii knew deep dOwn
hOw infaTuated ii waS wiith yOu

you can`T just kiss me `nD expect it not to mean anythinq
you can`t just waLk away frOm me
wiith No regretz oR secOnd thouGhtz
you cAn`t just treat me liiKe ii`m nOt even
wortHy of youR smiiLe
yet yOu have; you diid; `nD you aRe...

i doN`t undeRstaNd whyy yOu haVe tiime
to go ouT and make peOple fall in love wiith you ..
but yOu don`T havE the tiiMe
to payy aTTentiOn to
the One who aLready iisz x|3

as I sTand here lookiing at yOu
i wonder iof there will eveR be a day
when I will get oVer your smiiLe
when I will let gO of the hugs yOu gave me
forgeT what you meAnt to mE
or forGet how muCh I liiKed yoU
but no maTTer what yOu diid to me
or wHatever happeNed betWeen uS
I know I couLd never geT over; let gO; or forGet you

ever siince the first time
you heLd my hand; i
wanteD nOthiinq mOre
thaN to hold iit [forever]

i stiLL think about you;
even iif I s h o u l D n ` t

wouldnt life be great if sweatpantz were
sekzii; monDay morniings were fun; junk
food had no caLories; all kisses were
magiical `nd love neVer hurt a n y O n e

that moment you 'kiSs someOne & it`s
like the world around yu gets all Hazii'
& the only thing in focus iS ' yu & tHis'
other person & you` know .. tHat one'
person is the person you're 'meant' to
laugh & ` cry 'at tHe Same time. b'coz'
you`re so - glad - you `found it & sOo
scared it will . . . ` g O ' a w a y . . .

throuqh all the drama, you still qotta [ smile ]
becuz life will qet better . it miqht be stormy
but it *`. . . . [ cant rain forever ] . . . .`*

nothing was SPECiAL'
nothing was TRUE
nothing was PERFECT

seems like ever sinCe the 1st day we met
there is no one else i think of more than u
cant seen 2 forget | cant seem to get you
outta my head | guess the verdicts in. . . .
i ' m c r a z i i e o v e r y o u * --> ..

its funny how life can get so * switched
and mess you up so much that you dont
have any' idea who y o u are anymore


Lets Take A Ride
hOp iin the caR qo wiith me__
you dont have to pack everythinq
donTchu wanNa feeL the breeZe
`nD fOrqet eVeryThiinq . . . baBy
___ let`z take a riiDe
.` on tHe cOuntRysiiDe
[(. . . leT`z jusT qet aWay . . .)]
justiin timberlake // lets take a riDe

We On Fire

up in here, it's burning hot
.` we on fire `.
shorty take it off if it get to hot
up in this spot
.` we on fire `.
tear the roof off this *beep*
light the roof on fire
we getting loose in this *beep*
light the roof on fire fire fire
-lloyd banks f. 50 cent // on fire-

Brave New Girl
she`z gOnna step outsiiDe
uncoVer her eyez
whO knew sHe couLd feel so aliive
. . . her MO`z chanGed
she don`T wanna behAve
aiin`t it goOd to be a braVe giirl toniight
-;----- `..`.. -----;-
so sHe met thiisz man
he was kiinda rouGh
he saiid; giirL, whatcha lookiin` for?
she saiid; I don`t know
i go wiith the flOw . . .
he saiid; let`z geT on the fLoor
he saiiD; you look real cuTe wiith youR low
riide jeaNz and yOur piink little baBy tee
let`z get a roOm, giirL
cOme and riiDe wiith me

sKiin the coLor of ciiNnaMon
eyes light up 'nD I melt withiin
feelz so good iit musT b a sin
ii can`t [sTop] what ii starTed
.` ii`m giving iiN `.
he briings life to mY fantasiez
sparkz a passion inside of me
find the wordz when i cannot
speak; in the silence his heart
beat is muzic to me

Loving Me For Me
strippeD of all (maKe-up)
no need for fanCy clothes
no cover ups; pusH ups;
w/ him; I don`t have to put
on a sHow. he luvz every
freckLe; eveRy curVe;
every inch of my skiin
fuLLfiLLing me enTiirely
taking [ a l l o f m e ] iin
he`z reaL; he`z honesT..
he`z loviing me fOr me*

Talk About Our Love
the more they taLk about our love
the more they make iit [(obviious)]
tHe moRe they seem sO enviiOus . . .can we talk abouT our love. . .
they dOn`t know 1 thinq about us
they juSt runniiN` theiiR mouThz
aLL we do iis tune tHem out

Dip It Low
. . . diiP it low . . . .
piick it up sLow
roLL it all aRounD
poke it out like your back broke
pop-ta pop-ta pop that thiinq
ii`ma shOw you hOw to
make yOur maN sayy oooH !

Splash WateRfalls
im bouT to throw some game
they both oNe and thE same
cupiiDs the one to bLame. . .
theyy wAnt it niiCe `nD slOw
kiisz `em fRom hEad to tOe
reLax `nD leT iit gO
- m a k e l o v e t o m e -
tHeyy want iit nOw `n fasT
graBbiin` & smaCkiin` aSs
yOu goTTa maKe iit lasT
- f x c k m e -

Pieces Of Me
on a monDay i am waiiTiinq
on tueSday i am faDiinq . . . . . . .
and by wednesDay i can`t sleep
when the phone rinqs i hear youand the darkness is a clear view
i see you`ve cOme to rescue me
faLL; wiiTh you i faLL so fasT
ii can hardLy catch my [bReath]
i h o p e i t l a s t s
iiT seeMz LiiKe i cAn fiinaLLyrest my head On somethiinq reaL
i liiKe the way tHat feelz
it`z as iif yOu knOw me beTTer
than i || e v e r || knew myself
.` i loVe how yOu can tell x3all the pieces, pieces, pieces of me


Female Comebacks

M: Haven't I seen you some place before?
F: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

M: Is this seat empty?
F: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

M: Your place or mine?
F: Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine.

M: So, what do you do for a living?
F: I'm a female impersonator.

M: Hey baby, what's your sign?

M: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
F: Unfertilized.

M: Your body's like a temple.
F: Sorry, there are no services today.

M: I would go to the end of the world for you.
F: But would you stay there?

M: If I saw you naked, I'd die happy.
F: If I saw you naked, I'd die laughing.

M: I'd like to call you. What's your number?
F: It's in the phone book.
M: But I don't know your name.
F: That's in the phone book too.

M: I can tell that you want me.
F: Ohhhh. You're so right. I want you...to leave.

M: I know how to please a woman.
F: Then please leave me alone.

M: I want to give myself to you.
F: Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts.

HE: Do you mind if I sit down?
SHE: Do you mind if i say no?

HE: Can I buy you a drink?
SHE: Actually I'd rather have the money.

HE: I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours.
SHE: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.

HE: Hi. Didn't we go on a date once? Or was it twice?
SHE: Must've been once. I never make the same mistake twice.

HE: How did you get to be so beautiful?
SHE: I must've been given your share.

HE: Will you go out with me this Saturday?
SHE: Sorry. I'm having a headache this weekend.

HE: Your face must turn a few heads.
SHE: And your face must turn a few stomachs.

HE: Go on ,don't be shy. Ask me out.
SHE: Okay, get out.

HE: I think I could make you very happy.
SHE: Why? Are you leaving?

HE: What would you say if I asked you to marry me?
SHE: Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time.

HE: Can I have your name?
SHE: Why? Don't you already have one?

HE: Shall we go see a movie?
SHE: I've already seen it.


again, not too many ppl are on.
i`ll send more later! <3 *enjoy*
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