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Forum Rules. Read Before Posting. 

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The Rules have been update. Please go to [url=http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/index.php?showtopic=42691]here[/url] or just read this announcement.

Welcome, below are a list of rules that you must obey here at AIMGirl or you will be warned, suspended or banned.

By signing up and posting here at the forum, you are agreeing to the rules we write. If you break the rules, you will be punished, depending on what happened which could lead to a warning, a suspension, or being banned.

Remember that while this site is called AimGirl, there are guys here too. This site is owned by a guy, and one of the moderators is a guy. So none of this "Ooh what's a guy doing here" comments if you please. Also some of the people here are over 20. They are here to share their experience in life with you. They have perhaps experienced what you are going through now and so can share some thoughts with you about it. So none of this "Oh you're too old to know" nonsense either. Comments like that will annoy people and possibly get you banned.

[color=red][b]1. SPAM[/b][/color] - We tolerate NO SPAM. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.

Examples of spam can include:

[color=blue]1a. Signature Post Tests[/color] - Signature Post Tests do not provide anything to the board. Thus, you are not permitted to make a topic which only has the purpose of viewing your signature.

You can view your signature in My Controls then Edit Signature. Keep in mind, when you first made your signature, it takes you back to the same page, and shows your signature there for you.. so you should not need to test it in any other way, unless it is in the sig commentary thread.

[color=blue]1b. Advertisements[/color] - It must be remembered that the forum is not here for getting your site publicity, or advertising your religion, or your products. Do not make a topic about these, and attempt to advertise them. Do not send PMs to other users advertising your site. Only have the link in your profile, as long as you do not tell people to join a forum, and what not in your signature, you can have a link to it in your signature. You may also post it in any topics that your site may fit (for example: if you wanted to post your diary website, we have topics for that in General Discussion). If it is a link to an offensive/inapprioate website, it will be removed and you will be punished.

[color=blue]1c. Wrong-forum posts[/color] - This probably happens the most out of all things. You are not going to get killed if you do this, so do not worry. If you get your topic in the wrong area, we will move it. Please make sure to post the topic in the correct forum however. It helps us out alot as well as yourself. You will get notified automatically by an automated Private Message telling your topic was moved, if it gets moved.

[color=blue]1d. Post Mistakes[/color] - If you make a mistake on your post, do NOT post again with corrections. Instead, please use the button on the bottom right corner OF YOUR POST. Make your edits and then submit the modified post.

You have 6 hours after that particular post to edit it, that's a lot of time and enough time. Anytime after you will have to contact an admin or global moderator if you wish to have it editted. If you are in the Super Members group, you have 4 years to edit each post from the date/time you posted that particular post. Do not double or triple post. Learn to use the edit key, learn to use the quote commands so you do not post multiple times. Sure we can merge them, but we have better things to do then spend all day merging your mistakes.

[color=blue]1e. No bringing up old posts[/color] - Bringing up old posts is annoying, please try to stick to topics on the first or second page of a forum, the only way it would be ok to bring up an old topic is if you had something good to say but with exceptions, like for example, what not to do, say someone is asking for advice on their boyfriend, on whatever circumstance, it was posted 2 months ago, and no new posts in a month and 2 weeks, you would not post in that topic as it is considered dead and topic starter may not come to the site still, has moved on, the issue was resolved, and many more reasons you can think of as well.

To find out when the post was started and LAST REPLIED TOO, next to each username in each view of the topic,
you will find in CLEAR BOLDNESS "Posted {date here}

If you do not follow this rule, you will be warned, suspended or banned, depending on how much you have done it, along with other things.

[color=red][b]2. Signature Length[/b][/color] - You are not permitted to have a signature larger then 575 width and 250 height. You will be told automatically right away if it is too large when you have editted your signature, but not if it is too big in height or width. If you need more help, please go to this topic: [url=http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/index.php?showtopic=27914]http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/index.php?showtopic=27914[/url].

Please keep signature images small and please do not have a large amount of text. If a Administrator or Moderator deems your signature to long or big please comply and shorten it. If you see your signature removed, but not sure how, that means we have removed it, do not reput the same image up again, or your profile will be locked for xx amount of days that we wish. Please do not post full song lyrics in your sig.

[color=red][b]3. Posting ettiquette[/b][/color] - Please do not type in all capitals and try to punctuate correctly to your best ability. Poor spelling/grammar/punctuation makes your posts hard to read, as well as open to misinterpretation.

This makes it easier for everyone to understand what you are saying/asking for/whichever and also gets better quality posts in return rather then us having to fix your typing, and people posting useless replies on not being able to read what you wrote.

As for the excuse "Dis iznt skool", so what? This is our site. We set the rules. Also it is good practice for later life and will improve your typing skills and speed no end, so start now.

[color=red][b]4. Language[/b][/color]

Please watch your language. We do not want to see you using a bad word every other word when posting and stuff like that. We do ban words from being used, do not bypass them if unnecessary. So just try to watch your language here. This forum contains people from all ages.

[color=red][b]5. Lying about your age[/b][/color], who you are or where you are from usually results in a suspension or ban .

a. Joining the site under the age of 13 without parent permission or lying of your age to sign up without signing COPPA. (or)
b. To get into the Sex Talk forum.
c. The staff can track where you are from. You may not know how, but they can. They can and will question you regarding your posts if they think something is up. For your sake don't lie. We will catch you if you do.

[color=red][b]6. Posting Images/Pictures[/b][/color]

[color=blue]6a. - do NOT post any inapprioate images[/color], this most likely WILL result in being banned, depending on how severe it is, etc. Some pictures may be allowed in the Society and Beliefs forum, link them though, do not post the actual picture, and make sure to label them as well as warn members that the picture is offensive/contains graphic material, etc as well.

[color=blue]6b. - Going along with what I said above in 6a. You are NOT to use any type of bloody, cutting, etc images in your signature or avatar.[/color]

[color=blue]6c. - Please scale your images down to a size of 500x500 or lower.[/color] If you use the attachment feature, it will automatically be done for you if it is too large, it will be made into a thumbnail, and then if you were to click the thumbnail, you will see your full image, so you could use that if you wish.

If you use the img bbcode, please do this on your own, open it up in Paint or Irfanview (Irfanview) and reduce it with one of those 2 programs, or any other you may have. Thank you.

[color=red][b]7. The quotes section.[/b][/color]

This section is full of quotes regarding things from love, friends, and others. It does not have a depressing section. We do not want depressing quotes, quotes about self mutilation or self harm. That section was removed and will not be returning. Do not ask for it to return. Do not bug moderators about it, and do not post depressing quotes. If you do you will be warned or banned.

[color=red][b]8. Ranks[/b][/color] - Ranks are determined by post count (do NOT SPAM to get a higher rank).

The Ranks are as follows:

0-10 posts - Newbie
11-50 posts - Almost Cool
51-100 posts - Freshman
101-200 posts - Sophomore
201-400 posts - Junior
401-600 posts - Senior
601-800 posts - Post Whiz
801-1000 posts - Aim Girl Addict

After you get 1000 posts, you can go to your Control panel and have your own custom title

[color=red][b]9. Moderators/Global Moderators/Administrators[/b][/color]

Moderators have the power to move, split, merge, edit and delete posts as well as a few other features. Each Moderator has power over their placed forum, which can be found by clicking The Moderating Team link on the forum or going here: AIMGirl Team (admins - mods)

Global Moderators have power over every single forum and just do not have a few as the Moderators do, they have the same power as a Moderator, except more forum, the complete list of our global moderators can be found here: [url=http://www.aimgirl.com/talk/index.php?act=Stats&CODE=leaders]The Moderating Team[/url]

Administrators use their powers on all boards without restrictions. They can not only edit and delete posts but they can ban and delete users and promote and demote Moderators as well. Our admins at the moment are Linda and alasin04.

Openly attacking a moderator or insulting them may result in a warning and/or possible ban. If you have a problem with a moderator or admin, PM them, DO NOT post in the forums as it will only get you in deeper trouble.

[color=red][b]10 What if my ability to post is taken away?[/b][/color]
This happens if you've broken the rules, but not enough to be banned. Usually it's for a week, sometimes it's longer. If this happens to you, do not create a new account so you can post. If you do this it will get your IP banned. If this happens you can never return to AimGirl. Just sit out your punishment. If you have a problem with it, a polite pm to one of the senior moderators or admins stating your case may get your posting returned. Hurling abuse via PM is a sure way to be IP banned automatically.

[color=red][b]11. Anything else?[/b][/color]

Any questions not answered on this list should be asked in the Updates board or PM (Private Message) an admin (Linda and alasin04) or Robb (as everyone seems to pm him about this place). We might not get back to you right away though, so give us a day or two.

We have the right to add any additional rules at anytime, you will need to obey by those as well.

Additional Rules.

(i) Utilize the Services to copy material from third parties (including text, graphics, music, videos or other copyrightable material) without proper authorization.

(ii) Utilize the Services to misappropriate or infringe the patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

(iii) Utilize the Services to traffic in illegal drugs, illegal gambling, obscene materials or other any products or services that are prohibited under applicable law.

(iv) Utilize the Services in any manner that violates applicable law.

(i) Utilize the Services to publish or disseminate information that (A) constitutes slander, libel or defamation, ( publicizes the personal information or likeness of a person without that person�s consent or � otherwise violates the privacy rights of any person.

(ii) Utilize the Services to threaten persons with bodily harm, to make harassing or abusive statements or messages, or to solicit the performance of acts or services that are illegal under applicable law.

(v) Utilize the Services to (A) forge the signature or other identifying mark or code of any other person, ( impersonate or assume the identity or any other person, or � engage in any other activity (including "spoofing") to attempt to deceive or mislead other persons regarding the true identity of the User (excluding the use of anonymous remailer or Internet nicknames).[/color]
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